February 17, 2012

A Day Late & A Dollar Short But We Have a Winner!

Howdy doody party people!!

Good things goin' on today:

1. Obviously...it's our favorite day of the week.
(Hint: Starts with "Fri" ends with "day")

2. It's pay day.
(AKA: the only day I'm ever excited about looking at my bank account)

3. I got my hurr did last night.

...and 4. I picked up some brand new makeup. It's amazing what a few highlights and a new foundation can do for your day. Thanks to Kristen's recommendations, I went with MAC, if any of you were wondering...

So far, I likey!

Moving on...

Apparently I promised to announce my giveaway winner yesterday and totally failed to do so (whooooops!) I've really gotta work on not making anymore promises on this here blog-o' mine. I obviously got a little excited about posting pics of mine and Katie's "blacation".

Anywho-I'm gonna go ahead and say that I'll post the rest of our trip on Monday (because I know you're all just chomping at the bit...) but no promises. 

Today let's go ahead and announce the winner of one of these personalized hanging blocks from the adorable Lonestar Accessories. What do ya say?

Drum roll pllleeeeease.

Ruthie Hart...COME ON DOWN!!!
(Could I possibly be the next Bob Barker? I think yes.)

PS-if you don't follow this child, get there! Not only is she a Texan (which already makes her FAB) but her, her husband and her adorable pup, Ernie, are the cutest lil fam in the whole wide [blog] world! (Besides Beau and myself...duh.) One of these days I'm gonna drive my happy butt to Austin and meet her...whether she likes it or not!

Congratulations, Ruthie! I'm anxious to see what your sign will look like!! Shoot me an email and I'll put you in touch with the lovely ladies at Lonestar Accessories!


  1. Ooh, can't wait to see the hair! And a trip to MAC is always nice when you have moneys!!


  2. I got my hair did yesterday as well! :)

  3. Ugh. I need to make a stop at the MAC too. :) Let's see the new hair!! :)

  4. What MAC foundation did you get? Text me. Kind and style. I need details....

    Also, are you EVER going to update my button?! gosh, bad friend.

    Have fun at the ranch shooting shit--I'll be there at 6 with some wine.

  5. So can we see a hair picture! I swear the day you get your hair done can't be a bad day, plus getting new makeup the same day! What did you get from MAC?

  6. PUMPED that Ruthie won! Frickin' love that girl! Also, you're adorable.


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