July 22, 2010

It's not a "job" when you love what you do.

So today I celebrate my 1 year work anniversary! Wow, does time fly?! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was starting but as I think back over the past 365 days, I have learned SO incredibly much that it's starting to sink in that I really have been here for a year already!

A little about my job:

Company Name: Physician's Preference

Who are we: Dr. Hotze's Vitamin Store

Location: Inside the Hotze Health & Wellness Center

What's the Hotze Health & Wellness Center: We specialize in treatment of airborne and food allergies, yeast overgrowth, hypothyroidism, bio-identical hormones, adrenal fatigue, vitamin and mineral supplementation and nutritionally balanced eating program. We help people get their lives back. Period.

What is my title: Vitamin Consultant

What exactly do I do: I counsel our guests (that's right, they're "guests" not "patients") on their extensive vitamin regimen that is recommended by our highly intelligent doctors.

What sets us apart from your "typical doctor's office" and why do I love what I do:

Where do I start?
  • We are benchmarked after the Ritz Carlton and the Broadmoor...yes, the lxury hotels...and if you ever step foot in our doors you would know exactly what I'm talking about.
  • Everyone, including doctors and nurses, accounting, IT, pharmacists, you name it, wear suits and heels. (Ok, well the male doctors don't have to wear heels.)
  • As I mentioned earlier, our patients are called "guests" and they are royalty around here.
  • We save people's lives. Literally.
  • We are rewarded for everything we do that goes above and beyond. ($$!!)
  • We don't take insurance because you can't put a price on your health or your life.
  • For every birthday, holiday and work anniversary Dr. Hotze gives us beautiful Waterford crystal, our choice! (I now have 5 beautiful wine glasses!)
  • I work for some pretty incredible people (if you forgot, resort back to this post) who give me any and every opportunity to be just as successful as they are one day.
  • I have learned what each and every one of these supplements are for and the difference they can make in your health and wellbeing. (Yes, there are over 100 and I could name them in my sleep-this picture is about half of what we carry.)
  • I have read more than twice this many books in the past year that have taught me way more than I ever learned in college.

  • I have met awesome women of all ages who inspire me to set and achieve all of my goals, whether it's work or personal.
  • I work with ALL women (about 80, give or take a few.)...with the exception of 6 men...(poor guys!) Luckily, everyone is on hormones so they're as happy as bees all the time...even at 7:30 am!
  • We get off at noon on Fridays. (This should be a law for everyone. It's absolutely fabulous & hope, hope, hope it NEVER changes!!
  • Dr. Hotze (CEO of Hotze Enterprises) is by far the nicest, most giving and charming man I have ever met and I am so fortunate to work for him and his company.

Honestly-that list could go on for days but to say the least, I am SO extremely happy I have made myself at home here at Physician's Preference and look forward to many, many more years here! Cheers!


  1. CONGRATS! Happy 1 Year Anniversary! :o) Sounds like you have a great job and you are so lucky to love what you do!

  2. I think it is GREAT that you seem to love your job THAT much!! That makes going into work that much more rewarding for you! You are a lucky lucky little girl! Especially with the way the economy is this day and age! I cannot believe you work with that many women and dont have any problems with "catty-ness"! Your boss also sounds great to work for!!

  3. Yay congrats girl! PS random I am pretty obsessed with this cute pic of you over here to my right... adorbs!


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