January 9, 2011

Go ahead. Laugh.

I couldn't resist posting the latest nonsense my company has had me participate in recently.

As you all know, or I hope you all know by now, I am very passionate about health and wellness which is why, well, I work for a health and wellness center, I eat a very precise diet (most of the time) and I work out pretty regularly. I am a strong believer in "you are what you eat" and I could honestly be a poster child for the yeast free diet that we preach every day at my office. ((Thank you, Hotze Health & Wellness Center, for getting rid of my 20 unwanted, puffy pounds.))

Every January, we kick off the year with "Yeast Free With Me" to help our patients and staff reach their goal weight and this year is no different. Although this video is absolutely hysterical to me, I can understand why you might judge me but I, by no means, am a paid actress...just in case you were wondering...so judge me all ya want! ;)

Before you watch, I must give you a little bit of background of these fine actresses:
  • Bertha Barker (aka the host) is a fabulous Latino lady who works in our front office. Yes, that is her real accent. Yes, she chose to bark all on her own...no one told her to do that.
  • I'm Jessica Johnson, the ditzy sorority girl with the big ass...imagine that.
  • Susie Stephens, the mother of 3, is our Marketing Director.
  • Pat Berry, the southern grandmother, is our IT Director.
How they talked us into doing this video, I don't know. There was no bribing involved but I may seriously consider it next time.

Anywho...I have never soberly laughed this hard in my entire life until we shot this video. Hope this all gives you a good laugh (at my expense.)

OH! And if you want to participate in our challenge, eat healthy and shed a few unwanted pounds just go to DrHotze.com. ((It's not like an event...it's just a series of emails.)


  1. AH-MAZING! I love it! :o) I think you have a real future in Hollywood.

  2. ohmyword! that was hilarious!!!


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