January 25, 2011

A peek inside...

...my purse, that is!

I've seen other bloggers post this and I just think it's down right neat so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon. Plus, I'm nosey like that and would love to see what's in all y'all's too so feel free to ride the wave!

The bag: Steve Madden
Nothin' fancy.

I was sold at "hot pink" interior....

All of it's contents:
(minus the unmentionables...tamps, adult balloons, you know...)

1. Coach clutch/wallet given to me by one of my BFF’s, Ashley.

2. Tahiti Sweetie lotion. All time fave.

3. Target gift card I won at work today for being awesome.

4. Coach gift card/credit card holder thingy.

5. Coach camera/camera case.

6. My drug of choice, inositol. (NOT really…it’s a vitamin people).

7. Gloves to keep my little hands warm.

8. Colloidal silver (natural antibiotic…aka…CURE-ALL).

9. Hormone drops (my other drug of choice).

10. Random hair accessories…bobby pins, clips, etc…

11. All-in-one keychain: keys, chap stick, hand sanitizer.

12. Random wine cork?

13. Evidence from last Friday night out….drinking dreidel?

14. Lip stuff…no explanation needed.

15. Big Red. I HATE minty gum.

16. Sudafed for my allergenic fiance.

17. Trash (receipt and I have no idea what else that is…)

Unfortunately, you missed out on all of Beau's items that are typically jam packed somewhere in the mix...you know...his wallet, his keys, his cell phone and sometimes even his hat. Hmmph. Funny how that works out huh?!


  1. I love the purse....I've bought one because it has coral interior before. It's the little things that matter, right? :)

  2. just popped by your blog...love it!!!!

  3. Love the purse. So cute!
    I did this whats in my purse a couple of weeks ago. its fun!



  4. I WANT this purse! I did this the other day and my purse has a tiffany blue on the inside..I love when they have the colors on the inside. TELL meeee where you got it!! :)

  5. I so love whats inside peoples purses, not sure why, but yes its fun!

  6. OK so I know you had to have cleaned this bad boy out first. There's no way your purse is that clean. OK maybe it is but I just don't see how anyone keeps their purse so...free of CRAP. Mine is junky. I should de-clutter tonight (but I'm blog-surfing instead. It's all about priorities).

  7. HA! For the record, ahem JILL, I did NOT clean out my purse before hand! #17 was my only few pieces of trash minus the crumbs and hair in the very bottom but those don't count!

    Perhaps it's clean because I just switched to it not long ago so it hasn't had it's fair chance at being trashed just yet...


  8. what a cute blog! Mine would be disgusting..I don't even know how many receipts I have in there. What a super cute bag though--I'm sold on the pink lining as well..

  9. I love this idea! I always have hand-sanitizer and chapstick with me!!

  10. cute blog! i'm your newest follower and can't wait to catch up!
    xoxo, jamie



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