February 7, 2012

One Year Anniversary Idea(s)

It's February 7th.
(At this point in the day, you should be well aware of this...)

This time last year, I was packing for my bachy cruise.

Good, gooooooood times. Love these girls!!

This time this year, I'm racking my mind for one year anniversary ideas.

Can you believe that? 
I know.

While we'd LOVE to go back to our honeymoon spot, we'd have to take out a small loan so we've both been planning to go to the Texas hill country for our anniversary weekend. You know me, I don't do "simple". I tend to go all out. Not as in roses and gifts and an extravagant dinner...(even though all these things are nice too...)

I want the memories.

Call me cheesy but the first anniversary is a big flippin' deal!

We made it 365 days without killing one another! ;)
I take that back-he made it 365 days without killing me...

To answer your question, yes. This is a real engagement photo...
No-it has never been shown nor is it framed anywhere in our house for very obvious reasons.
Sidenote: how does he manage to still look so damn good in the midst of punching me?

Back on track...
While I don't know a lot [yet] as to what we'll be up to, there are a few things 
I know FO SHO that will be going down...

1. I WILL get back into that dress. (Shocker.)
2. We WILL eat our cake.
3. We WILL exchange some form of paper gifts.
(Sidenote: I'm welcoming any ideas you may have...)
4. We WILL pop open the bottle of Dom we got as a wedding gift.
5. There WILL be a "second" first dance. :)

It's hard to believe it but April 16th will be here in NO time!
(70 days-but who's counting?)

For us, our anniversary falls on a Monday (lame).
And we have a wedding the weekend right before.

I'm thinking something along the lines of an anniversary week.
(Go big or go home, right?)

One small event each night the week of our anniversary leading up to the following weekend. And then on that Friday, we'll head out for a little getaway. (By the way-you should all know I am actually planning this as I type...I had no idea where I was going when I opened this blank post. Beau is going to read this and think I have lost it.
[LOST. IT.] ) ;)

Monday 4/16 (THE day!): Eat cake
Tuesday 4/17: Exchange gifts 
Wednesday 4/18: Wear the dress
Thursday 4/19: Share a second "first" dance
Friday 4/20: Pop that bottle! (Mock champagne toast, yes?!)

You know I get excited about something as lame as watching paint dry but while all this excites me...I NEED your creative minds.

What did you do on your one year anniversary that made it so memorable?
Were there certain pictures you took?
Certain things you did?
Memories you recreated?

Help a sister out!
I'll love you foreva!!
And for those of you who missed out on this BEAUTIFUL pink Texas sunrise...
It's gonna be a good day! :)


  1. I am dying! Love love love your anniversary WEEK! Ours is April 9th (BTW, how much does it suck that last years Saturdays in April are Mondays this year) and we will be celebrating ours in the hill country as well. (Because, we too, have a wedding that weekend in April) Hope you get tons of fabulous ideas (that I can jack!)

  2. i had just found out i was preggo a week or so before our first anniversary, so that bottle of wine from our wedding day that we were saving for our first anniversary...couldn't drink it. damn it. it still sits in the wine rack collecting dust.

    this october will be our 5 year anniversary! i'm thinking we need to travel or do it big, as you say. or maybe a ring upgrade? too early for that? nah...never too early for bigger diamonds!!

  3. How FUN to do the whole week of celebrating. Our 1yr is in May and I've been starting to brainstorm some ideas also. We want to do the traditional paper gift also, so I'm making a photo book of 'our first year' via Shutterfly which I'm excited about!

    I def want to fit back in my dress too... I'll be trying that BEFORE we eat our wedding cake!! Ahhh, I love LOVE too.. So excited :)

  4. Our anniversary was on Sunday and we had an absolute blast! I took boudoir photos for Jon and made a photobook (since 1st anniversary is paper) and he died! We went back to our wedding venue and recreated some of our wedding pictures. We also made a short video of us just talking about our first year of marriage and what we hope for our second year. We plan on watching it next year on our anniversary!

  5. I love the idea of an anniversary week!!! HAHA And funny story... I'm actually trying to plan our anniversary right now too. And it's not until September. #oops haha

  6. You are so cute for going all out for this. Beau is one lucky man. And I think what you have planned is perfection. Do it all!!!!!!!!

  7. Ruthie's video idea makes me melt, seriously, too cute!

    A WHOLE WEEK? Perfection.

  8. Oh my gosh - one year is definitely a BIG deal! I love that you're making your anniversary plans longer then one day or two days! I think all anniversaries should be a big celebration. Sounds like your going to have so much fun girl!

  9. Ah- first anniversary...how fun! I highly recommend a little ole cabin rental place called Juniper Hills Farm in Blanco, Texas. You can rent a cabin that has amazing showers, a fully equipped kitchen so you can cook, take a cooking class, relax in the pool. AMAZINGLY private and romantic!
    www.juniperhillsfarm.com (It's really not a farm ;))

  10. For our "paper" gift, I took Boudoir pics and had them put in a book. He LOVED them!

  11. well celebrating wouldn't be celebrating without some bottle poppin on 420. congrats girl! that IS exciting!

  12. you've offically lost it!

    off the rocker my friend. hahah jk i love it all! paper ideas..hmm..I did have some of those for ours but I can't remember at this moment. I WILL TELL YOU IN 2 DAYS WHEN I SEE YOU AHHHHHH

  13. I love love love this idea - why not make a whole week out of your celebration?? I love how that silly "never before seen" engagement pic snuck into this post - awesome!!

  14. Congrats!!!! I love the whole fitting into your wedding dress again!!!! my mom has alwasy been a firm believer whenever something gets to tight you bust your ass and starve until you fit into it. She nor I will ow nfat clothes...so I think you shoudl do this every year to stay nice and trim! not that you're not completely gorgeous right now! I am excited it's your anniversary and I have something to look forward too! :)

  15. I like where mrs. J heads at. My VOTE!

    Love Hubby

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE the boudoir photo ideas!!!!! I SO want to do this for my hubs...guess I have SEVEN months to get my boo-tay into shape and take some!!!

    I can't believe you have been married for a year almost!! Crazy!! Time flies :)

  17. Totally agree with the boudoir photos! I need to remember that for our one year, haha like Michelle though I have 7 months to work on that!

  18. Don't you worry, I'm only 5 months post wedding and I too and racking my brain for Anniversary ideas. I'm very mussy gushy.

    Paper Ideas I've thought of:

    Airplace Ticket?
    Tickets to any concert?
    Ticket to anything for him.

    I know it may sound weird, but it's paper. I know if I give him something meaningful on paper, it'll be tough to keep up with. This way I can keep a shawdow box of some sort with all the little things we do {special moments} - and keep the ticket.

  19. I didn't finish reading before commenting before.. LOVE build up a week before. I may have to steal it come September.

  20. Loves it! We will most definitely be going on a trip whether he likes it or not!

    As for paper gift--you could do an album of your first year together, like a yearbook! :)

  21. Love your ideas so far for your "anniversary week" hey.. if we can have birthday weekends.. weeks.. or even months we can have anniversary weeks :0)

    We were boring on our 1st anniversary last year since we closed on our house 4 days later. Even if we hadn't just bought a house there was no way we were going to be able to return to our honeymoon destination so soon (Fiji). So, we went to dinner at this nice restaurant on a nearby lake and popped a bottle of champagne and toasted to our first year of marriage and to our new house.

    Did you do boudoir photos as a wedding gift for your H? If not, that's a great 1st anniversary gift. I did them as a wedding gift and H still loves them.


  22. I forgot to mention we also watched our wedding video. We moved to FL from CT a few months after our wedding so it was great to watch the video and see all our friends and family and remember all the funny moments and watch the hilarity on the dance floor.

  23. That's my birthday and it does suck to be on a monday this year :(

    Sounds like you have some great plans and ideas. I do wish we'd started the tradition of re-creating one of our wedding photos each year on our anniversary.

  24. It sounds like you have a pretty fun week planned! I hope you two enjoy every minute of it.

  25. What a fun week! We came back from Steamboat, CO the day before our 1 year so we did not do much. We went to eat at the same place we got engaged at the night after, and I got him tickets to a Spurs game. We also drink our fav champagne out of our toasting flutes every anni oh we also ate our cake for a week, it was delish!

  26. Love the idea of an anniversary week! For my first anniversary, we spent the weekend in Boston. We went to the aquarium and walked around the city. It was fun to spend time with just the two of us.

  27. It so doesn't seem like its almost been 1 year for yall to be married. How Exciting!! :)
    Come to think of it now, the hubs and I didn't get a bottle of pop to save from our wedding.
    But the week you have planned out sounds like a blast!


  28. We started planning our 1 yr anniversary too...we got married a few weeks after you, May 7th! :)
    Mexico has always been one of our favorite vacation spots so we are going back there for a long weekend. But on our actualy anniversary I want to eat our cake, drink champagne and watch our wedding video. This year has flown by!!

  29. Loved this post! We are also celebrating our one year in April, on April 30th! We are planning to take a cruise 30th - May 4th. I love your idea of doing something fun that whole week! Gift wise, I say do something sentimental. I am working on writing out 365 things I love about my husband (which I have been working on since we got engaged! lol), and in addition to that trying to figure out something else. I just bought a card for him that says "on our 1st anniversary" EXCITING STUFF! :)


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