October 16, 2011

Miss to Mrs: The Party

Northwest Forest 
Settlement House

Sign our guest book, if you would. ;)

Of course our wedding party entered with a bang...
 Black Eyed Peas "I Got A Feelin'"
(aka LONGEST song EVER when you jump around to the entire thing)

 We shared our first dance to "Unconditional" by the one and only, George.

Beau did the infamous first dance dip.

We ate cake.

...and more cake.

We cheersed.

We packed all the necessities in my boots...

I danced with my baby brother to "My Wish".

We cried.

...a lot.

We thanked our friends and family for coming.

We cheersed some more...

...and some more...

We tossed the garter and bouquet.

And finally it was time to party...

...and that's exactly what we did. All. Night. Long.

We sang our little hearts out.

We air-guitared.

We even pretended to be Jewish.

 And before we knew it, it was time for our private dance.

Mark Wills: "I Do"
 (Hands down, best part of the night) :)

We kissed.

A lot.

We had one last big hug.

...And it was time to go!

We marched through bubbles and handed out a couple high fives.

We hopped in the back of the Chevy...

...aaaaannd we were married!

To say this was the best day of my life (so cliche, I know), is an absolute understatement. I'll never forget waking up the next morning, looking at each other and agreeing that it could not have been any more perfect. :)

And that was exactly 6 months ago to-day!! 
(Gah-I can't believe that!)

Happy 1/2 year anniversary, Beau! I LOVES you!!

Well, if this hasn't been enough wedding talk for you, hop on over to The Vintage Apple, where I'll be guest posting on my 3 favorite parts about our wedding. She's off on her honeymoon being a blissful newlywed so someone's gotta cover for her. ;)

If you missed any of the other wedding posts, catch up on the whole love story here!


  1. this seriously is the cutest post :) i just came from michelle's blog where you guest posted and just had to stop by and say HI and def a new follower of your blog :) perhaps you can give me some tips for my wedding coming up ;) xo

  2. I love the way you did this post. It's so cute! Looks like you two had a wonderful day. I still get so giddy, when I look at our wedding pictures :)

  3. i have never heard of having a private dance, but i think that is just the sweetest thing EVER!

  4. I love how you did your post for this! It was so so good... I just loved every little part of it...Happy 6 months to you both :)

  5. Those pictures are so sweet... especially one of the ones with you and your brother.

  6. Love this! Happy 6 months! I love that your little brother gave you away and you had that dance. Love. New follower. :)

  7. Happy 6 months mrs! hehe, you had such a beautiful & fun wedding!

  8. omgoshh...got goosebumps when you said you adn your brother cried dancing with my wish. LOVE LOVE LOVE

    and im obsssesd with your cake, and with your hair!

    i just love this! and its perfect that you got into the chevy! AH i am in love


  9. Aw, I love it! Especially your sneaky lil stash of booze in your boots. Genius!!!

  10. such a sweet post. I love your boot stash and your private dance was an amazing idea!!!

  11. I have luurrrvved your wedding posts! So fun to re-live it with you! :)

  12. Love all the pics, your wedding looks like a party and so much fun. I HOPE my wedding is a party!! You look gorgeous and I want your arms. That is all. Oh except happy 6 months to you and your boo!

  13. Just found your blog & am a new follower. I love all of the wedding pictures! I am from Cy-Fair as well!

  14. i have never heard of a couple having an alone dance! That is such an adorable idea! Beautiful wedding! But, I'll be honest..best part of the post was the booze in the boots!

  15. just read your guest post on michelle's blog and wanted to stop by and show you a little love... happy half anniversary! absolutely gorgeous wedding... i love that your little brother gave you away and especially love the private dance- thats super sweet!

  16. So cute! Looks like a beautiful reception!!! :) I agree a 100%... your wedding day is always going to be the best day of your life!

  17. Your wedding looks like it was a blast! I am a new follower...read your post at Teh Vintage Apple! We honeymoonedat the exact place! We can't wait to go back either!

    I can't wait to keep reading!


  18. Did you or did you NOT know before that Billy and I entered to THE SAME song? IE. Black Eyed Peas. Oh yes. and our entire wedding party jumped up and down for what felt like eternity in this mosh pit until it ended. NO JOKE!!!!!

    I will have to send you a pic! TWINS.

  19. Love it Stephanie! The reception is always the best!

    I came over here to see if you were interested in guest blogging? Read todays post


    to find out more & chose a topic {if you're interested}. I'm looking to inspire more bloggers as certain blogs have done me!

    Check it out!

    jess @ Stilettos & a fishing pole

  20. Awww! Happy 6 months! You two are absolutely perfect for each other, as seen in all of these photos. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Happy 6 month anniversary! I loved your pictures, and think the idea of private dance is so cool!!! You looked so beautiful and both of you look so happy!

  22. OH! I love this! The private last song is such a cute idea! We did Sweet Caroline for our last song, and everyone circled around Jake and I and we all belted it out! :)

  23. I swore I commented on this?? well that last dance idea where it is just the two of you is AMAZING. Like that seriously is like the best thing ever. SO sweet. You two really seem to really not just love each other, but really LIKE each other.

    so not sure my hubs and I could have done that last private dance. See, we ........... love each other............for the most part..........and I try really hard to like him..........so not sure how that last dance would have gone for us.

  24. Aww happy 1/2 yr anniversary! Love the pictures!! The private last song is such a cute idea!!

  25. LOVE all of your reception pictures! :)



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