September 24, 2013

Wrap It In Lace {A Simple DIY Project}

Once upon a time I promised you I would do a quick tutorial on the lace wrapped monogram seen in the below photo.  (Snapped from quite possibly the most epic bachelorette party I've yet to attend. even topped my very own.)

Well,  that once upon a time boat set sail a few weeks ago and just now came back to shore so I apologize to any of you who have experienced chronic stress, anxiety or sleepless nights just waiting for this grand "how-to". Go ahead and send all Xanax and Ambien receipts my way for reimbursement. (Kidding. I do not condone either of those prescription drugs nor would I reimburse you for taking them. Ever.)

Ok lets get back on track, shall we? The lace monogram initials. Lets just say there are three simple steps to creating these beauties. And when I say "simple", I mean it took me longer to go out and buy the materials to make these than it did for me to finish them.

1) Purchase your supplies:
Wooden initials | Stretchy lace | Flower (or something similar) - all from Hob Lob

2. Take the end of your lace and hot glue it to the back of the wood before you start wrapping. Once that dries, begin wrapping the stretchy lace around your letters, stretching it as tight as possible. If you get to a place where it gets a little difficult to wrap the letter with the same strand of lace (for example, the middle part of the "A"), cut it, glue that end down, and start over wherever you need to.

3. Hot glue the end piece of lace down, slap a pretty burlap flower on that puppy and voila!

I thought about hanging them from something or finding something to glue to the back to make them stand on their own but didn't have time (bachelorette festivities were to be had) so I just rested them against the TV during the Monograms & Mimosas party. worked. (Yes, my friend Ashley's new initials resemble that of an American Online ad but I assure you that is not her name.)

I adore lace...anything lace. Add a turquoise burlap flower and consider melt my darn heart.

My favorite thing about these letters is that my friend Ashley, who is getting married in November, can use these at her other showers or even the day of the wedding and in their house after the wedding! Aside from weddings, can you imagine how cute these would look in a little girl's nursery?! Just sayin'...


  1. omg at first I thought that was in your house I was like....when did your initials have an A in them??? Then remember Ashley and then Todd's last name and then I went and hid under a rock because im having a dumb moment :-P

    This is GORGEOUS!! Even more gorgeous with the fab ashley in the pic!

    I had a monogram notebook in college and literally everyone stared at me like I had 10 heads and said that it was odd. Who knew...apparantly in the north/northeast, monogram ain't so cool?!? WHY! bring some of that southern charm up here !

    I want to make this for my future home one day...would look so pretty up on a mantle!

    PS...ive considered xanax for flying on planes. I will take your advice and not to take that but instead continue drinking copious amounts of drinkies beforehand!


  2. I love the monograms and mimosas idea! So cute! I'll pretty much put a monogram on anything that stands still.

    On a side note, can you do a post on why you think Xanax is bad? I've never taken it but I know quite a few people that do and was just wondering.


  3. Beautimous! I want to make some with my own monogram!

  4. So pretty, I'm definitely going to have to try this!

    P.S. Is Oakley home? I thought you mentioned yesterday was the big day :)

  5. Love the lace wrap idea! Turned out so adorable!

  6. These are so pretty! Now I have an excuse to go to Hobby Lobby. (Like I needed one?!)

  7. Definitely going to have to make a stop to Michaels on my way home! I'm hosting a giveaway, you should come enter :)

  8. These would be great for my daughter's room... so feminine and gorgeous!

  9. Gorgeous! Such an easy way to add some personality to a room!

  10. I love lace...what a great idea! I'm so excited to try this out :)

  11. Love how cute and simple this is! This would be a great idea for my mantel. Thanks!


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