October 3, 2011

My fat pictures + a headband bandit

Happy Monday girls!

Today I'm over at a fellow Houston Blogger's blog today, J-Fit, doing a little guest post while she's out and about in Colorado. First Kristen in Brazil now Jamie in Colorado??

I think I need another vacay, huh?!
....jus' kiddin'...I know...I JUST got back from Hawaii!

Anywho-I'm over there talking about diet and weight loss and I even admit my own...wait for it...pre-diet weight (gasp!)

I know y'all are nosey...so creep on over to J-Fit and see what my scale said a little over a year ago!

Oh-& because this is too funny to NOT post.

Here I am just walking home from the bar this past Saturday when a tree branch jacked me for my headband. Not kidding....took it clean off my head!



  1. Let me just say...those are NOT "fat pictures"...but I know your current bod is the kind we all wish to have! haha :)

  2. hahaha i lol'ed when i sasw this twit pic . you are too cute!

    im going to go read your guest post RIGHT NOW!!!!

  3. Oh man girl....I dont know how you do it!

    that pic is too funny!

  4. My darling stephanie, you just have too much personality! Had a blast with you last weekend. Thanks for draggin me along! Love, MOM


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