January 27, 2011

So I've decided I want to be a "boy mom"

I'm just gonna say this now...NO-I/we are not planning to procreate any time soon but if and when we do, I really hope I'm a boy mama.

Anyways, I know many MANY girl mamas and they are so extraordinarily frazzled all. the. time. and I don't want to be that mom.

You know who I'm talkin' about...

Toddlers & Tiaras mothers (shoot me)
& who dresses their 5 year old like this????
Kris Kardashian
(psycho-but then again I would be too if I had her life/kids)
Katie Holmes
(ok, I like her but she can look a little edgy at times)Kate Gosslin
(ya-she's got a few loose screws...)

I'd like to be more like say, Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett. I mean, she's beautiful, sexy, funny and extremely laid back and all around just a "cool" mom. Her mom mobile is an Escalade for crying out loud!
Look how happy she is!
Not to mention, if I had her body Beau would probably fine with that too!

Girl moms are always so keyed up about their little princesses and I can't say I blame them...trust me...if I do end up having a little Ms. Paisley Howard one day...I will be the same way! Boys, on the other hand, are so carefree and usually can hold their own which is why boy mamas are so chill all the time. They never have to worry about them falling down, or painting their little nails or who they're dating. Boys will be boys no matter what.

And a side note, we'll be naming our little man Mason which we both just LOVE so I really want to be able to use it! :)

Have you girls ever thought about this or am I just that weird? Either way-it's something I've thought of many times so I'm hoping blogging about it will increase my odds. ((watch it jinx my ass...))


  1. I want 2.. A little girl and little boy.. Maybe twins haha :)
    Dont start wishing for kids too soon.. 90% of my friends are pregnant!

  2. I think about it all the time:) And my hubby always says, with a boy you only have to worry about one penis. With a girl, you have to worry about ALOT of penis's! So true!

  3. I see your reasoning! good points! I want a girl first BADLY. It just has to happen. lol I'd be OK with twins though..1 boy, 1 girl :)

  4. You're the only other person I've ever heard say that. MEEEE TOOO!! Besides the fact that I'm not really girly - I've just seen the difference between raising boys vs. girls way too much. Girls are a lot more whiney & finnickey where boys will pretty much go with the flow. I'd be happy with all boys but D wants a little girl - I think all guys do.

  5. I can not express how much I love this post! I have a two yr old boy and going to have my second boy in April and I love having boys. You ARE so much chilled and relaxed with boys. I can be that momma if I ever have a girl, but right now I like being a mom of boys! Boys are so much fun. Stephanie! - you will be a great mom either way

  6. I love Kendra! I think she is so great!

  7. Haha! I completely understand this post! I want 2 little boys! Too bad we cant pick their breed, huh?

  8. I love Kendra! and I totally understand this post. I agree with KY ... too bad we can't pick what we're going to have.

    http://missblondiexoxo.blogspot.com .... check out this week's giveaway!

  9. My husband always says I better HOPE for a boy. The comment above about one penis vs. multiple penis'...HILARIOUS!!! Never heard that before but I love it. However, a big part of me wants a little Koren/Asian girl. You would NEVER be a toddlers/tiaras mom and I can only pray to God I wouldn't be either. I actually said to my husband once, "If I ever act like that, please slap me across the face and remind me of this conversation." I think I'd be crazy/frazzled regarldess of a boy or girl..ha :)

  10. just found your blog and love it! I am a mom of two boys, almost 3 years old and almost 1. It is THE BEST! I love love LOVE being a mom of boys. I can't WAIT to be that mom at their baseball/basketball/football games. I love my two boys and oh yeah, I am DONE with having kids, no more! Two boys that are 2 years apart are enough for me!

    My mom-mobile of choice is also the Escalade. Totally not trying to be obnoxious and annoying with that statement, I only said so because of the comment you made about Kendra and her mom car of choice. :)

  11. Just found your blog and love it! Super cute...and holy moly the diet you started made you super skinny girl!

    I have to say though, maybe it's just Northwest baby boys but they are a handful...read my blog and you will see! lol. At the same time they are so much fun though. Wouldn't change it for the world. Plus it's a great workout running after them each day! ;)


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