October 6, 2011

Miss to Mrs: The Guys

While the girls were primpin' away in the bridal house, the
boys were off doing, uh, "manly" things.

Liiiikkeee...drinkin' beer...eating wings...
 ...and shooting things.
...rough life, right...

After lunch, they arrived back at the venue to get all groomified!

Meet our handsome men! 

Groom, Groomsmen & Ushers
 James, Jared, Brian, Scott, J.W., Jon, Beau, Chris, Ben, Brian, Mark, Irvin
Can you believe ALLL of them are taken except the two on the far right?? 
Sawwy ladies.

Groom & Groomsmen:
Chris, Ben, Jon, Beau, Brian, Scott, Brian, J.W.

Groom & Ushers 
Irvin, Mark, Beau, James, Jared

I wouldn't expect anything different from these boys...
Always so much fun!We were blessed to have them be a part of our big day! :)
My handsome, handsome groom
(Guess who surprised him with that pimpin' truck?)  ;)
Ready to go!

...you know what's next.

All the girls. Sans makeup.

You know you don't want to miss that...


  1. Best looking groom I have ever seen.

  2. What handsome men!! :) I love that they went out first, then came back to get ready!! Fun!!

  3. Handsome Groom! I'm super excited to read YOUR re-CAPS! :)


  4. LOVE that beau commented on this post! too funny :)

  5. what handsome fellas!!!! :)

  6. So cute! I can't wait to see the girl pictures!

  7. So cute! The guys always seem to get the easy & fun way out ;) I can't wait for the girls photos!!


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