December 16, 2010

Where does IT go?!

"It" being TIME.

In exactly 4 months from today [yes, FOUR] ,this sweet boy will make me the happiest girl in the world. (Well, he already has but I will finally officially be his wife!)
A phone call that took place this morning:
(circa 7am)

Me: Good morning, bug!
Beau (half-awake/half asleep): Hi.
Me: Guess what?
Beau: uh?
Me: In exactly four months you will be my husband!
Beau (still half-awake/half asleep): Thank you.
Me: Sure! Anytime?!

Our 14 month engagement has gone by within the blink of an eye which has really been bittersweet. I'm more than thrilled about the fact that we're on the home stretch of our engagement but I have thoroughly enjoyed planning the day when we will become Mr. & Mrs. Howard.

Please don't be surprised if I go through some type of wedding withdrawal after the fact so as for my friends, they should probably prepare themselves now. If I get bored I could quite possibly get the itch to procreate which is not good. Not now anyways because then I would have to blog about poopy diapers and runny noses and well, I'm just not ready for that. In saying this, I will need a wedding to plan come May 2011...ahem-Ashley?!..Lauren?!...Julie?! Just sayin'...

And Beau-I love you so terribly much and cannot wait to be your wife!

P.S.- husband is so not a fancy name like "fiance"...thoughts on what to call the future husband? I need to be prepared for the day I say "I do"!


  1. what a sweet post! congrats you 2! :)

    love the phone conversation! haha love how us girls are always the chipper ones in the AM and the guys are half asleep mumbling! <3


  2. Aww how sweet!! I honestly can't believe time has gone by so quickly from when I first started reading your blog and now you are only 4 months away from being married!!
    Oh and don't worry, I fully plan on being engaged by AT LEAST May 2011! You can live through me and help me with the million questions I will have!

  3. how am I NOT on the wedding planning list??? I have 2 prospects which I believe makes me worthy of a name drop!! ha! double the chances, double the fun!!

    PS I can totally see Beau saying Thank You!! Oh and I saw him on my lunch break today in the Galleria! Instead of saying hi, he said "Dont you have a job???" hahaha! I was like YES and I have lunch breaks too!

  4. Aw!!! The engagement period really does fly by! It will be here before you know it girl!

  5. Time really does fly! That's so exciting only 4 more months! It'll be here before you know it! :)

  6. Seriously, it will be over and done before you know it!! And while it is SO nice to finally be husband and wife, it's a little bit sad, too! The engagement part is so exciting!! Enjoy every moment!! Congrats!!

  7. Yay for 4 months...the closer it gets, the faster it all goes by. And once you are hitched, the time just flies..seriously, it feels like we got married just a few weeks ago, but its almost Christmas. F'real!! But enjoy every minute of it (and I'm sure you've been told that hundreds and hundreds of time:)


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