October 24, 2011

It all started with a tweet...

(Damn you Meg!!)

Did you just hear angels sing? Because I most definitely did.

My credit card...not so much.

Because less than 10 minutes later, I received this confirmation from Sephora...


And Beau-before you say anything...this could have been WAYYY worse. I could have very easily tossed that Tory Burch bag in my cart from the other website I had open so consider yourself lucky, mister. ;)

...le sigh...

Oh wait-where was I??

Oh yea! At least I saved $60 from Sephora, right?! 
(Women..gotta love our way of thinking!)

To my defense...these are all things I use on a daily basis anyways so hey, go me. PLUS-I did buy TWO Christmas gifts as well. 

I  also had new bottle of perfume in my cart as well but decided I could wait 'til Christmas. Pffft.


The only thing I did splurge on was the Makeup Forever Kabuki Brush...the holy grail of kabuki brushes.

Not kidding.

I've had one for years and used the crap out of it so it's fair to say a new one was in order...hence why I went forth with my purchase. Is it just me or do y'all think $40 for a simple makeup brush is way overpriced? Either way-I consider it to be and is also why I consider this little baby to be a "splurge".

I really did have every intention to NOT buy myself a new one...I even put it on my Christmas list but whether or not Santa would have found his way into Sephora to find this little gem is questionable so I had to take matters up in my own hands.(Yes-this is me still justifying my purchase...)

I've used this brush for like the past like 8 years. (Not really...gross.) But for like the past 4 at least (I clean it, people.) and still...to this day...the little hairs don't break off and stick all over your face after you use it. (Hate it when that happens! Ahem...Bare Minerals...) Anywho-I have not the first clue as to what this little piece of heaven is made out of but the damn thing is so soft you would think you were putting your foundation on with a cloud. A big, white, puffy Cumulus cloud. (Look at me...bein' all scientific.)

Ok-I'll stop rambling about a stupid makeup brush and get to the point.

I don't know what I'm more excited about...
Getting this package of goodness in the mail this week 
(because we all know how much I love getting ANYTHING in the mail)


sharing the link with you all so you, too, can receive a little visit from the Sephora fairy!

Don't forget! You can ONLY use the code once so make sure you get everything your little girlish heart wants! (Or, you could always sign in with a different email address and get a new code sent to you...damn I'm smart...but you didn't hear that from me.)

Oh-and if anyone from Sephora's marketing department is reading this, feel free to toss me a check or a few samples in the mail. Kthnxbye.

Happy shopping & happy Monday, girls!

Ta ta!


  1. Hahaha, love the end note. I want that brush...and all of the makeup...sigh, I can't buy a ton of stuff though, so sad!!!

  2. :) yes!!! i am about to order my stuff!!! :D

  3. I am simultaneously scared and thrilled by this. Thank you (I think?) for sharing the link!!!

  4. LOL to DON's comment. OK, you need to get yourself some e.l.f. brushes. They are amazing and $1 to $3. Like seriously, life changing. Get on it.

  5. evvvvvvvvverytime i gotoo sephora i goo goo ga ga over the kabuki brush. I NEED IT!!! let me know if you love it!

    heading to the site now...wish my wallet some luck


  6. ahhhh i just dropped an easy $100. thank you!

  7. Dang girl, you got some good stuff!!

  8. I am soooo addicted to Sephora. Just like Starbucks. I've got the Gold card and the VIB card. phew! xoxo

  9. SCORE! I just bought a bunch of stuff, but will look for one of those when I need to stock up again.

  10. I don't know if I should feel relieved or really sad that I missed out on this.... I'll go with relieved... with a hint of sad ; )

  11. Going to go use that code :)

  12. I had JUST gotten all new makeup so the friends and family didn't come my way this year :( sad. Looks like you got a lot of stuff, and you can justify it...hey, what woman can't!

    I love hat Kabuki. I use the B.E. one and love it, but I agree $40 is a bit overpriced!

  13. Um ya.. I went to retrieve my coupon and it said my email address has been used?! WTF? weird.. K I'm on a mission to get some new stuff too!

  14. HAHA. I know I can be a makeup enabler. My apologies. But YEAH! You saved $60--- the more you buy, the more you save!! LOL. You crack me up, Steph.

  15. At least you got some good stuff! I see you got a lot of BareMinerals stuff. I absolutely love that foundation you got the the mineral veil...use them everyday!

  16. what is the kabukidiki brush? I use the bare minerals too. I need you to help me make my coverage better..sometimes I feel like it's not enough but I think it's because I don't put enough on or because I need to replace my brushes.

    I had self restraint the other day and said no. I didn't even log on.

  17. Just used mine as well! $150 dollars down the drain, but I did save $50 too!

  18. Girlfrannndd I have a code that I'm TRYING not to use...but I needs it! I gotsta have it! I don't really even have that much on my Sephora Wish List at the current time, but I'm sure if I look around long enough, I can find plenty ;) OH! I never told you but we get to TX on the afternoon of December 10th, game is on the 11th, and we leave on the 12th ;)

  19. The two Christmas gifts definitely justifies the purchase!

    And I did the same thing but at Victoria's Secret and oh boy! That was $400 I SO DID NOT need to spend!

  20. I am so glad that I didn't do this, cause I could've did some serious damage. I recently bought 27 things from e.l.f. Hubby almost freaked out, but when I told him it was under $60, he waa okay. Plus, I always tell hubby, it costs ____, but I saved this _____. He then says, you would've saved _____, if you didn't buy it in the first place lol

  21. reading Meg's blog and twitter is so dangerous!!! haha


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