January 5, 2011

I promise to blog about the diet...

...but I have been anticipating this post this for a while now...

50 correspondence emails and $30 under budget later...

They're here!!
((p.s.- i apologize for the tacky block outs but I have to protect our identities just in case of creepers.))

What you're lookin' at:
Top left: Hotel accommodation card
Top Right: Response card
Bottom Middle: The invitation (um. duh.)
Far right: Hot pink lined envelope (duh. again.)

Just a close up!

Wanna know how to totally regulate your guest list???
...pay verrrry close attention...
Order your response cards with 2 blanks rather than one for the number of attendees. (see photo above)) Before you send the invitations, you fill in the second blank on the response card with the number of people you're inviting per that invitation. So let's say this particular invitation is to Taylor Swift & Guest (ya. i'm inviting her. so what?!) Back to my point...I would fill in the second blank with "2" so it would read "___ of _2_ will be attending" since I am only inviting Taylor and one guest. This would leave Taylor to then go in and fill in the first blank with "2" (because of course she & her guest which apparently won't be Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner or John Mayer wouldn't miss our wedding for the world) and therefore her response card would read " 2 of 2 will be attending". When you do it this way, no one can sneak in their rent-a-date, friend with benefits, wedding crasher or second cousin's boyfriend's baby daddies...you get my point right?! You see, it would be completely incorrect for Taylor to fill in "3 of 2" which is why this will hopefully work like a charm! ((Props to Beau's brother-in-law for telling us this little trick!!))

&& for the record, the only reason we are doing this is because our guest list is already over 400 and our venue only holds 300. Ya. So that's a problem and hopefully people will understand. ((Not just that but to feed and booze up more than 400 guests would cost an arm and a leg.))

OH! I almost forgot to include one of the most important additions to our invitation...

Today marks 101 days to go!
Can you believe that?!?!?!

**p.p.s (or p.s.s...whatever)-I really needed to go back to the black and pink blog background. That whole red and blue, girl next door background thing totally wasn't working for me. At. All.


  1. that is the best idea everrrrr! i always wondered what people did to avoid wedding crashers. that is so so so smart. good thinking :)

  2. They are beautiful!! ANd such a great idea!!! I also recommend maybe numbering them in light pencil on the back (response cards) in case people forget to write their names, etc. We had that problem where people would just respond yes or no and the number...and would completely forget their names. It was a task tracking down those anonymous RSVPs:)

  3. I have the perfect "thank you" cards for you to use after the wedding because they SO match your invites perfectly. I just got some last week from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1593591861/ref=oss_product
    So if that doesn't tell you...I LOVE the design of your correspondence! And your tip __ of # is perfect! :)

  4. Love the invites! They are so perfect and so you!

  5. Super cute. What are the hotel accomadations? I still learning about all of this. :)

  6. Are your invites letterpress? where did you order them from?

  7. Hi Amy! The invitations are by Carlson Craft!

  8. They look great!! Ours were Carlson craft too!! :)

  9. You are a freaking' genius for adding the extra blank line. I sort of was heading that way with my RSVP's but when I added meal options I couldn't quite get it to work.

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE those!!! So pretty!!!! :) Can't wait to see more and more!

  11. I love these!! They are adorable!!!


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