February 16, 2012

My Blacation

Well hey there!! I'm back! Didya miss me?! 
(You're supposed to say yes...)

PS: bloggers + vacation = blacation
Clever. I know.

Let me just tell you one thing...mine and Katie's mini-vacay/blogger meet up was by far one of the best things I've ever done. I cannot even begin to explain the rush of emotions I felt right before I met her and Billy at the airport!! Words cannot describe it.
Our 1st legit picture together. None other than a fuzzy iPhone pic...

Looking back, it's kind of weird to know I was so nervous/anxious to meet them because the second I hugged her and introduced myself to her husband, I felt like I had known them my entire life.

As for our husbands...lets just say they were texting each other and talking "tuxedos" by the time we left...

Hands down, the craziest feeling in the world. It was almost like they were just long lost friends we hadn't seen in a while. But they weren't.

They were, indeed, complete strangers.

Katie was 100% everything I had imagined. Witty, gorgeous, super tan, bright blue eyes (DUH) but a white,  and rather girly version of Lil' Wayne. Sister is a rapper, y'all. Two words:

"Ghetto Cowboy"

(I have a video for proof...)

Billhead (aka: Ray J), on the other hand, is a mini-Google, for lack of better words. From the maps and geography to the random ass facts he throws out, this kid knows everything. And by "everything" I mean "everything you pretty much don't need to know". Not just that, but he suffers from a serious case of word vomit. I don't know where the kid comes up with the stuff he says...hence his new name.

What do you say we get to the good stuff already?

I hope you prepared yourself for picture overload...
At the airport.
My husband's intense fear of flying leads to borderline alcoholism. No joke.

When we got to their condo, we were not surpised ONE BIT to see "Ohio State" t-shirts laid
across our beds. Gray for Beau, pink for me! So thoughtful! ;)
Beau especially loved his and wore it for 2 days straight.

The next morning, Katie scheduled a boat tour of Naples!

Uhhh hey. When can we move in?

The family of dolphins may have been my favorite part!

Later that night we took naps, heated up a pot of coffee (because that's what 20-somethings do before they go out) and headed to dinner and a casino for the night.

The second day we were there, the weather was PER-FECT. We, without a doubt, hit up the pool.
It was SO nice to enjoy some springtime weather while everyone at home was freezing their butts off!

Later that night we got all dolled up for dinner @ Mangrove Cafe

What's a night out without a pit stop at the ice cream shop?

The rest of the night was spent at a local bar called "Zookies". Don't ask.
We're not all too sure why it's called that either or better yet, what happened when we were there.

Here's what I DO know...

There were LARGE glasses of wine poured.
There was a little rapping.
A little dancing.
A little bit of Katie talking smack to the chick hitting on our men.
An old man who insisted on snapping photos of us.
And then there were lobsters...

What? You don't have lobster as drunk food?

All of that followed by sloshed FaceTiming session with Holly, Carolyn & Kristin, a round of drinking games and Beau & I falling asleep to Katie's outburst of Tourette's. (Homegirl has issues...)

Tomorrow I'll post the second half of our trip.

...And then go home, cry myself to sleep and seriously consider moving to Ohio to be closer to my newfound sister. ;*(

I have definitely met a friend for life, y'all. 


  1. Yes. Please move to the O-H :) So glad you all had a great time! Jealous much! Hope I get to meet you soon!!!

  2. Tears. Just tears. Happy and sad. Mainly happy...I LOVE YOU!!! This was HILARIOUS...Billy: "word vomit" "the things you don't really want to know" LOL! oh and I almost spit out my lunch when I read about my mild, or severe, case of Tourette's.

    MISS YOU AND BB! Pah-lease move here :) :) :) :)

    Love you.

  3. PS-You forgot Nene. And also forgot Billy's VOICE IMPRESSIONS of me hahahahahahahah "BUTTERRRRRRRR!" "Who are THOSE chicks?!"

  4. Aw, looks like so much fun! I LOVE your white lace dress, y'all look BEAUTIFUL!

  5. such an awesome post. glad you two met up and had a blast! And since I too am a Buckeye - it's fun to see you in the OSU shirts :)

  6. Looks like such a fun trip!!!

  7. Sounds like yall had a blast. So excited for yall!!

  8. I've been loving all of your vaca pictures on Instagram! You guys are so cute! Seriously how awesome that you went on a vacation with another blogger and her husband! I really would love to do that one day! I love all the pictures! It looks like an amazing trip! :)


  9. love this little recap. i'm sure you would feel the same way but as silly as it sounds i can't imagine my life before Lindsey and i become bff's. she knows more about me than any human (and most of my IRL bff's) know.

    can't wait to hear more...and post that vid asap.

  10. so cute steph!!! i am so glad you guys had such a great time and also glad i got to be a part of it for like 10 minutes! :)

  11. What a precious little hostess Katie is with the t shirts!! Definitely something I would do ha! Love hearing all about yalls trip. Looks like you had such a blast and it's so great how blogger friends really can turn into best friends!! So sweet.

  12. YAY! We all knew you two would be instant besties when you met, but I'm seriously so happy it went well! :) I have to mention that all this vacation talk is not helping my desire for a warm vacation... so thanks for that. :)

  13. Looks like you all had a great time. Great pictures and those houses are huge.

  14. This looks like so much fun!! You two are gorgeous (your hubbies aren't half bad either!) and I love your pictures! I'm so glad that Katie connected me to your blog. I'm a newlywed DZ living in Texas too! =)

  15. I'm glad you guys had such a great time. All 4 of you were on vacay here in FL? I thought you and your hubs were visiting them because they lived there. *Dunk*

  16. I'm so jealous to see what an amazing time you had. Looks like an absolute blast!

  17. awww! Sounds like you guys had so much fun!! Love Naples and Great pictures!!

  18. This makes me smile, and makes me so excited for this coming year when I get to meet some of my fav bloggettes and their hubses! Glad you four had an amazing time!

  19. i had a great time meeting and vacationing with you both! thanks for the wikipedia shout out! katie and i will come visit you guys soon. Ray Jay aka sweet william

  20. O how fun!!!! I'm so jealous of y'alls meet up and sunshine!!!

  21. Jealous, Jealous, & Jealous that is the only word I can think of to fit my thoughts... I so wish I was their lol! But I am glad it was a good trip for you all :)

  22. Looks like yall had a blast for sure!

    We should try to plan a blogger meet up one day!



  23. i.love.this! i am sooo glad you gals finally met. sounds like everything was perrrrfect. i love a good blate and blacations are even better. you and katie are so stinkin pretty in all these pics.
    i love that y'alls men are bffs too and hit it off so well. JEALOUS!!

  24. You gals are so damn cute! So glad your "blacation" went well and that the boys formed somewhat of a bromance! Looks like a blast! P.S. I NEED one of those houses on the water. That's all :)

    www.livingbarefootandcrazy.blogspot.com ♥

  25. i LOVE all your pictures -- that weather did look beautiful! i'm your newest follower!



  26. I started with the biggest smile reading everything. I laughed a lot. I said awe, I love that outfit in all the ladies pictures {i loved your men's outfits too, but didn't wanna be that chick hitting on your men.. ha!} and I left reading this in tears. I think it's amazing you two had a vacation together - it's some kind of wonderful.

  27. Sounds like such a fun trip and great pictures you got :)

  28. where the hell did my comment go???!?

    um so not cool.

    this blacation is just too cool for words. You two are gorgy and Im so glad it went so awesome!

    friends fo life.

    which is so how it would be if you met ME sometime...

  29. How fun!! You girls are too gorgeous for your own good! So amazing how blogging can lead you to friends for life!

  30. Stop it. I am so incredibly jealous! What an AMAZING vacation.... and with a bloggy friend?? So FUN! I'm so happy that it was a blast for all 4 of you!


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