January 20, 2011

Officially fat.

There. I said it.

This week has been a fat fat fat week for me. Bad eating. No gym. Cruise in 20 days. Ughh...

Monday night I splurged. It was Beau's birthday, ok?! AND we went to McCormick & Schmick's, ok?! AND Beau just had to order cuatro...NOT tres...but cuatro leches. It was uuuhhhhh-mazing.

Tuesday I was good. Healthy egg casserole for breakfast, black bean/avocado soup for lunch and for dinner we cooked bacon wrapped shrimp, sauteed veggies and black beans. (Oh yea...I snuck 2 pieces of a Toblerone bar but that's neither here nor there.) ...I hit the gym after work so I was ok with this.

Wednesday was pretty good too except I skipped the gym AND ate a peanut butter & nanner sandwich for dinner. To my (or maybe my ass's) advantage it was on Ezekial bread so I didn't feel too terrible about what I had just stuffed in my mouth.

Today all Hell broke lose. Breakfast was choatic...almond milk with protein powder...lame I know. Lunch was purchased from the taco stand outside my office. It was SO good but made my tummy feel SO bad. I ate the tortillas, then 6 real crackers, followed by a large handful of brown rice crackers and hummus to cool my mouth off from the firecracker hot sauce that place put in my tacos. (Note to self.) THEN someone mentioned that our pharmacy staff had a beautiful spread of food so off I waddled. Half a donut and a handful of pistachios later, I was laying on the ground flat on my back with a stomach ache. Imagine that?!

No gym today. No gym tomorrow. Lunch with a girlfriend tomorrow. Happy hour tomorrow night. Mom's birthday tomorrow night too.

I'm staying far away from the scale. Sweat pants sound really appealing right now.

You know how you know you're officially fat?
When the top of your desk drawer has a perfect little hole carved out just for your food.

Exhibit A:

Here's to hoping I look NOTHING like this by the time the cruise rolls around...


  1. Too funny! I get the same way, I feel guilty when I eat a lot of junk. Who am I kidding? I downed a In N Out burger today... But who can resist In N Out? No one. Thats' who.

  2. Oh honey! You are beautiful; not fat at all! I feel the same way when I eat a lot but I was told by my Mister that you are only fat when it happens so often that your body begins to change because of it! Splurge girl! Its ok... Just remember to be healthy about it too! and remember you are beautiful sweet girl! Not FAT!

  3. I just found your blog and you are hilarious! We all have our days and girl, you eat Ezekiel bread?! I've heard it tastes awful and can't bring myself to try it, no matter how healthy it is. Props to you...that totally negates the donus and pistachios.

  4. It is totally okay to splurge sometimes!!

  5. lol that is how i've feeling lately :) I'm sure you'll look great for your cruise :)

  6. hi stephanie! i just stalked your entire weight loss tab and i had a few questions:
    -did you work out during the first two weeks of the diet? i'm running a 5k soon (i know, not that far...) but i just didn't know if it hindered your workouts
    -can you eat black beans and pinto beans during the first two weeks?


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