February 13, 2012

PinkLouLou Comes to Texas

Hello Ladies!

For all of you who dont know me, Im Kristen!!

See thats ME!

Im a twenty somethin' who can usually be found with a vodka soda in hand, spending QT with my best friends, my pups Tugger and Lilly and my boo Christopher! I'm in LOVE with all things pink, bulldogs, summertime and a boy who stole my heart and moved to NOLA then Dallas. You can find me here most days spilling my guts about all my favorite new things, traveling and my long distance relationship!

 All and all, I keep it real which is why Steph fell in love with me so many years ago! I could go into our relationship but you ladies would be here all day. Basically she's me in another body which makes her the coolest person Ive ever met!

While Steph is off lounging the beaches of Naples with her new bloggy BF, Im here to tell you the story of my bloggy BF, Allie or as some of you may know her PinkLouLou!

I started blogging in February of 2010 and absolutely LOVED it! Shortly after, I began reading other blogs and quickly found faves that became daily reads. In May I came across this very PINK blog written by a Carrie Underwood obsessed ADPi! Immediately I was hooked! I began reading through her blog and instantly felt like we had SO much in common. I had never commented on a blog post because to be honest I thought it was totally CREEPSTER to comment on some random person's blog when I had know clue who they were. Clearly I was new in the blog world!!

On June 1st Allie wrote this post and I absolutely felt her pain. I had so many times before wondered if I had made a mistake in walking away from my college love. I had felt like just maybe I shouldve tried harder, shouldve been more forgiving and understanding, and more than anything I wondered if Id ever find someone who I absolutely LOVED with all my heart the way I loved him. All of these doubts left me wondering if I had made a HUGE mistake. After reading her post I knew I had to comment. I too had felt just as she was feeling and I needed her to know that there were others just like her who have experienced the same thing. I wanted her to know that in time things would be better and that God ALWAYS knows what he is doing. So I thought long and hard about what I would write. I didnt want to be creepy or write too much so I ended up leaving her this simple comment:

"I found your blog randomly, liked your style and started following it. I feel for you. Trust in God for he will ease the pain. I really hope everything turns out perfect for you and Im sure in time it will! "

A few days later she commented back with this:

"Hi Kristin! I tried to email you but couldn't find your email, so here I am! Thank you so much for your sweet blog comment-it's amazing how much sweet little comments can really be so supportive. I have definitely been having a hard time, but I am just continuing to pray. I know He holds the desires of my heart in His hand, and has such a bigger plan for me. It's so neat how little comments can be so supportive. I look forward to reading your blog!!"

and then immediately replied back with this:

"I spelled your name wrong. I am not awake from the nap I just took, ha! So sorry dear!"

haha! I literally laughed out loud! Shortly after we began emailing way too much and in no time we were sharing our life stories and heartaches. To be honest I have no clue how it happened but we exchanged phone numbers and one Friday night as I was waiting for the girls to finish getting ready and after a couple vodka sodas I decided I wanted to chat with Miss Allie, SO I CALLED HER! ha! She probably thought I was a nutcase but she answered and we chatted for a bit! Since then we've spoke at least once a week, most of the time much more often and became the best of friends!

Then in October on a random Thursday night, I was out drinking with the girls when Lo asked me why Allie hadnt come to Texas yet. I really didnt have an answer for her, so we decided right then that she must come ASAP! So there we sat at a bar, completely intoxicated, looking at flight info. It just so happened that there was a flight coming in from Lexington Saturday morning and would be leaving Monday night. Just as fate would have it Allie called while we were looking for her flight so I asked her if she'd like to come Texas in 36 hours! She was game so the next morning we booked her flight with my miles and that Saturday at 7AM I met my BFF for the first time!!

You can read all about our weekend here. It was so much fun and I have no doubt that we will be BFs forever!

Heres a short recap in photos:

{Picking her up at 6AM}

{Lunch at Rainforest Cafe}

{I took my BF Kristen with me just in case she was a weirdo! Luckily she wasnt!!}

{Shopping at the Galleria}

 {We took her out to a country bar!}


{She made lots of new friends.}

{We consumed A LOT of vodka in true Kristen style.}

{We took pics on a BIG Texas truck.}

{Drunken Kisses}

{Lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant}

{Bloggie BFFs}

And that our story!! I hope Stephanie is experiencing as great of a first bloggie BFF experience as I did!! I can only imagine the shenanigans Allie and I wouldve been in if we were VACAYING in Florida!!!

Lucky bitches!


  1. This post made my heart smile so much!!! So sweet. I just relived out Texan wekend!! So much fun. Girlfriend I love you! I am just sad I didn't get to meet Steph when I was there!

    Now we must get you to KY asap. LOVE YOU!! xoxoxo

  2. How fun!!! Love your both your blogs so this was so fabulous to read!! xoxo

  3. I remember reading about her trip back when it happened! I met my bloggy bf for the first time last November and we have seen each other a few times since and talk everyday! So crazy how a total stranger, who lives states away, can become such a close friend! : ) Blogging is the best!!

  4. Wow, I read all 3 of your blogs and had no idea you guys were all friends! Such a small world! All 3 of you gurlies rock and I look forward to your posts each time I log in.


  5. I love ALL of your blogs, you girls seem like you would be SOO much fun to be with. Great post, your friendship really shines through :-)

  6. So sweet and so much fun to meet bloggers who become best friends!!

  7. Loved reading this! I love both of your blogs - so sweet:) Looks like an amazing time!

  8. Love this!!! :) Bloggy friends are the best!!

  9. One thing I love most about blogging, are the friends I've made! Such a pleasant surprise! Love y'alls meet up story!

  10. How fun!! I hope I can make some amazing friends just the same!!!

  11. I love this! I want to come to Texas and hang out with Steph & Kristen!

  12. Kristen and PLL Blate is awesome!!!! Everytime I read it it gets even better :) Kristen, I had such an amazing time with Steph. I just LOVE her!!!!! and miss her so much now that I could cry :(


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