October 20, 2011

Raise Your Hand

If you're not on Pinterest by now, we can't be friends.
If you are, you'll understand this post more than you probably want to and (shameless plug) you should be following me...

I try to limit myself to the amount of time spent on Pinterest. I really do.

It's like crack. Times 10.

Scratch that. Times 5,486.

But you already know this...

I have reached the point by now and am fully aware that my addiction with pinning & repinning random photos via the WWW is out-of-freaking-control, but I also commend Pinterest for my discovering of many, many other things about myself.

1. I have absolutely no fashion sense. Like, none.  
I'd like some. But I'm not brave enough to pull of ANY of the crap
I have pinned to my "fashion board".

Hence the name "Non-Fashion Fashion Board"...

I'd eat my shit in these:

Wouldn't even know where to find these...

  And you will never, let me repeat it...NEVER see me carry a purse that small.

2. My dream about one day being a photographer is growing rather quickly...
even though the only camera to my name is an underwater point and shoot...

3. Although I've always wanted little boys (one day...), I can't help but want to steal these little baby girls and keep them all for myself...



& bows...

We're in trouble...

4. If it's personalized...I'll take 3.
If anyone wants to purchase these for me I wouldn't totally hate it.

5. This is NOT news to y'all but I'm still obsessed with weddings...

From the proposal...

To the dress...

To the cakes...

...and the flowers.
Obsessed...is an understatement.
Thank GOD most of my girlfriends aren't married yet...

And last...

6. I've turned into a big fat DIY-er...

Dry Erase Board

Sock Bun Curls
  Wine Cork Hangy Thing
  Wedding Invitation in an Ornanment
(Fave so far!)
Duct Tape Label Water Bottles

& yes.

I realize ALL of these are as simple as they come and I'm not quite sure if you could even legitimately call these projects "DIY" but hey, it's 100% more DIY than I've done before.  You will not, however, see me refinishing furniture or making a scarf out of a t-shirt (although I wish I had the patience to do both).
P to the S-Raise your hand if you agree that if it weren't for Pinterest, Blogger OR Twitter...your credit card bill would not be haunting you like it currently is??


  1. 1. I love this and pinterest..just started following!
    2. The ornament is adorable!
    3. Your picture frame menu thing is sooooo cute!
    4. We could be best friends! I am not dating AT ALL when it comes to clothes!

  2. I love all your DIY's!! You did a great job!
    And I agree wholeheartedly about all the social media and how it encourages you to spend $$ - so frustrating!

  3. I'm in the same "fashion dreamer" category. TFS the fun photos and inspiration :)

  4. I 100% believe that pinterest is crack. It's true. I am so addicted as well. Just started following all your boards : ) Love your DIY!

  5. great pictures... love the proposal one and the tot in heels:) and great job on all those pinterest projects! ive been meaning to do the invitation ornament thingy for quite awhile now, ill prcrastinate until the day before christmas ;)

  6. phew I am really glad I just signed up for Pinterest last night!

    Im hoping that I'll get so obsessed with twitter, I'll stop snacking late at night. One addiction x's out another right? hehe

    those little girls are too freaking cute! Love it

  7. I need some Pinterest rehab! It's just so addicting and makes me want to spend so much money!

    p.s. I spy the top of my man, Tim Tebow, on your pinterest there!

  8. I found the sock bun curls AFTER I chopped my hair, grrrrrr. Cant wait for it to get longer so I can try this :)

  9. i got a monogram necklace like 2 christmas' ago for myself as a gift. i think the one i got was maybe $180...which isn't that bad i don't think.

    maxandchloe.com :)

  10. Hand is RAISED.
    Spin it around like a helicopter {petey pablo style}

    I'm a pinning fool! I really want to do that wine cork letter you did..I keep forgetting about it though. Maybe this weekend! Did you buy the corks? Surely you didn't drink that much wine in like a month, right? or maybe you did...

    Check my post today for some boots. you need them.

  11. I'm a pinning-addict!

    Let's face it, the things I pin in my "HOME" board... We could NEVER afford! E.V.E.R!!! I finally changed the title of my board to "My Pinterest Home" because lets face it, some of those kitchens are freaking to.DIE.for!!!!!

    I love your DIY projects. I too have done the ornament & a few other things from Pinterest! Maybe it calls for a post.. soon.

    You're awesome Steph!

  12. Hand is raised HIGH!!! I shop more than I ever have... and I already shopped too much.. Must stop getting new ideas ha.

  13. Following you!

    While of course I was getting my "crack" for today too :)

  14. I'm obsessed with Pinterest too! And I'm in LOVE with those heels you found! I would kill to have a pair of those babies!!
    Have a great day!! :)

  15. I'm now following you!!! I also think that website is addicting!!

  16. Please don't hate me but I just cannot get addicted. I'm on Pinterest, and I think it's super cool...I'm just not an addict. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. :(

    I love those shoes, but I'm with you, I'd be face down in gravel wearing those bad boys.

  17. First of all, I am with you on the LOVE for Pinterest! I don't have much fasion sense either but, I've found that what is on my "My Style" board has really inspired some new cute things in my closet this Fall!

    All of these are are great ideas & you can for sure call yourself a legitimate DIY-er now! :)


  18. I love Pinterest! I'd go over and follow your right now, but I would get stuck pinning for hours. :)

    Those Tory Burch flats are on Nordstrom right now!

  19. I'm jealous that you've actually ACTED on anything you've seen on pinterest. I pin the h-e-doublehickeysticks out of everything I see that I want to do & haven't actually done anything yet! I'm luvvin the wine cork H! Oh & your nail color in that last pic too. :)

  20. I mentioned you on my blog today ;)

  21. so last saturday night i went out for a night of drinking and woke up WICKED early sunday morning...like it was 7 AM. I sat on my computer from 7-11 AM pinning wedding stuff. Im not engaged. It was a problem

    i also find it annoying that EVERY.SINGLE.OUTFIT on that site is adorable and i want all of it. Damn...cant we just win the lotto and become stay at home bloggers and just buy pretty things all day?

    i love those bow heels

    and ps....not condoning you and beau-beau having a baby just yet, BUT...with your love of pink/zebra, your baby is going to be flippin adorable. You have to figure out how zebra can be incorporated into a boys wardrobe..which i know you can..even though u say u have no fashion sense, i find that HARD TO BELIEVE!


  22. I LOVE those first shoes!!!!!

    ...I can't even be beginner level DIY. I just don't have patience... ugh. lol

  23. Both hands are raised!!! I'm an addict!! I too do not have any sense of fashion. My stuff all runs together! Love those Christmas ornaments/ invitations!!

  24. My hands are both raised high! I just started following you on Pinterest. My bank account is currently thinking, not again! :) Love the photography as well!

  25. Already following you, duh!
    Addicted yes..
    DIY-er yess...
    loving the wedding ideas... yes!
    obsessed with the future babies.. of course
    Personalization.. yes please--i want EVERYTHING!


  26. I literally just put on FB that I was addicted to Pinterest...I'll go follow you!

  27. 1--I LOVE your sock bun curls. I have tried but my hair is not really all one length which gave me issues. If you has tips, I needz.

    2--Blogger, twitter, pinterest, and polyvore have all contributed to my growing credit card bill and growing collection of clothes I need to wear/stuff I need to use but can't figure out the right way to make it work on me....yet ;)

    3--Your nails look purdy :)

  28. For real, this post makes me smile. :)

  29. At first I thought pinterest was just okay, now I'm basically obsessed. I can spend more time on there than any other of my usual websites. Not good.
    I love the ornament. And the duct tape bottles.

  30. I LOVE Pinterest and your DIY projects are fab!! I'm inspired!

  31. pinterest is amazing! makes everything looks so much nicer doesn't it!

  32. Love this post! I have always wanted little boys too, but those little girls all dressed up are definitely too cute!


  33. Pinterest is AMAZING...that's all there is to it! :)

  34. those shoes at the top are complete awesomeness!!

  35. It really is amazingly addicting...and makes me wish that I could do everything and have all the time in the world to craft!!

  36. I love all your DIY projects!! :)

  37. I totally do the same thing w the clothes on pinterest... Pretend that I would ever rock any of those outfits. I think everyone does :)


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