December 6, 2010

A Christmas-kind-of-weekend!

Well...apparently the first weekend in December is the perfect time for Christmas parties because I appeared to have two!!

Our office Christmas party was Friday afternoon at Dr. Hotze's beautiful home! ((We are so thankful he is nice enough to allow all of us in his cozy house annnndd have it catered by Tony's....umm...yummmm!!)) It was almost EIGHTY DEGREES outside so it was a little hard getting into the Christmas spirit but everyone had a great time!

Vitamin girls!
Cathleen, Lauren & Me
Me & Monica
El presidente & the most generous, loving person eveerrrr
&& yes...his backyard is a putting green-hence the flags.Font sizeDr. Hotze's library Oh-and I had a really cute pic of me, Lauren and my favvvvorite PR girls but due to my lack of "properness" I am unable to post it. Sawwwy!

[insert unproper picture here]

We stayed until-oh, about the time Lauren decided to fall down the stairs, spill her wine and make us look like but really...we stayed til about 5 and then a few of us girls hit up The Tasting Room for a couple glasses bottles of vino!

Saturday was the "Columbus Christmas Dance". For any of you not from Texas (ah-hem...all you Bluegrass girls) Columbus is about an hour west of Houston. It's maayyyybe 3 exits in size, the population is something around 3,000 and oh ma wurrd everyone tawlks lakk thies. Beau's cousins live in Columbus so every year they invite us out for the "Christmas Dance". By no means were we in cocktail dresses and's a flat out wear your boots-bring your own ice chest-hoe-down...annnnd we had a blast! (well...I did anyways...)

Bill & Mom Motha goose! father, like son...
Those Whitley girls!
Marsha, Aunt Frances & Aunt Maeleen

Natalie & Beau's cousin J.W.
((expecting their little one on any given day
but still shakin' her tailfeather!))

Attempting to teach Ric the Cupid Shuffle.
ok-really. Who doesn't love that dance...still!!??

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Happy Monday!!


  1. your description of Columbus cracks me up! Small towns are always the best! Looks like you had a fun weekend!

  2. Looks like you had a great week. I also love your blue shirt, very cute. & it's snowing were I am and feels like 16 degrees with the windchill, so 80 degrees is sounding pretty nice right about now!


  3. Ahhh, Christmas parties are my favorite!! Looks like a good time all around:)

  4. That Columbus dance looks like a ton of fun! I've never been to anything like that.


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