October 10, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

One of my closest friends from work, Christy, and her sweet, sweet fiance, Jason, tied the knot at a gorgeous pecan orchard in Wharton, Texas this weekend!

You know me and weddings...I get 50 kinds of excited!

I know what you're thinking...no pictures of the bride??!!

What. The. Hay??

Lemme explain mah-self...

So I had spoken with Christy a few months before the wedding and she had told me she didn't have a videographer but that it wasn't that big of deal. I completely understood because I felt the same way with our wedding (& also knew I wanted more of the budget to go towards booze and knowing her, this was probably her reasoning, too). Anyways, I soon let her know how much it meant to me to have someone film our ceremony. Even though it was far from professional, words cannot explain how I felt watching our entire ceremony from start to finish. Gnats on the screen, glare from the sun, horrible sound-it didn't matter. I was absolutely speechless when I watched it for the first time (...and still get a little choked up watching it over and over again. Yes-I'm that girl!)

You just don't realize how much you miss out on being the bride until you watch it all on video. There's beautiful petals down the aisle, arrangements in front of the alter, your groom waiting for you, the gorgeous music and last but definitely not least-the way you looked on your day. You spend months planning all this and you miss it ALL because you're so focused on making it down that aisle without either A) turning into a bawl baby or B) eating your crap. Funny thing is, you don't even realize what all you've missed until it's all over with.

With all this said, Christy didn't even have to ask me to whip out the old camcorder (doesn't that word just scream "America's Funniest Home Videos??). I mean-if I have to sit there and watch it, I might as well get it all on video for the bride, right? Right. I strategically rushed in getting there early so I could get an aisle seat. I even considered sitting in the reserved section. (OK-Kidding. Maybe...)

So anywho, this was my first videographer gig and yes it may be blurry and shaky and I may drift off towards the trees one or two or three times, but I'm a rookie, people. Gimme a break.

(Wow. I totally just rambled on and on.)

Okay-so without further adieu...

Christy & Jason
October 8, 2011
Orchard at Caney Creek
Wharton, Texas

Wedding Party Entrance

Here she comes!

First Dance

Christy & Jason,

Although these videos may not be perfect, your wedding most definitely was. You both looked more beautiful than ever! (Yes, Jason, even you looked "beautiful" too!) Beau and I were so happy to attend your big day and were honored to get it all on video for you (even if I totally looked like a creeper camera girl). We hope you enjoy these for many, many years to come! Happy honeymooning! We love y'all!


(To my loyal readers: I'll be back on track with my wedding recaps for the rest of the week...just in time for our 6 month anniversary weekend! Pwomise!)


  1. OK that Texas cake is wicked awesome.

  2. I may or may not have cried as soon as she started walking down the aisle (ok, I did. I'm such a sap!)

    Love your dress!

  3. wow looks like an absolutly beautiful weekend!

  4. I could've guessed you'd wear a dress just like that. big pink flower on the side. lol love it!

    your arms remind me I need to tone mine. they haven't seen a weight in a couple weeks :(

    PS- I posted Billy's speech

  5. oh, and it was nice of you to offer to tape it :) I wish I had you for ours!!

  6. Beautiful.

    We are still waiting on our video from the wedding. I'm DYING! You're an awesome friend!

  7. you are so sweet! a videographer was a must-have for our wedding...even though it was hard to add to the budget. I am so glad you were able to do that for the couple, I am sure they will appreciate it SOOOO much!

  8. awww...beautiful...i love all the small touches...her dress is gorgeous!

  9. What a beautiful place for a wedding & ya'll looked great. That was so sweet of you to record it- they will cherish that!

  10. You're a rockstar for videoing it! And I just LOVE her dress!

  11. First, I must say her wedding cake was amazing! Not to mention the bride was stunning! & tears little came to my eyes when the bride came walking up. I really don't know how or if I am going to be able to hope it together when it's my big day in a few months!


  12. love love love love love!!!!

    you did awesome!!! :-) you are an amazing friend!

    ok so the flip flop idea? AWESOME! I totally wanna steal that hahah

    this wedding looked gorgeous


  13. You are glowing in all of your photos!

    Ahh I got the goosebumps watching her walk down the aisle!

  14. Oh what a BEAUTIFUL wedding!! Her dress and veil is amazing!
    And girl, you look stunning in these pictures!

  15. I am loving all these sweet wedding pictures as well as videos that you have taken :) you did great!

  16. I am at work so I have not watched the video...BUT I love the pictures. The grooms cake is awesome, her cake is awesome, and you guys look great! :)

  17. I love that you did this for her! You're such an amazing friend! She looks beautiful :)

  18. What a good friend of you to video the wedding! That's the one thing I regret.... we have no video footage of our wedding whatsoever :(

  19. Loving the "Amen Kinda love song" Sooo soo sweet!

  20. Love the wedding cake - GOREGOUS!
    The dancing flops are such a fun idea!


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