September 25, 2013

Our Lil Graduate

Before dropping Oakley off at camp a few weeks ago, we gave her a little pep talk and asked her if she was going to do good in school:


Let's just say sister kept her promise and was determined to get her little butt home because 6 days earlier than expected, our sweet girl graduated from Kickapoo Ranch Pet Resort! 

I don't know what it's like to have a child walk across a graduation stage but I'd say the feeling is pretty darn close to that. Proud is an understatement. 

We are so so happy to not only have our baby girl back, but after 15 days of rigorous one-on-one training for Oakley and 2 days of training for us, we are finally able to enjoy her all the time. No more jumping, no more dragging us down the street when we take her for a walk, no more crazy harness contraption around her shoulders, no more leash at all, as a matter of fact and I just can't tell you how much stress has been taken off our shoulders. I know I sound incredibly crazy for saying that so judge away, but dealing with such a strong, powerful dog like Oakley was really starting to stress Beau and I out! It feels good to be in complete control of an 80 pound ball of sass. 

Oakie Bear, I know you can't read (yet!) but we are so so so happy to have you home and I think it's safe to say you're really happy to be home, too. :) Thank you for making me not have to go 6 more days without you!

I've gotten a lot of emails lately asking what camp we sent Oakley to so for those interested, we sent her to Kickapoo Ranch Pet Resort in Waller, Texas (right outside of Houston). I would highly...HIGHLY...recommend Mike and his team if you're in need of a final solution for training your dog. The facilities are amazing (like, I want to move there) and the grounds are SO clean. (I never saw a single pile of poop anywhere, if that explains anything.) From puppies, to rescue babies and even older dogs, these people know what the heck they're doing and I am so incredibly appreciative of them! Honestly, this has been the best time and money I've ever spent. Ever. But if you still have questions, feel free to shoot 'em my way!


  1. I can't imagine having 80 lbs of sass drag me around either! It's clear y'all made a great decision & she's a better pup because of it! So happy she's home! It's so hard when they are away no matter what the reason!

  2. could oakley be cuter?! I don't think so! I think it was a great choice to take her to school!

  3. She looks so 'grown up' in the shots!!! I can't believe she can walk without a leash...I honestly don't think that could EVER happen with our pup Mya...

  4. I love reading about Oakley and how great of a mom you are to her. She reminds me of my pup and seeing how happy is she back home and how well behaved she is, makes it all worth it. Good job Oakley!!

  5. awww I may or may not be slightly misty eyed with happy tears because this is just SO precious!!

  6. Your ball of sass grew up so fast; I bet you're so proud. She is still so stinkin cute! I'm glad Miss Oakley had a good experience, but I'm even happier that she is home again with you :-)

  7. Aw, yay! Congrats and good work Oakley. Pretty sure my dog Shay needs to make a visit....

  8. Wonder if they can work those miracles with my son LOL

  9. YAY!! Welcome home sweet little Oakley - your mama and dada are so happy to have you home, and such a good girl already! Enjoy these special moments together x

  10. YAY oakley!! so so happy! my family and I when we had our dog we took him to training for 8 weeks and its just AMAZING what people can do and what dogs are capable of. We were able to rub a bone/piece of food over our dogs mouth and he wouldnt grab at it!! (teasing yes, but so cool how different he was!!)

    so proud!! and beaus shirt--THUMBS UP :)



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