September 18, 2013

Chicago: Ooohs & Ahhhhhrchitectures

Sightseeing and I have never really been good friends. You see, I like to go and do and eat and drink and lay out. (Also read: I'm a tropical island kind of vacationer.) Walking around or driving forever and a day to solely look at something that doesn't move or entertain me has just never been mah thing. Hence why going to a museum makes me want to chew my right arm off. (Yes. It's true.)

That is...until I went to Chicago. 

Holy mother of all things amazing! The design and architecture work that went into building this city is absolutely breathtaking! I wish I could remember the names of all these incredible buildings but lets just go ahead and blame that on the mimosas mmmkay?! (Oh! And if you missed my first post on this beautiful city and want to read about deep dish pizza and the most mouth watering pulled pork nachos to grace the planet, you might want to read here first.)

From one non-city girl to another, I sure do hope you'll add Chicago to your list of "must-visits"! Amazing food, incredible weather, and breathtaking views...not much tops that!


  1. I love Chicago! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures!

  2. I am the same way, sightseeing is not my thang! I decided I'll save that for when I'm old and just walking and seeing is about all I can handle. haha.

  3. Wow, the architecture is breathtaking and you captured it well! I definitely want to see this city up close and personal. I agree, I like to go at my own pace and see what I see not be on some crazy schedule to see everything there is to see cause so and so said I should.

    P.S. Tropical beachy vacays truly are the best!

  4. Isn't Chicago one of the coolest cities? My sister lives there so I go often! :)

  5. Ok so you seriously need to quite with the Chicago posts... lol. I absolutely LOVE Chicago and every time I leave I'm read to move there... so these pictures bring back that longing and I'm definitely not a big city girl.

  6. I just returned home from New York last night and I couldn't agree more. I much rather spend my vacations somewhere tropical complete with umbrella drink in hand. However there is something to be said about major cities and their beauty! I feel lucky to get to work in San Francisco!

  7. I just visited Chicago for the first time last year & I have not stopped telling people that it is one of the best cities in the USA! SO pretty!! great shots

  8. i am forever impressed with the bean and the other various insane architecture in chicago!

    that one with the mini little castle ish thing on top? HOLY BREATHTAKING!


  9. EVERYTHING about this post is me. I am SO a tropical island vacationer. "Sight seeing" is a 4 letter word to me as I almost always prefer laying out at the beach or by the pool drinking cocktails. I honestly have family that LIKES!! to go to Hawaii and get up at the crack of dawn every day and "sight see." As in they put on their tennis shoes and khaki shorts and do stuff besides lay out at the beach. Tennis shoes in Hawaii??? Just dont get it.


    I do someday want to visit Chicago and see all the city has to offer. Definitely on my bucket list!

  10. We went to Chicago earlier this month on a family vacation and went on the Architectural River Cruise. I loved seeing all of the buildings and learning about the history.


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