July 13, 2010

Where did she park her camel?

So there's this girl I worked with when I first started waitressing at Mo's Place in college. Her name is Lydia. She is by far, without any exaggeration, the funniest, most animated person I have ever met in my life. Period. (Kristen, it's ok-you're still funny too...) Anyways, Lydia graduated college and quit working at Mo's but would stop in every once in a while to say hi and would enjoy a few libations...ok...a lot of them...it's just what you do when you go to Mo's. To say the least, I never got to see her as much as I would have liked to after she got a job "in the real world". Well, Lydia got married recently and her husband was transferred to Kuwait for his job, where they are now living. The best news I've heard all day...LYDIA HAS A BLOG! This girl could write a book. She reminds me a less-vulgar, much prettier, and classier version of Chelsea Handler.

So check her out here and let her know you're thinking about her while she's melting in the 120 degree weather!

P.S.-Lyd, if you are reading this...I miss you and Broom Jr. SO much!


  1. Stephanie she is hysterical! I think we would both be at the pool with her! haha

  2. OMGOMGOMG! A virtual shout out?!?!? THANK YOU SISTA! ;-) I'm so excited about your upcoming nuptials! Don't let the details stress you - you won't notice a thing after that first look in Beau's eyes! I love you sweetheart!

    p.s. I bought a broom jr. here and he's my bf... cleans up all my messes, yesh hims does!!!


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