February 23, 2012

A Place I'm Really Starting to Love

By now, you are all well aware of the fact that from November to mid-February, I submit my life to deer season. It's been this way since I was a tot so the fact that I married a hunter is no surprise.

When Beau took me to their ranch a few years ago, it was literally just an RV. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice RV but water supply was very limited and sleeping arrangements were rather cramped.

Fast forward a couple years...they built a house! 

The house is much better and roomier than the RV but water supply was even more limited, showers were nonexistent and toilet? Ya...that would be the bush on the side of the house... 

This would be the reason why I somewhat despised going to the ranch...no shower, no "toilet" and no A.C. (Sidenote: Stephanie does NOT do well without A.C....especially in 100+ degree temps in the summer.)

Fast forward to NOW...they have a real house. Not only is there a shower but there's also running hot water AND a toilet. Oh and a fully-functioning stove, fridge, coffee pot AND air conditioning. 
Oh, you fancy, huh?

Why yes! It is fancy. 

My point in all this is because last weekend, Beau and his friends decided to have a "predator hunt" weekend. Being the supportive wife I strive to be, I let Beau drag me along for the ride and get this...

I had so. much. fun.


What's better than running around 500-something acres in a camo-zipup and rain boots for 3 days with your hair thrown up in a messy knot and minimal makeup?

I am absolutely fascinated with these boys' obsession with guns and shooting anything that breathes.
It's a strange, strange fetish I tell ya.

Hunting in crocs? Sure! Why not?!

How many men does it take to work an A.R.?

Oh. Hai!

I should also mention that one of my favorite things about this place
is that there are so many great photo-ops.

...and what's a "Stephanie-kinda-weekend" at the ranch without a pink photoshopped sunset?!


  1. Love it! I always get dragged to hunting "adventures" with Dean and I always end up having a good time ;) Dean wears camo crocs EVERYWHERE!!!

  2. The house looks so cozy! Love it.


  3. How awesome! Glad they got their hose fixed up fancy for ya.

    That last photo is beautiful!

  4. This makes me so happy!! So glad to know that someone else out there in this blog world is a hunter and loves this stuff besides me. I just love weekends like this.

    P.S. Beau's crocs make me feel so much better. So glad to know Kendol is not the only one that wears them baha!

  5. Our boys are the same...crocs and all! ha I wouldn't trade a few weekends a year doing boys stuff for anything in the world!

  6. Looks like a perfect weekend in my book! I love spending time at our ranch! :)

    And what a beautiful sunset. LOVE that purple sky!

  7. Wow, you actually made hunting look FUN! I never thought i'd say that! Haha. But it definitely does give you plenty of wonderful photo ops like you said. :) And you also make camo look cute.... never knew that was possible!


    PS. I'm hosting my very first giveaway today!

  8. Good post!!! You are great at taking pictures I love them all.

  9. BEAUTIFUL pictures! And you somehow make the fatigues look good:) Looks like fun!

  10. I truly just don't understand hunting but hey as long as you've got the right amenities then why not tag along?!

  11. LOVE the last picture! Also, I have the same gun they're shooting in the pics! LOVE it!

  12. Girl, you are working that camo!! My husband is a hunter too & I let him drag me on his trips, but it is fun. Love the rings on the antlers and the sunset, beautiful :)

  13. Looks like fun! I love to tag along on "guy adventures"! You never know what you might learn!

  14. you look so cute in your camo! whats funny is my husband wants to get a deer head for his office but we don't hunt/he has no desire. Where can we find one?! Craigslist?

  15. I think this blog post could've been taken straight from my life :) Love it!!

  16. You make camo look totally hot! My friends hubby is a big hunter so I've heard all about it. I still don't get the obsession though :p
    Love the photos. They're all so pretty.

  17. Love the pretty ring shots you took! :-)

  18. I always have fun when we go to the ranch for the weekend! Just curious, where do you hunt? I'm from texas too (North of San Antonio)!

  19. Great pics! Sounds like a fun weekend:)

  20. LOVE those pictures of yalls ring!!

  21. Sounds like fun and you got some gorgeous shots, love that sunset!

  22. You are a good wife. I tend to just stay one during hunting season. Great pics!

  23. Love that you rock the camo, girl! I go hunting all the time... I just refuse to shoot anything or watch/hear anything be shot. I just want the meat, damn it, ha.

  24. could you be any cuter in you camo???? i think not!!!

  25. only you could look that cute in camo girl!!

  26. LOVE that picture of you!

    My husband & the Beau would get along SOOOOO good. Aaron has a major crush on hunting - I too have to devote my time, only Turkey season is in March therefore we still have a little while to go!


  27. Seriously... I think my husband wants to trade wives now! LOL. You couldn't get me in a camo zipup EVAR. Only because I'm a hornet at 4 am in 20 degree weather!!

  28. Looks like yall had an amazing time, and I can totally tell that your photo skills are improving!


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