December 21, 2010

What I've been working on...

...a blog post for my company as a "real person" rather than writing as a "company".

And since I get this question all the time in my personal and work life, here are my answers!


  1. Wow! That is a LOT of vitamins! I had no idea you could take so many! I know for a fact I don't get even half of my daily necessary vitamins from food so I'm sure an extra supplement would help! As for vitamin C, I thought my 1,00 mg was a lot! I'm going to totally up my dose now. LOL!

  2. Oh I forgot to mention, magnesium citrate, that doesn't make you go "number 2" a lot?! I know in the ER world, when patients come in saying they are constipated we give them mag. citrate to drink and BAM!! CURED! LOL!

  3. I probably should have put a disclaimer on there that both Vitamin C and Magnesium can cause a laxative affect so they're best taken at small amounts at first and then youc can your way up to a higher dose. :)


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