December 17, 2010

Like mother, like daugter.

Apparently, idiocy is hereditary and I have proof:
Please disregard this horrible excuse of a photo
...mother's blackberry...ugh

Back to my point...I received this photo yesterday in an email from mom titled "Something to make you laugh"

To no surprise, a photo of her wearing two different shoes at work. I have no words you know where I get it from...

I must give her some credit-they are pretty similar so I can see how this would happen.

[Please laugh at her.]

For another hysterical "mom" moment, see this post.

Love you, mom!
Thanks for the great genes!

Happy Friday luvahs!


  1. If only your mom was blonde it would be perfect!

  2. hahah your poor mama! she did do good with almost matching though! :)

    xoxo have a great weekend girl!

  3. Those shoes are WAY similar! Totally something I'd end up doing!!

  4. Hahaha, way to go mom!! They really are SO similar though. Maybe we will let her slide!

  5. Oh lordy, that is so something I would do too! That picture is a riot!


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