December 14, 2010

Save money? Pssshhh...

Sure living at home has been extremely beneficial for my bank account but I’m on the verge of bill hell all over again starting in January. Luckily, I won’t be at it alone since Beau will be my partner in crime but let’s be honest, bills suck. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed not having to pay rent, electric, cable, internet and water bills…so much so that I have totally gotten out of the habit of paying bills and accidentally forgot to pay my credit card bill for the first time. Oopsy! Oh well…

After 5 years, count them FIVE, I cannot even begin to tell you how extremely excited I am to finally live with my best friend. I went through the whole “why can’t we just live together” stage like 2 years ago when "everyone else was doing it" and he batted it off every time saying how much better it would be if we waited until we were married. I hate to say it but boy, was he right. I am SO excited that I’ve even compromised enough to do this crazy house-jumping/home-tending thingy…which is so totally not me but if it means I get to have a slumber party with Beau every night I’m more than okay with it!

Any who, with Christmas right around the corner, literally, and us moving in together in the middle of January I’ve really had to start thinking outside the box as far as saving so I've come up with a new idea...

The theory: no shopping during the week. That means NO lunch break runs to Target, TJMaxx,Ulta and/or Hobby Lobby. No late night mall runs after the gym. No pit stops at JCPenney on my way home from work. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. (Well, technically I could go but I just wouldn't be able to spend any money.)

Exceptions: gas, groceries and maybe even vodka but THAT’S IT!

My reasoning: If I find something during the week that I really like/want/think I need even though I know I really don’t, I’ll go back and purchase it during the weekend. If I forget about it over the weekend, chances are I didn’t need it that badly anyways…right?!

I’ve just recently incorporated this theory (which is why you’ve seen me on blogger more since I’m not shopping on my lunch breaks anymore) so I really don’t know my success rate just yet but I CAN tell you that it feels so incredibly good to get off work on Friday afternoon knowing that I have not spent a dime all week! It leaves me with some sense of accomplishment and the slightest feeling of will power. But not just that…it leaves the weekend wide open for spending! Can I get an amen?

So rest easy, credit cards. I look forward to spending some quality time with you over the weekend!

What's worked for you as far as saving money?! I need to know these things!
(The fiance is a financial adviser so I need to thoroughly impress him with new ideas to save us money!)


  1. you should totally start coupon clipping. i'm a grad student living on loans and it has helped save me hundreds of dollars on groceries, meds, toiletries, etc! i post every once in a while about my savings, but if you really want to learn go to the coupon tutorials on! that's what got me started :)

  2. i'm really bad about saving money too. but this sounds like a good idea about the not spending during the week. i'll have to try that.

  3. Great theory. I have really been trying to work on managing my money and I should probably develop some sort of plan as well. Goodluck!


  4. Good theory. We just started saving since we are done Christmas shopping now. We are saving for those little extra perks for our wedding and moving into a bigger house. We already live together, so we have the great experience of electric, water, phone, tv, internet, car payment, bills ect. NOT FUN :/

  5. I second the coupon clipping. I introduced it to Alex and he was amazed at how much we would save at the grocery store!

  6. Hiii! First of all, you crack me up and I LOVE your blog! :) Secondly, I love the Christmas card I recently got in the mail! Thank you to you and Beau! Third of all, I don't have your email, but I want it. LOL. I have some questions for you on vitamins and your work. :) Gracias!

    Love, Ingrid

  7. I think your plan sounds good, just don't go crazy on the weekends! Haha! We have been doing good lately, up until Christmas that is!! Love your cute blog!!


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