September 25, 2012

Totally Rocking My World

Yes-this is random.
Don't say I didn't forewarn you.
Just a few things that have totally been rocking my world as of late!
So no baby fever here (yet!) but tell me this is not most adorable family picture EVVERR!
 Don't worry...I pinned this for future baby Howard photoshoots! ;)
High protein pumpkin pancakes - tell me these don't just SCREAM fall!!??

Cannot wait to make these!! Get in muh bellayyy!
The fact that I married a big kid...
Though he drives me cray cray 50% of the time, I seriously pink puffy heart this guy! :)
New (& might I add "fabulously sarcastic & witty") bloggers like Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants
(Foreal though...where have you been all my life? I blame Katie for not introducing us sooner...)
Plumbing going on in the Howard Humble Abode &
knowing I'm close enough to stop by ERRDAY on my lunch break!
 These poor construction guys...I hope they're prepared to have their pictures taken on a daily basis!
Yep. Random.
Told ya.
What's currently rockin' your world?!


  1. Whats rockin' my world?! This post! Seriously it's so cute!!! I love it sll And that baby picture is adorable!!! :-)

  2. That baby picture makes me wanna have a babes like now. I love Whitney too. She is like fantabulous.

  3. the baby in the sunglasses rocks my world every time I see it on pinterest. SO stinking cute!
    Woohoo your house is moving right along!!

  4. The most perfect family picture. LOVE that!

  5. I have no baby fever, or engagement fever, or husband fever, or any fever... but you would never know that with my Pinterest boards!!
    And yayayy on your new home and the progress it's making!!

  6. love the baby picture awesome...

    you totally have every right to stalk the new house, actually they should be lucky you aren't keeping tracks of break times!!


  7. HEY!!!!!!!!

    I'll go ahead and say...those pumpkin muffins I discovered first. I can mail you some along with anthrax since we know TX won't be feeling like fall anytime soon. OOOOH

    PS-Love you and that first pic is adorable!!!

  8. **pancakes I mean. HAHAAHAH You got it wrong on your link too! you put muffins. you are so distracting! ;)

  9. STEPH! Have you met your neighbors yet!?


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