September 12, 2013

Hold The Baby Fever, Please.

Let's just say I am absolutely loving every second of being an aunt to these triplets! Their little personalities and facial expressions...I die!

Tay Tay

Sam - Mallory (top) -Taylor (bottom)

Naps with my little kangaroo baby, Mallory. (Sister LOVES to be held & I support this 100%!) 

Uncle Beau Beau 

The girl's first time to Aunt Steph & Uncle Beau's house!
Taylor - Samantha - Mallory

Proud Mimi & Samantha + Kangababy Mallory

Mallory - Samantha - Taylor

And then...THIS happened!
Samantha - Taylor - Mallory 

 Houston Texans onesies picked out by none other than Uncle Beau :)

P to the S: my 3-month bedrest champ of a sister-in-law who housed these precious bambinos in her belly for 34.5 weeks made the cover of "Beating Bedrest"...a humorous book on being confined to a bed when pregnant from women who have been there! (That's her below!)
I great does she look here?!

If you're on bedrest, know of someone on bedrest or are considering even getting knocked up, you can pre-order your book today! I mean...who says you need to be a bikini model to make the cover of something! Right, Julie! ;)


  1. I love how even though they are triplets, they look so different and seem to have such different personalities! What cutie pies :)

  2. Love this!! Such cuties!! Samantha has quite the head full of hair! Love her little smile in the pic of the three of them on the couch!

  3. They are such cuties!! The Texas onesies are so adorable, go Beau!

  4. Those girls are such beauties. I can't imagine how amazing it would be to dress up three little princesses. Too fun!

  5. OH MY GOSH…cuteness x 3!!! Such beauties!

  6. They are just too cute!! i can't believe Samantha's hair x

  7. Soooo confession, I was telling my sis about your SIL and now she is following her on IG! I cannot get over how cute they are

  8. ahh they are too precious for words. I just love seeing all your pictures of them. How fun to get to watch them grow and become the sweet girls they were meant to be. Have a safe/GREAT trip!

  9. Oh my goodness, the cutest!! And Samantha's hair is so dark! LOVE!

  10. I can't EVEN.....

    even stand the cute-ness nor imagine having THREE BABIES AT ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Those girls are just too sweet!!! You and Beau just look so great with babies.... just saying. Those triplets need some cousins!!! And I love how the girls look so different!

  12. OH MY GOSH! They are the cutest things ever! You are one lucky Aunt and they are lucky to have you ;) xoxo

  13. LSU Babies!! They are so precious, Aunt Steph!! :)

  14. Love those sweet girls! I however am not gonna lie I cannot wait to see some babies that you & Beau make :) I know they will be super cute too :)


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