January 18, 2011

Living in sin

A few glimpses of what I've experienced since moving in with the fiance:

This may or may not have been the first thing we unpacked. ...much needed.
Living with, waking up to & hearing Beau giggle, I mean, laugh, at the t.v. while I'm upstairs unpacking is everything I'd imagined and more. I just love him & love life with him. ((ok...enough with the sap.))

On that note, we ordered his wedding band from Amazon.com. Brace yourself. Grand total was $12.75 INCLUDING SHIPPING! I know what you're thinking. I'm really not cheap. I had budgeted at least $300 for his band and thought I was getting out easy but he absolutely refused and "didn't like" any other band except the one from Amazon.com. And for the record, NO- it's NOT used!
What do ya think?!
Juuuust kidding...this is it in ALL it's $12.75 glory!
Beau officially gave me lessons last night on how to properly load and unload his shotgun...just in case there are ever any creepsters by our house. Well, I knew before but I always forget so we had a little practice session last night. Now if I can just remember all those steps if I were really in a bind... :/
Yes, that's my pink gun case. :)
After unpacking, Beau unveiled the cereal bowl I painted for him back in the day for one of my sorostitute events. ((ok I'm kidding about the sorostitute comment...I love DZ!)) but you have to admit his bowl is pretty stinkin' cute.
Very few women will pull into her garage & feel completely at home seeing THIS:

Beau's bobcat/pride & joy
Yesterday when I got home from work, Beau had already picked up and put together our new coffee table and end tables. Sooo nice of him! & it was on his birthday! ((Can't you tell we're still in the honeymoon stage of cohabitation?!))

We experienced our first grocery store trip. Beau's is convinced it was thee healthiest $200 he's ever spent and is really regretting not sneaking a gallon of ice cream somewhere in the basket. The closest thing we have to "sweet" is peanut butter. :)

Here's me with some baby fruits...I couldn't resist!

We are on a mad dash for a media console. Our blue rubbermaid will not stick around much longer. Plus, it doesn't match any of our living room decor.

From Target...me likey but....
We have made countless trips to Target so I'm swearing off that place for a week. But I did manage to find this cute shirt in the baby section and snap a photo to send to my bff. (Love ya, Julz!)
I am verrry thankful for "his" & "hers" tools. A woman needs her things too ya know?!
Last but definitely not least...I never want to look at a freaking box. EVER AGAIN!
More pics of the house will come later...when all the boxes are gone and you can actually see the floor!


  1. Can't wait to hear more!! And over in our little house, we also have his and her tools. I love it!!

  2. Alex makes me load his guns too so I know how to use them should I ever need to. So should anyone break into our house, they will have three guns pointed at them between Alex and I! They better watch out!
    Oh and we got our media console from Target and I love it! I highly recommend you get that one from Target! :o)

  3. haha very cute and exciting! Enjoy! I'm in the process of buying a house with my fiance.. fun fun! :)

  4. You two are just TOO darn cute!! And OMG... you really had me going for a second there with that turquoise ring!! I was like whaaaaa?!?! And then I scrolled down. WHEW!!

    You sound like me with the shotgun lessons and the pink guncase. If I HAD to have a guncase, it would need to be pink. :)

    Glad you're enjoying the "living in sin" so far!! ;)

  5. my fiance and i are getting ready to move in together. i can't wait!

  6. Congrats on moving in!!! I love reading these posts of yours. I've been married almost 2 years and I loved everything about moving in together and planning our wedding. And P.S....you think it's great now and so exciting moving in together...it gets even better! So happy for you:)

  7. Cant wait to see your new place!



  8. love the cute gun case! hehe! my husband is a hunter too, so we have animals in our home too - but they are in the basement that we are remodeling! deer heads, bear, turkey (full, tall thing too! ha), fish . . . ah! love em :) & yes he is that tall! hehe! don't think I am stalking your blog, it is just too cute! haha!


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