October 25, 2011

Guilty of...

...not dressing up for Halloween this year. :*(

 *yours truly circa 1990

...leaving Beau sweet little love notes around the house.

...paintin' the nails instead of watching Beau rock his mad softball skills.
bad wife
...being super jeals about this one...
 and this one...
going to visit this one...
...participating in wayyyy to much online shopping.
(refer to the shopping splurge from yesterday's post & add these to the list...)
stockings via etsy

iphone case via zazzle

 ...surrounding myself with friends who pass out at football games.
Classy, I tell ya.

...secretly wishing I had something to wear these with.
  Kidding, people. 
...being off this Friday. 
Hells yeahs.


  1. That iphone case is ADORABLE!! And the little love note and fishnets are too funny!

  2. I love leaving my husband notes too! Your ring is gorgeous lady and I love the Iphone cover!! Have a great night!


  3. Haha I love this post! I love the note it is soo funny! and the picture of you for Halloween way back. Also, that iphone case is adorable!! I love love love it.


  4. hahaha assless tights. i just love you

    and i love that iphone case..currently goin to do something similar. Kurt has a credit card with our pic on it #SoRomantic ;-)

    im also jealous of that meetup


  5. HAHAHA! Those tights are funny!! I'm sure Beau would love those! And those stockings are great!!

  6. Haha you crack me up!!!
    And I'm off Friday too..cuz its Nevada day ;))

  7. ha love it. that iphone case in the best! And yes Beau would adore those tights - too funny!

  8. LOVE all of your recent purchases! Yay for no work on Friday!

  9. ummmm those stockings? I don't really think you're *supposed* to wear anything with those...hence the model (who, could she not, use a freakin tan?!)

  10. Those tights are well, un interesting! (it is halloween I guess, haha) and the models butt looks frumpy too (maybe it's the glare from the light?)

    love your iphone case cover!!

  11. You were too cute circa 1990. Love your purchases and that you painted your nails at the softball game. Totes something that I would do.

  12. I have no idea what I'm wearing either or even if I am dressing up :(

  13. That iPhone case is absolutely brilliant and gorgeous!! :)

  14. I love the iPhone case!!!! Such a good idea to put a wedding picture on it! I may have to do the same if you don't mind!!!

  15. I ordered the SAME stockings. I loved them, I'm obsessed with burlap.

    I usually leave notes for Aaron however they aren't as comical. Love it.

  16. how could I forget the fishnets?
    I sell Pure Romance and can definitely get you some if you wanted it THAT back. haha! :)

  17. so many things to comment on here... LOVE that cell phone cover ... so stinkin cute!!

    those buttless hose are hilarious ..

    I am really hoping to meet up ths weekend with all those lovely bloggers you mentioned :)

    and those stocking are adorbs!

    have a good day girl!

  18. AND THIS is why we are new best friends hahaha I SWEAR!! I am cracking up! Don't be jealous honey-buns we IS GOING TO NAPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. OMG! Your note. Love it! I want those stockings... and that phone case! Those stockings crack me up! HAHA

  20. You kill me :) And I cannot wait to do my post about our halloween outfits. you're not ready.

  21. Love the picture you picked for your iphone case!

  22. kidding people
    Beau wishes

    HAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg you would be my hero FOR LIFE if you ever wore those.

    LOVE your iphone case.

    and I too am guilty of not dressing up this year. At least I don't think I am. Maybe I will?

    who knows. depends on how much alcohol I drink that day and what utensils are laying around.

  23. HAhahaha you need to find a reason to wear those! SO HILARIOUS.

    Also, that note is cracking me up, leave it to a boy to write that!

  24. HAHAHA those assless chaps are HOTNESS. I'm also jealous of this blogger meet up! Oh wait, they are coming HERE. WAHOOOO. Ok ok for real..like Jess said, NAPLES is happening! let's do this. asap. I'm thinking jan or feb? whadda say? I would love all girls but then what about Beau and Billy not meeting? that would depress both of them I think...


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