July 6, 2010

There's a first for everything...

Over the long, holiday weekend at Aunt Mary & Uncle John's, I discovered that I did many things I've never done before. And I accomplished them all on a simple road trip to Dallas:

1. Drove for 7 hrs, in torrential downpours, at less than 40 mph ALL.THE.WAY.THERE.
2. Ate roasted boar.
...by the way...yum!
3. Drank a few of these first
thing Saturday morning before we hit the mall:

(Not such a good idea for the credit card's sake!)
4. Drove my aunt's convertible CLK350 Mercedes all around town:
(You already know my girl Taylor was on full blast.)
5. Ate multiple homemade canolis from a REAL Italian bakery!!
6. Had dinner & drinks with an Indy race car driver
P.J. Abbott
& his fiance.
7. Watched fireworks on the roof of the
Gaylord Texan with P.J
. & his fiance.
8. Took a picture with a miniature chewbacca.
(Nah, just kidding. That's my aunt's brussels griffon, Chloe)

9. And I somehow convinced everyone to wear the statue of liberty sunglasses long enough to take some pictures:

Me & Mr. Beau <3
Me & Uncle John
Me & Aunt Mary (aka "Harry Smellen")

Anyways, hope everyone had a fun & safe 4th!


  1. Lol - you are too cute! Love the glasses! And isn't the Gaylord Texan amazing?! We went and saw ICE there during the winter -- about a million tons of ice sculpted into scenes from How the Grinch Stole Christmas...hope you are well and the wedding planning is going great :)

  2. The glasses are so cute! Glad you had a good weekend!

  3. You have eaten Wild Boar before babe. Actully you eat it every deer season.


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