September 17, 2013

How To Be A Tourist Chicago...

I promise to keep these recaps short & sweet! Trust me...I know there's nothing more obnoxious than reading hours and hours about someone else's lavish vacation...

Jacket in 70 degree weather. Check.
Cross body bag that screams "I'M NOT FROM HERE". Check.
Canon rebel + 2 lenses. Check.

Convince your BIFF and her husband to drive 5 hours to join you and be in complete shock when she actually agrees to do it!
(BIFF = best internet friend forever)

Ask your hotel concierge for the best pizza recommendation in town. Gino's East...duh!

Eat deep dish pizza even though you gave up cheese over a year ago. 
I've never met a piece of pizza I didn't like and this was no different!

Stop for a photo op every .5 seconds.
Yes our outfits are matching. No they were not planned. Yes we have ESPN.

Hold hands while crossing the street.
Don't forget to look both ways!

Visit Millennium Park.

Drink cappuccino at 5pm because 65 degrees to a Texan is  freezing cold.

Make your husband pose for random photos with another man
because honestly, these two are just too darn cute to not.

Make the obligatory pit stop at the bean. Smile!

Order the Seafood Platter from Shaw's Crab House. 

Stop & grab a Starbucks because, hey, there's four on every corner. Might as well.

Do lunch at Sweetwater Tavern & Grille.

And do not order ANYTHING except for the pulled pork nachos. 

Pay a visit to good ol' Navy Pier!

Walk to Lake Michigan every single day...

...and knock off #13 on your 30 Before 30 list..."Swim in Lake Michigan". 
(This was as close to "swimming as it was going to get...)

Enjoy your very first Crumbs experience and remind yourself that it is worth every. single. calorie.

Dance the night away at a bar called "Social 25" to a band called "Recycle the Day"
Soak up every last minute you have to spend with your "midwestern" bestie because though you've enjoyed adventures in Florida, Ohio, Texas (twice!) and now Chicago together, the time spent with one another over a quick weekend trip is just never, ever, ever enough.

Not pictured:
  • Stay at the Ritz Carlton in Downtown Chicago
  • Eat cheesecake at 3am from the comfort of your hotel bed
  • Totally whip some college kid's butts whilst playing beer pong at Trinity
  • Ward creepers off your BIFF when things get outta hand at 'said' beer pong bar
  • Purchase a new bra from Victoria's Secret because yours sucks and you needed a souvenir from Chicago, anyways
  • Attempt to enjoy drinks on top of Trump Tower but realize the drinks cost an arm and leg (no lie) so instead, just take in the scenery
  • Go (or don't go) to a very odd/secretive/Alice in Wonderland type lounge that forbids you to act any different than you would at your mother's house for Sunday dinner (Weird? Yes.) 
  • Stalk Joanna Krupa because according to her Instagram, she's in Chicago, too
  • Chase Rasheed Wallace through the hotel lobby because you might not know who he is but your husband says he's famous
  • Go on the architecture boat tour & be simply amazed by the tallest buildings in all the land
  • Pretend to be an Ohio State fan at McGee's
  • Order truffle mac & cheese from State Bar and consider your life to be changed for-ev-er
  • Devour ice cream at Ghiradelli's at 11pm
  • Make some of the absolute BEST and most hysterical memories in places like the elevator and a cab #whoalady #quitbeing... 
  • Take a later flight home in lieu of a couple Southwest airline vouchers and start planning your next trip to see one another! :) Thanks, Southwest!

Coming up next...Oooh's and Ahhhrchitectures!


  1. I love this recap!! Sounds like a fantastic vacation. Glad you had a good time. Chicago is definitely one of my favorite cities!

  2. Looks like y'all had such a blast! And it also makes me want to visit Chicago! Badly!

  3. Sounds like y'all had an amazing trip & y'all got a ton of things packed into a few days!! I love those sort of trips!

  4. OMG so much to comment on BUT...first things first..

    Rasheed Wallace used to be on the Boston Celtics team and every time I'd watch a game I'd be like "who in the world does he look like????" and one day IT LITERALLY HIT ME. Rasheed Wallace looks like Kurt's dad. Okay yes Kurt's dad is white haha BUT!!!! if Rasheed was white he would look like Kurt's dad. LOL

    i love you 4+rocky and love this trip you were able to go on together!! :) makes me miss you guys EVEN MORE than i already do!!

    i want to visit chi-town!!!


  5. Whoa lady, who would've thought Chi town would be where we adventured to next? I have to say I like getting you 2 out of your comfort zones and into more midwestern (yes) territory ;) but just expect my visit to TX this winter when my bones are frozen and I'm complaining nonstop to you.


    Let's not forget walking into the room door like it was a normal door without the need for a key. Classic KT move.


  6. Chicago looks amazing! My husband and I would LOVE to experience it one day....and now even more so after reading about your trip! The hat conversation on Instagram was cracking me up. Some people just can't keep their thoughts to themselves! Sweet pictures! :)

  7. This reminds me SO much of our trip to Chicago with our best friends this past January!! Talk about FREEEZZZZZINNNNNGGGGG... it was like 30 degrees when we went hahaha! I love all of your pictures!! I'm so glad you got to eat at Gino's!! And the Navy Pier is just awesome!! So happy that you guys had a great time!! :)


  8. Oh what a vacation!!!! I've been to Chicago once for a conference, but I didn't have time to do anything fun; clearly I need to go back and bring my hubby!

  9. This is awesome. :)
    Born and raised in chicago, and I think you hit most of the big ones.
    Next time you should try LouMalnatis instead of Gino's East — that's our personal fave. ;)

    Come back to Chicago again!


    1. did you see this STEPHANIE AND BEAU? ;) ;)

    2. WHOALADY! LouMalnatis was 1800 blocks away and SOMEONE spent half the day getting a new iPhone leaving the rest of us hungry enough to eat our own arm! ...otherwise we would have! Silly bird, you!

  10. I saw the stink on IG and almost posted a pic of my hubby is his baseball cap b/c he always wears his too! I love a man in a hot right now! ;) And how did you like the Ritz?! Your trip sounded perfect...we went a couple weeks ago and I swear I could have stayed three more weeks and rolled myself out of there from all the amazing food!!

  11. Such a fun trip!!!! Next time I'll meet you there!

  12. Looks like you two had a blast!! Chicago is such a beautiful city, glad you got to enjoy it with your bestie!

  13. Haha I'm dying over the hat thing and Katie's comment. I thought maybe it was a rival sports team of someone or something. Had no idea it'd be about wearing the actual hat. My dad has worn a hat my entire life. I expect him to wear one at my wedding haha.

  14. Ahhh I love this! Even though Chicago isn't very far from my home, I think I might have to take after you and grab the boy toy next time he's home and cruise my way up there for a weekend! :)

  15. looks like so much fun! i may have to make a trip just for pulled pork nachos!! (how did i not know those existed?!)

  16. What a wonderful trip! So glad y'all had a good time. :) I'll definitely need to bookmark this post for my next trip to Chicago!

  17. Love love love! It's clear you guys had a blast and now I am missing Chi town. The hat debacle gave me quite the laugh AND I saw the same crazy leaving rude comments on another blogger's Insta. Geez louise!

  18. I wanna go to Chicago!!! You guys look like you had a blast.

    Love your matchy outfits. I'd kill for a slice of that pizza, oh and may as well have a Crumbs cupcake too.

  19. Looks like a great time was had by all!! Such a special friendship that you have formed! That Cupcake looked amazing!!!

  20. I love the recap but not gonna lie I had to laugh at the recap part for the stink caused on IG.. Goodness that was awful I still feel bad for you girlie over that whole mess! Bless your heart your a trooper & was a whole lot nicer to her then I would have been! Anyhoo I love love love the photos! Glad you all had fun sweet girl :)

  21. Looks like it was an amazing weekend! Makes me want to take a weekender in Chicago. :-)

  22. These pictures are all so great... and that pizza looks to die for!!

    Random question... what kind of foundation do you use?

  23. Looks like such a fun trip. I need to check out Chicago.

  24. Awe didn't you LOVE Chicago?! It was so amazing..I'm seriously looking for a job there.. Minus their winters I would totally go and live there. I LOVED it.. Architectural tour was awesome the skyscrapers were amazing. Did you not get to go to Sears... ahem.. Willis Tower?

  25. Great pictures. I personally love looking at other people's vacation photos haha! <3

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  26. I may have to make a visit there just for that cupcake!

    This trip looked like a blast! Love y'alls matching outfits too! And I'm sure you know how I feel about Beau's hat.. rock it girl ;)

  27. Unbelievable trip... as I had expected from you two! And the boys were so cute together too :)
    So South Africa next?!?!?

  28. So clever with the "comin up next..." also, I LOVE BBFT's head tilt in the bean pic. S'cute!

  29. awwwwww so cute and so fun! me loves it! can we just plan a get together in ky now!?!? :-)

  30. The pizza looks yummy. Eat Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is on my bucket list. Of course, visit Navy Pier is too!!

    Looks like a blast.


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