January 10, 2011

Ok-here it is. The "Live-it"!

"One should eat to live, not live to eat."

This may be a little long & drawn out but for all your requests (ahem, JILL!) ...here ya go! ((& sorry for anyone who has already read this very similar post...I had to freshen it up a bit for my newer followers!)

The sole purpose of this post is to convince each and every one of you looking to shed a few pounds and lead a healthier lifestyle that it really is possible.

Remember: it's not a diet, it's a way of life and preparation is everything! Be as creative as possible with your meals and you will do just fine.

The Guidelines:
-For the first 2 weeks, avoid fruit or butter
-For the first 30 days, avoid: sugar, yeast, milk or milk products & fermented products or alcoholic beverages
-After 30 days, you may add brown rice, sweet potatoes, and/or oatmeal OR if you are training for a triathlon or something crazy and need to carbs you can have them sparingly.

Basically, NO: grains, baked goods, breads, dairy, pasta, potatoes, mushrooms, sugar, soft drinks, alcohol, vegetable shortening, margarine.

Did ya give up already?!

No? Ok-good!!

Don't worry. Although this sounds extremely restricting, after the first week ALL of your cravings are gone. Yea, those M&M's you just have to have after lunch. You won't want them. Those cinnamon rolls you're used to having for breakfast. See ya! You think I'm kidding? After week 2 I wasn't even hungry. I thought the girls at work were going to send me to a help center for anorexia because I wasn't eating lunch and I barely ate a breakfast. Seriously!

*lean meat/protein: turkey, chicken, ground beef, eggs, turkey bacon, fish, Canadian bacon, shellfish, pork chops, steaks
*veggies: ((no corn or carrots)) cucumbers, celery, zucchini, spinach, tomatoes, onions, squash, artichokes, asparagus, bell peppers, bok choy, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, green beans, kale, okra, lettuce, spaghetti squash, lemons & limes ((yes, these are technically fruits but they are allowed and mixed with olive oil they make for a great salad dressing.))
*legumes: BEANS! black, green, kidney, pinto, red ((no baked))
*healthy fats: nuts ((no honey roasted)), avocados, natural peanut/almond/cashew butter, olive oil
*sweeteners: xylitol, erythritol, stevia, truvia ((no honey, splenda, sweet-n-low or agave nectar))
*condiments/extras: salsa, tomato sauce, chicken/beef broth
*drinks: coffee (no dairy creamer!), teas, water, sparkling water (Perrier, La Croix), Zevia

*spices: any, really. All the common spices-we'll leave it at that.

*After two weeks, you can add back fruit but not just any fruit.
*The best (& most common) fruits are: strawberries, blueberries, apples, pears, kiwis, oranges, cantaloupe, honeydew, peaches
**Remember to AVOID the following fruits throughout the entire diet: pineapple, cherries, watermelon, dates, figs, bananas, grapes. ((not to say that these fruits have no nutritional value, because they do, however, they are just higher in natural sugar content which is not good for the diet.))

Are you still with me?!

Ok, good. You'll be glad you stuck it out thus far...

((Plus...if you stick around a little bit longer you'll get to see my "fat" pics!))

Things you'll thank me for telling you about:
*First and foremost, I'll just throw it out there that VODKA/SODA is the closest yeast free alcoholic beverage. There!
*Almond milk: Almond Breeze, unsweetened, any flavor: can be used in smoothies, recipes (substitute for milk), coffee

*Jay Robb's WHEY protein powder: found in any grocery/health foods store. Any flavor. Perfect added to almond milk to make a smoothie

*LaraBar: Although they have dates as an ingredient, they are SO extremely close to being yeast free that I ate them anyway because it's what kept me compliant. As long as you eat them sparingly and not for every meal, I say it's ok so go for it!
*Pacific Naturals Black Bean Soup: throw in a few black beans and avocado and mmmmm...mmmmmmm!! :)

*Homemade chili
*Spaghetti squash spaghetti (google it...it's SO easy.)
*Wraps: use romaine lettuce for tacos, sandwiches, etc...rather than bread.
*Terra chips: Original; and only eat them sparingly.
*Hummus: Sabra brand, if you can find it. Any flavor. Great for dipping celery, cucumbers or Terra Chips.

And now for the before and after!!

You may not visually be able to see the difference but I cannot put into words how great I feel. ((Or you can just look at my chubby arms & see for yourself...)) My work suits were all a size 8...a tight 8, at that. Now...a size 4 and they still seem to fit a little baggy. My jeans stretch out by just looking at them. All my swimsuits, tops, shorts and sundresses are all at least a size too big and oddly enough...so are my panties. TMI?? Oops! The only thing that still fits the same are my socks. No complaints there.

((insert annoying wrestler announcer voice ::here::))
...weighing in at a whopping 144 pounds...

Spring 2008
St. Thomas 2009
St. Thomas 2009

...and AFTER!
I introduce you to...my jawline & collar bones !

September 2010
October 2010
October 2010
Seriously...if my fiance can do it...YOU can do it! Please feel FREE to ask me any questions!!

What are you waiting for?! Bikini season will be here before ya know it! ;)


  1. Thank you for sharing! I am definitely going to try this. And you look beautiful in the pictures girl!


  2. wow you look amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great post! You look so pretty:)

    I CAN'T give up fruit for 2 wks I don't think...or I would totally do this arggh. Vodka/Soda's are the best!!

  4. Amazing!!! You look GREAT! Before and after you are beautiful. :)

    I just started gluten free so I'm part of the way there...but unfortunately I am eating a lot of junk...especially dairy products and alcohol. I need to do this diet you speak of SO BAD but I can't find the motivation. It's like I'm able to do the gluten free so well because I'm like "well I can have wine and chocolate and dairy!" but I know dairy does not mix well with me. Where did you find your motivation?!?!

  5. Such a good post! I was yeast free all last week and diet catastrophe ensued after I ate at chick fil after my doctor appointment (va jojo). Budlight, puppy chow, and fries...oh my! Please follow me around all weekend and give me a good switch stick in the behind if I break the rules.

    Love, your hefty desk mate :)

  6. Great Post! Michael and I just started and cleanse and this would be a great diet to do post 21 days of cleansing!! Thanks Girl! :)

  7. Hey again!! I was just reading through your posts and wanted to ask a question.

    I started gluten free, yeast free, wheat free a couple weeks ago and although my skin is clearing up...i am SO bloated!! I mean to the point of looking a bit pregnant. I've also gained a few pounds. Do you have any clue what I could be doing wrong???

  8. It's actually really easy. I lost 19 lbs last jan. and stopped the diet so i have slowly put it all back on. I just started the diet again and the main idea is to make sure you decide what you will eat for the week or you will cheat. Also if you do cheat just get back onto the program the next day. Steph is right if I can do it anyone can.

  9. I not really this dumb, im a nursing major so I know i would say a good bit about nutrition. I dont really understand, for the first two weeks you want to avoid all fruits and butter? Why fruits i understand that they have alot of sugar too, but what do you eat. Could you give an example of your normal breakfast, lurch and dinner. Also, how much do you workout with this diet.
    I trying to find a diet and make better health styles changes..

    p.s your after pictures look great!!

  10. You look great in these pics but I have to admit that diet is a bit scarey. I thing is... I love food and I really enjoy cooking and creating things that other people enjoy. And lets me honest, I live in the south were your side staples are always mashed potatoes and a pound of butter.
    So I guess what I would be curious about is what do your typical meals look like? Where do you find your recipes or do you just take what you can eat and make them up?

  11. I didn't eat this every day, just an example

    Breakfast : eggs, beacon, sausage.

    Snacks: celery/peanut butter or any type of nuts

    Lunch: salad with grilled chicken

    Dinner: steak with broccoli and black beans

  12. I think I could do it... like I tol dyou before though, breakfast will KILL me! I'm not a fan of eggs... Maybe just egg whites would be better? I must say though, that cookbook I won will make it a lot easier than I expected! So many delicious looking recipes!

  13. Oh and the pictures! OMG!! You look so good! Goodbye college and sorority weight! That alone will keep me going!

  14. so I do have questions about this? Can I have your email so that way I can just ask it all at once not on here? I tried to find it on your blog but for whatever reason couldn't! Thanks,

  15. So i've been WAY BEHIND (obviously) on my blog reading but thank you SO much for posting. I have to say, I think you still look great in your before pictures, but you can definitely tell you've lost in the "after" pictures. You're gorgeous either way but I know feeling better makes all the difference! This, and your next post, are very helpful to know WHAT to eat! The one fruit that would kill me is bananas. I love bananas, and they're so easy to just grab and go :(

  16. this was very useful! just found ur blog.i'm new at this.. can totally relate to the stuffed hanging(literally)animals..lol

  17. Good for you! I love to see success stories. :) You look great- I can def see a difference.

  18. You look great! How long did you do this for and are you still keeping up with the diet?

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I'm a late finder in this but you looked beautiful both ways! I'm a vegetarian but I may try it: ) I'm a new blogger and new follower!


  21. I have been eating the Spicy Black Bean Soup since I read it on your blog back in Jan. So just a little FYI - my local Kroger's are no longer going to be carrying it and have it on sale for $2.49. Random, but figured I would share since a deal is a deal :)

  22. Can't wait to try this! Thank you for sharing!!

  23. Found your blog awhile ago and think it's so fun! I'm trying this whole yeast free thing...

  24. ok I'm starting this today. Did you workout at all?

  25. I am planning to start this diet! I just need to know...can I drink Diet Coke? I know it says no soft drinks! But I seriously think this would due the hardest thing for me to NOT do!

  26. I'm seriously considering this diet. However, do you know if it's okay to do while nursing??

  27. YF Compliance question! Are the Protein Luna Bars ok to eat instead of LaraBars? It says they are gluten-free but wanted to check! Thanks!

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Just saw this post and found your blog through another blog comment and love this! I am struggling with getting more toned post baby - have dropped all the weight, but think this will help!! Healthy for my son too - minus he LOVES fruit :)


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