September 12, 2012

Hot Mess in the Hizzouse

Hey there.
My name is Taylor and I blog at The Daily Tay
Original blog name, I know. But Steph had already taken Beautiful Mess so...
I'm only kidding, I don't think my blog could be considered a beautiful mess. 
A hot mess perhaps, but that's another story. {Trust me...I've considered switching to this name several times's much more fitting these days...}

When Steph asked me to fill in for a day while she's off doing Hawaiian things
(which I only imagine to be exactly like what the Tanner clan did while visiting)

I instantly said of course I'd fill in!
But then I got kinda nervous because Steph is 
A. hilarious yet incredibly sweet. {Lies}
and B. probably the cutest southern belle ever. {Southern redneck is more like it...}

I live in Chicago. We don't have southern belles around here.
And sadly the word "sweet" has never been used to describe me. {No? What about "Sweet Ass"?}

I have been called cynical, sarcastic and outspoken a time or two... {why do you think I love you?}
And even though I've never heard Steph talk, I can just imagine how adorable her Southern accent must be. {Sorry to disappoint everyone but sadly enough, I haz no accent.}

I live in a city where everybody talks like Mike Ditka,
or like they're straight off "Daaaaa Bears" skit from Saturday Night Live.

Other than the weird accents and the city's obsessive addiction to polish sausage,
I absolutely love Chicago.

I live here with this handsome boy, Chris, {Oh hai, Chris!} my lovely guy of five years.
And our brown haired baby we are both completely enamored with, Harlow.
Typically I blog about Harlow and the shenanigans he gets me into.
Usually it has to do with squirrels, or him dropping deuces in the water at the dog beach.
If you think dogs know better than to go in the water, you're wrong.
I learned the hard way... (about the dogs dropping deuces, I mean. I've known for awhile not to go #2 in the water.) {Prove it!}

I also love fashion and dabbled in my first fashionish post a few weeks ago.
I like pretty clothes and all, but it's not what I usually blog about.
That is until I got The Three Weekend dress.
This little number was a bit more pricey than I usually like to pay for a dress,
so I reasoned in my head that I would make full use of it and 
wear it three weekends in a row. 
(Something I don't usually do.) {Why not go for three NIGHTS in a row?}
Turns out there's a reason I don't this. And it has to do with that hot mess comment up above.

It's never a good sign when my shoes come off.
The Three Weekend Dress turned into the one weekend dress on account
of the fact it was completely ripped by the end of the evening and covered in
various beverage/nacho stains.
Note the judgement passed my way from the onlookers.
See, I've got this problem where I like to think I'm twenty one when I go out.
It doesn't happen all the time, summer just seems to bring out my inner-college kid.

So there you have it.
I blog about Harlow, Chris, my adventures in Chicago,
and my cocktail-enhanced weekend activities. 
And as of recently I like to talk about Honey Boo Boo Child, as well.
Then again, who doesn't? That girl is so hot right now.

Now that you know me, stop by my neighborhood some time!

{Go. RUN to Taylor's blog. The first time I ventured over to her blow, I about DIED laughing. 
Sister is HY-STERICAL!}


  1. This whole post cracked me up! I love your commentary, Steph! :)

  2. Hahah I love this "Daaaaaa bears". Taylor, you are hilarious.

  3. SO funny!!! My huby & I LOVVVVE Chicago!! We would move there in a hot second if he applied/ was offered a job!


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