July 8, 2010

Highlights, my ass.

Sorry-that's a little bit of a vulger title but I'm just a LOT little frustrated with the girl that did my highlights recently. You see, my fabulous Megan that has done my highlights for a good 3 years now is on maternity leave. How dare her think she can just leave for three months? Hello, my hair doesn't just stop growing! Megan was my saving grace from the last girl who made my head look like a cheetah. She was referred to me from a girl in college (wow, that makes me feel old) and she will do my highlights until the day I die. I LOVE MY MEGAN.

Anywho, so Megan just had a little boy {Dexter...how cute is that?!} and is on maternity until SEPTEMBER-yes, THAT LONG! She prepared me and referred me to some chick named "Myrna". Ok great-if Megan trusts "Myrna" to take care of me, then I will trust her. So highlighting time rolls around and I make an appointment with "Myrna". Back up a little bit...typically, I plan on being in the chair for at least an hour and a half because Megan and I like to BS a lot.

Ok, so I get to my appointment and "Myrna" comes to the front to let me know she is ready for me. This very tall, large, intimidating woman calls my name so I stand up and walk up to her (it's Myrna). She looks at me and goes "Hi, who are you?" I think to myself "Um, hello? You just called my name." but the bitch stayed inside me and I politely said, "Hi, I'm Stephanie-one of Megan's clients." She replies "Oh, ok" and directed me to her chair. I tried to make small talk with her until I realized she wasn't down with that. She let me know right away that my appointment would not take any longer than 40 minutes and that "she doesn't waste anytime with chit chat." (Apparently this woman needs hormones, or sex, or chocolate...something...she's unhappy.) The only thing she mentioned was how me buying products boosts her sales and commission because she's "commission only". She mentioned it several times which I found seriously annoying. The little devil in my head was thinking: "Poor pitiful Myrna-you should have picked a different profession if you have a problem with your pay" but I shut up and turned to my iPhone for entertainment. "Myrna" quickly threw the foils in my hair, set me under a dryer and quickly sent me off to someone to be rinsed. She ONCE again stated that she was recommending specific products for me and that if I decided to purchase them to let the cashier know because ONCE AGAIN, "it helps boost her sales." DUH-I'm in sales lady. Just to spite her, I didn't get the products. (Actually, I've used them before and they SUCK so take that, Myrna). So my appointment is over, I go to the cashier to pay and realize it's like $20 cheaper than when Megan does my hair. For a split second I liked Myrna for that "hook up"...until the next morning when I did my hair, which has a half-ass job of highlights in it. It doesn't even look like I got my hair done. Usually when Megan does my hair, I'm a fabulous, radiant blonde. This time, not so much. I don't know what she was doing but she sure as hell wasn't doing what Megan does.

So now I'm stuck in a rut. I don't know what to do. I'd like to go back up there and have someone correct it but...

1.) Myrna will be pissed and the fact that she could eat me for dinner scares me...just a little bit.
2.) I don't want Megan to think I'm a bad client. (I'll feel like the kid who acts up when their mom leaves them with a babysitter...)
3. ) All the managers at Visible Changes always stand behind their employees rather than their paying customers so they NEVER understand the problem-nor do they correct it.

We have engagement pictures next weekend and my hair is nowhere near the color it should be...Super sad face. I want my Megan back.

I've had to go back to a hair place before and I never went back-I don't want that to happen because I love Megan. And I especially don't want to have bad hair the year of my wedding. Any suggestions?!


  1. I would go back! It's so scary to do that, and I avoid it at all costs too usually... but these are your engagement pictures!! Myrna cannot take those away from you! :) Just go back and be REALLY sweet, and they should fix it!

    Best of luck! Stupid, mean, ogre Myrna!

  2. I feel your pain! The girl who does my hair moved away...I'm still on the lookout for someone as good as her! And they should totally fix your hair if they did a bad job!

  3. Okay girl, you seriously need to go back. I know it's really hard to do BUT Myrna (scary) isn't your normal stylist so I would let them know you prefer to be blonder and you have important pictures to take and it needs to be lighter. Ask for someone else too, not that crazy lady! Anytime I don't like my hair I go back, and I don't care how ticked they get with me. I would definitely push the issue with these people. Any business that won't back their clients in my opinion is way too harsh. Go back and get radiantly blond girlfriend!!!!

  4. They totally need to fix it. ESPECIALLY with engagement pictures. And Myrna wont eat you in front of anyone, so make sure you're surrounded by people at all times (just kidding. . . how paranoid does that sound?!). Yay engagement pictures! i found you via the girl in the red shoes...and now i'm going to become a reader :)


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