September 26, 2012

I Believe

{Linking up with Erin from last week. Sorry for being an entire week tardy...I only had to announce a very special engagement the day Erin originally posted this link up!}

Anywho...let's get this party started.

I believe in a thing called love {just listen to the rhythm of my heart}

Ok kidding. I mean, I do believe in a thing called love but I didn't really intend on starting this post out with the chorus to a rock song...

Ok really this time...

I believe every girl should wear their wedding dress as many times possible. 
{& jump on the bed in it}

I believe meeting best friends via blogging is
one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me.
Love love LOVE these girls. {Katie & Shalyn}

I believe the most perfect pair of cowgirl boots can change your life.

I believe sunsets, rainbows and babies are God's little ways
of showing us how beautiful this world really is.
I believe in cheap wine.

I believe in laughing until you cry.
I believe in good, quality girl time {preferably on a regular basis and the type that includes wine}.

I believe in using way too many smiley faces in work emails
and every emoticon possible in text messages.

I believe in getting excited over the little things, like good hair days,
happy mail days and a fresh manicure.

I believe trips to the country do the body good.

I believe in helping others get what they want in life.

I believe Duck Dynasty was created specifically for Beau and I. {God bless the rednecks!}
Screw Real Housewives of Whatever City...seriously...Si...I love you.
I believe vacation is good for the soul.

I believe a little bit of zebra, a lot a bit of bling and
a big ol' poofy pony can totally turn your day around.

I believe Saturday morning coffee with Beau is my favorite part of the week.
I believe Texas is {& always WILL be} the best state in the country
and people from the South are as good as they get.
I believe in angels.
God, I miss that face.

What do YOU believe in??!!


  1. I believe your post inspired me to put on my wedding dress and prance around my house. Thank you for that. It was a perfect way to start my day off!


  2. You had me at cheap wine and Duck Dynasty. Uncle Si makes me happy, happy, happy!

  3. Cheap wine makes me happy - and zebra and pony tails make me giddy and I don't know if I'm just hormonal or what but the angels part made me tear up.

    PS if I had a wedding dress, you better believe I'd post pics of me jumping on the bed in it like daily.

  4. I agree, Texas really is the best state :-)

  5. I believe...that we could be really great friends! I love all these things!

    I'm Texas bound Friday!!!!!!!

  6. I believe that our husbands would be the best of friends!!! I don't have a husband Oct-Jan due to hunting season! We are possibly planning a trip to Texas so Dean can experience hunting in the longhorn state!

  7. I believe this is my 2nd time visiting your blog today and that you used the most hid pic of me. But alas I'm still thankful for your zebra cowboy boot lovin' arse.

  8. Kendol and I are trying to do a Tour of Texas. I want to to Honkey Tonkin!!!

  9. Cheap Wine? Well, shoot that's my favorite kind girl! :) I love this post!

  10. I believe in your hair... it always looks awesome!

  11. Cheap wine is a favorite around here too :)

    (new blogger new follower!)

  12. aw i love the last one the best...

  13. you and Beau are just so darn good looking! seriously!!! And aren't the new emojis awesome? I believe in computer gods...yesterday spilled a whole cup of water on my laptop and IT thought it was fried but it works!!

  14. ummm i was smiling this whole post; until the very last one, then you made me cry. thank goodness i have to makeup on!
    i believe in jumping on a bed period.
    and that your hair always looks amazing

  15. This is toooo damn cute!! Love the pic of you jumping on the bed in your wedding dress!

  16. I believe in everything in this post! I mostly believe you need to come to florida and do my hair. I'll provide the cheap wine.

  17. I love your love for boots! We have that in common! Also our love for the South!

  18. you are too dang adorable!!!
    && i LOVE the zebra dress..i totally agree i believe in that too!!!

  19. Those all excellent things to believe in!!! Great post!!

  20. We love Duck Dynasty! haha What a great show. I think the best part so far was when the grandad showed the little granddaughters how to de-bone a fish and the one girl looked up and asked for a grilled cheese sandwich instead.

  21. Oh my, Duck Dynasty (hey). I love those rednecks! (hey) and Si hahaha

  22. Absolutely LOVE this post! :) So SWEET! <3


  23. aw love this. And you got me with your last one :) very sweet!

  24. This post is as adorable as you are! I love bloggy friends too!!! It's an amazing thing (and I haven't even gotten the chance to meet most of them!)

  25. I believe we are meant to be friends. Wedding dress jumping on the bed = Check! Too many emoticons in text = double check! And Texas being the best state in the country = AMEN.

    Loved your post!

  26. BEST POST EVER. I love that my WTF flan text message made it on the blog lol. YES!!! I love you to the moon and back. Btw, you're finally on the blog today girlfrannnn!!!! You just made my day though. MUAH MUAH MUAH

  27. LOVE this! I totally agree...especially on the quality girl time (with wine!) and trips to the country. SO good for the soul. I might have to do one of these posts...

  28. LOVING your beliefs. So great :) I agree on so many of them!

  29. Girl, you KNOW cowboy boots. I would love to know where you get yours. They're too cute!

  30. great list! i agree with nearly all of them!!

  31. Love this! Whenever I get married, I have a feeling I'll want to wear my dress multiple times after. And thanks to you I feel like that is totally acceptable! :)


  32. I love this post! Is that your Dad? Made me cry thinking about my Dad! ;-)



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