January 3, 2011

Good Morning, Stephanie! It's me, 2011.

Did anyone else wake up on New Year's Day and think:

[[pardon my French...]]

"Holy shit. It's 2011. I'm ________ this year!"

Fill in the blank with what's most appropriate for you but here's what ran through my mind...

Holy shit. It's 2011. I'm turning 25 this year!
Holy shit. It's 2011. I'm 20 pounds lighter this year!
Holy shit. It's 2011. I'm still employed this year!
((hey now! i'm a great catch so IDK what that last one even means))
Holy shit. It's 2011. I'm still alive & kickin' this year!
Holy shit. It's 2011. I'm not pregnant this year! ;) HA!
Holy shit. It's 2011. I'm moving out for the last time this year!
Holy shit. It's 2011. I'm finally convincing
Beau to live with me
this year!
((ok so he really doesn't have a choice anymore...so what?!))

Holy shit. It's 2011. I'm gonna have a joint bank account this year!
Holy shit. It's 2011. I'm GETTING MARRIED this year!!!

*Yea...that last one hit me like a ton of bricks ((in a good way, of course)). It finally feels real! When people ask me when I'm getting married, no longer can I say "Next April" because it's THIS APRIL!


Cheers to 2011!!
Cheers to Dr. Hotze for keepin' me on the payroll!
Cheers to livin' it up on my bachelorette cruise with my girls!
Cheers to being a wife!!
Cheers to a romantic honeymoon!
Cheers to starting a great life with a great man!!

When 2011 came-a-knockin' on your door...
what did you say?!!

((OH! && you're welcome for not being the 12,745th New Year's Eve recap you've read.))


  1. Hope 2011 is wonderful for you April will come fast congratulations!

  2. I loved this! Such a cute post! and how exciting is it that your getting married this year!?! It will come before you know it!


  3. you lost 20lbs!? that's amazing. you look great! do a post on how you did it!

  4. Just randomly stumbled upon your blog and love your funny quirky posts! : )

    Hope you have a good new years!

    xoxo -erinj0


  5. I wanna say CHEERS to you being 20 lbs lighter this year!! DO TELL!! Your readers want to know...so we can do it too! Ok, do we have a deal? I knew you could be convinced :) The joint bank account is not all its cracked up to be (aside from the having more $ part haha). We quickly established an "allowance" type system whereby we each get a bit of our own spending money that we don't question one another about. If I want to spend all my pennies at Target, that is my bidness, haha

  6. cute blog! and what a fun post. :)


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