October 7, 2011

Miss to Mrs: THE Girls

April 16, 2011
Venue: Northwest Forest - Cypress, TX

Our venue was on a 150 acre property in Cypress. Everything was on site: hotels, caterer, cakes, ceremony site, reception hall, etc. Best. Idea. Ever.

The night before, the boys got rooms in a hotel completely across property and us girls got rooms closer to where we had to get ready the next day. I will never forget the way I felt the morning of our wedding. I definitely had an extra pep in my step! I woke up next to all my closest girls: my sister-in-law (Julie), maid of honor (Julie) and my longest known friend (Angelica). We couldn't fit ALL 8 of us in one hotel room so Brooke, Ashley and Destiny were in the room across the hall and Kristen was on her way early that morning. We loaded up all the stuff onto carts and trekked it across property to the bridal house!

The bridal house was a little house tucked away on property reserved just for us girls the day of the wedding. There were 2 full size rooms, 2 bathrooms and even a little kitchen and porch...the cutest place for a bride and her girls to spend the day together! I could not have asked for better weather that day. Mid 80's and sunshiney. It was the perfect day to be a bride!

That morning, my Aunts Pam & Monica threw me thee cutest little bridal brunch. It was no shocker that they would absolutely deck the place out. ;)
(no makeup = sunglasses)

This was actually something I had written on my blog exactly one month before the wedding. I had originally written "One month from today will be the day I've dreamed of since I was a little girl" so on and so on...just something I thought was appropriate to write with only one month to go. Well...little did I know my sweet, sweet Aunt Monica found it on my blog, changed it to read "Today will be the day I've dreamed of since I was little girl" (followed with the rest of what I had written in the original one) and had it printed and framed for me. I pretty much lost it when I saw this. (To figure out what the hay I'm talkin' about, go here.)
Not that I'm biased or anything but tell me that's not THE cutest night light you ever did see?!


It wasn't long before our hairstylist arrived so we all piled in the bathroom one by one so Meagan could work her magic.Chick was le-git. You'll see.

No make-up. You're welcome.

My turn! (for hair...clearly not make-up)

Our make-up artist, Brian Champagne, arrived shortly
after and started beautifying us all!
(Who wouldn't want the last name "Champagne"???)

Check out that hair. Holy extensions.

Brooke, Mom, Kristen

Love this shot of her ;)

Brooke, Destiny, Julie (SIL)

I know...I was the bride...but these "Bridesmaid" socks that Destiny gave us at her wedding are my ABSOLUTE fave...I refused to wear anything BUT... (Note:I wore cowboy boots under my dress so socks were necessary.)
Daddy's wedding band was my something "old"

Julie, Ashley, Destiny, Brooke, Julie, Kristen, Angelica
(& obvi...that's me in the white)
Time to get in that dress!!

...aaaaaand ACTION!

Love that you can see Beau's wedding band on Julie's (MOH) finger ;)

Everything I had ever imagined...

Oh-& my little Katie was hungover from the rehearsal dinner the night before. She had it coming out both ends and wasn't able to get in that last group shot so here's one of just the two of us.

Hungover and all...isn't she just gorgeous?!
What? You didn't know she flew all the way in from Ohio to be in my wedding. ;)
Before we knew it, it was time to go!

Although this entire day flew by...I was shocked (SHOCKED!) by how completely calm I was during the whole process. I swear my mom thought I had popped a Xanax. (Well...except for when I walked over to the reception venue and saw the wrong centerpieces and a sweetheart table rather than a big head table like we had requested. Fortunately, they fixed it asap and all was right in the world again.) It's pretty out of the ordinary for me to be so chill but when you're so happy and beyond excited to see your groom, you just take the day as it comes. Everyone told me that the wedding day would go by faster than fast so I knew it was extremely important to cherish every little second.
I can honestly say I loved every. single. minute.
Next up...the "I do's!"


  1. I love this post!! The pictures are gorgeous! That is so sweet what your aunt did for you!!

  2. absolutely loving your recaps! And you were one stunning bride!

    You think your hair & makeup artists would travel to Dallas?! They did a phenomenal job on you and your girls

  3. THE girls does not include myself Stephanie. geesh. jk :) I WISH I could've been there!

    You are gorgey with or without makeup. especially on the toilet.

    Keepin' it classy :) Your aunt is so sweet!!

  4. You look beautiful! Your dress is gorgeous! :) and the socks are so fun!! :) I think it's so funny how we both did Hawaii recaps at the same time and now we're both doing wedding recaps! LOVE!

  5. WOW you look absolutely gorgeous and I'm in LOVE with the socks!! You had my exact "dream wedding" look, bridesmaids dresses and all! xoxo

  6. Oh wow, I LOVE this!!! It's making me even more excited for my day than I already am! And I won't lie, I teared up. Don't ask why...apparently I tear up at anything wedding related now, it's my new thing.

    That is such a cute pic of you and Katie. So nice of her to make the trip...you should definitely frame that one. :)

  7. I love your dress beautiful and the colour for your bridesmaids stunning!

  8. YAY I love this post! That house is adorable, and the venue sounds amazing! Your dress is gorgeous. I love that you wore your dads ring as something old!

  9. oh my god...really with that little cabin/house? SO CUTE!!

    steph you looked gorgeous on your wedding day!! I just love everything about it! :-)


  10. LOVED your hair! And those socks! :) Your aunt had such an awesome idea! Hope someone does something like that for me one day! Love reading your blog!

  11. You are so so pretty! When I first saw that picture of you and "Katie" I was like..."That girl looks familiar..but there is something wrong with this picture." I looked closer and had a duh moment ;) Why are you standing on a sutcase in that one picture? haha

  12. LOVING your recaps! It's beautiful in every way!

    {Poor Katie!}

  13. I love wedding pictures. You looked gorgeous. I got married this past June and dressed my girls in pink. I also had hair extensions :)

  14. Your dress is BEAUTIFUL!! And you look gorgeous. Congratulations!!

  15. I love SO many things about this post - your dress, your hair, the boots, the venue, the NIGHTLIGHT! It appears your get ready process was sweet and memorable! Thanks for sharing!

  16. You are GORGEOUS!! I seriously love those bridesmaid socks, too!! They are adorable!!

  17. Loving these recaps (even though I haven't been commenting much - sorry)!! You are absolutely stunning, makeup or not. And those socks are adorable!

  18. Beautiful pictures!! I cannot wait to get ready with my girls!! I love their pink robes! Such a great idea!

  19. Oh wow I love your pictures...too awesome and I LOVE the socks...how cute. I want a do-over on my getting ready morning!

  20. OMG! I love this! So cute!! And that picture of you and Katie cracks me up. HAHA

  21. I love that you wore your Dad's ring pinned to your socks... almost like a little secret only you knew about. Also, you're WAY better at photoshop than me. LOL

  22. I love that you wore your Dad's ring pinned to your socks... almost like a little secret only you knew about. Also, you're WAY better at photoshop than me. LOL

  23. ahhhhhh you were SO gorgeous!!! I mean, you still ARE gorgeous, but just in these pictures, wow!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that you wore cowboy boots under your dress. LOVE. I swear, if I could do my wedding all over again I would do the exact same thing. Loved this pictures!!!


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