December 9, 2010

No shame in my game.

Don't judge me. I expect nothing more than sweet comments telling me how monotone and boring wonderful and peppy I look/sound in this video.

This was sent out in an email blast to all of our patients. about embarrassing...but we had so much stupid fun making it so I don't care what anyone says!

On a side note...I had this really cute little twirl thing for the "one month of energy" part but they made me re-do it so that's why it's boring. Poop.

If you can't laugh at yourself, then how can you laugh at anybody else? ;)

P.S.-we have a wager with our CFO that it WILL get 5,000 hits by day 12. Please feel free to view it MULTIPLE TIMES...hint hint...


  1. Hah! How cute are you guys? I love it. My office is boring. We don't do anything. This is adorable.

    FYI: If you want to get a ton of hits, you should tweet the link. ;)

  2. That video is so cute.

    I wrote about you on my blog today. Go check it out (:


  3. Bahaha!!! Soo cute. I want those antlers!!!


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