December 2, 2010

A day in the life of.....

...a vitamin consultant!
((inspiration via Dana & PinkLouLou!!))

It's always interesting seeing where other people work and what better way to do it than through pictures!? I mean, we spend at least half our lives at work so you could could honestly call it your second home and you wouldn't be lying.

Soooo....WELCOME! to my home-away-from-home....

If there's one person on this earth who is just. like.'s Lauren!
This is her big debut! She's an avid blog reader and I wouldn't be lying if I said she reads all of YOUR blogs so give her a warm welcome!!

Ok so there is far too much crap in this basket to have all the cutesy pink arrows so here's what your lookin' at (and also what's hiding underneath it all):

a. Plethora of Larabar' lifeline
b. 2 Nanners
c. Emergency can of nom nom
d. Protein powder & vanilla almond granola for my mid-day Greek yogurt snack
e. Mini brush for "recess hair" (you know what I'm talking about...the "I had to run errands/go to the gym/got caught in the rain" hairstyle...)
f. Travel bottle of clean hair...I mean, baby powder
g. Mini Dove deodorant for lunch break workouts (good girl!)
h. Almond butter=instant protein
i. Sugar water...aka powdered cappuccino
j. Starbuck's green tea to kick that caffeine headache without having coffee

I'm confident there's more junk in there like possibly some foundation, maybe some almonds and even a bobby pin or two but I think you've got the jist of it!

We have a pretty conservative/fancy office and my desk is in a storefront so I've definitely had to work with what I've got so to say the least, when you walk past my desk you know it's mine! ;)

Show it off!! What does your cube/desk/office look like?!


  1. Hah! It would take me 3yrs to show everything at my desk. This is totally cute though.

    HI LAUREN!! Lauren should totally blog too - we'd read it.

    P.S - How'd you label the pics? In Photoshop? I really have to get out of the 1800's & learn that dang program already.

  2. I don't have Photoshop...I actually did it ALL in Microsoft Publisher with little text boxes. You can totally do it!!

  3. Hello, new follower! Cute post, and I am in love with those chairs, really is the cutest chair I have ever seen!



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