February 28, 2011

Dear Boss, Blog & Body

This is my formal announcement of taking a complete break from life. I've just had enough of everything and desperately need time to get away.



For those of you not from Texas, I don't think you can even begin to imagine how HUGE the rodeo is in Houston. I mean, our lives literally stop from March 1-21. Like, you think I'm kidding.

I'm not.

Every night we can be found watching our favorite country performers, singin' their hearts out on a Texas-size stage while we make every drunken attempt to sing along. Dinner will most likely consist of sausage on a stick or better yet, popcorn and nachos but rest assured we'll burn off all those calories two-steppin' the night away in the arms of a good ol' country boy! ;)
Our closets are torn to shreds from picking out thee perfect white islet dress to wear with our leather embossed cowgirl boots. We're rockin' bling from head to toe and our makeup in our purses has been every bit replaced with vodka.

Bedtimes are two hours later and the only reason we wake up the next day to do it all over again.

Our boys have on the tightest jeans and biggest belt buckles and that crooked little grin under the shadow of their cowboy hat is simply priceless.

So I will apologize now.

To my boss, for coming in utterly exhausted every single day in March.

To my blogging beauties, for possibly neglecting you but promising to make every attempt to pay you the well deserved attention you all need.

And last but definitely not least, to my body, particularly my liver and my thighs, for totally disregarding the fact that you have to actually fit it an already finalized wedding dress in less than two months.

Boots. Booze. Bulls. & Bling.

Doesn't get any better than that, girls!

February 27, 2011

You didn't think I forgot did you?!

Bachelorette documentary: day 3!
((I know this has come and gone like two weeks ago but for my journaling sake, I must finish out the posting! Sorry for being scatter brained...))

Breakfast-You already know we didn't miss a meal

Due to crappy weather, what was supposed to be drunkin' day of fun in the sun turned into a canceled shore excursion resulting in an all day affair in Senor Frogs. My-Lanta. My liver can only handle days like this once a year.

Not our boat but you get a good idea of the weather. Gross.
Awesome/gross hat.

Of course I got picked to play "Who can empty their bottle the fastest..."
As expected...I wooped the competitions boo-tay!

I was on a mish!

Thank you, kind man, for letting me empty half of my bottle down your throat!

Someone had a grand idea for me to get Beau's name in henna on my butt. Classy.
Can we say "Spring Break 1998"??

Eventful cab ride back to the boat.

...aaaand back to the hot tub!

Excuse me sir-how old are you??
Turns out that henna crap takes like 30 minutes to dry so I spent half an hour with my romper at my knees.

Dinner that night most definitely consisted of two ice cream cones and by 7 pm it was lights out!

Gross. I always hate pics of me sleeping...
Waking up the next morning in the same swim suit, one could definitely assume our day in Cozumel was a success! :)

February 25, 2011

Pity Invites

You know those people you "just have to invite" to your wedding? Whether you've planned a wedding, are currently planning your wedding or not...trust me. I'm here to tell ya...This. Will. Happen.

It's inevitable.

You know...you're mom's second cousin's kids just absolutely cannot miss your wedding for anything...even though you've never met them a day in your life. I mean, life just wouldn't be the same without them there. Or even if you know they won't come, you just have to stick that invitation in the mail even though you know they won't even take the time of day to RSVP.

Well, not to be ugly but there are several people on our guest list who will be receiving pity invites. The people we just have to send an invitation to but we know they really aren't going to come. Hey, there's always the possibility of them sending a really cool gift, right?!

Our list of pity invitees:

President & Mrs. Barack Obama
The Pope
Mickey & Minnie Mouse
Taylor Swift
Kellie Pickler & Kyle Jacobs
Lee & Tiffany Lakowsky

We just felt compelled to send invitations to some of our favorite celebs. We just had to!

Sure, we would never expect these people to actually come to our wedding but there's always hope right?! I mean, an autographed pic from Mickey & Minnie would be awesome or a sweet little love note from Taylor would be pretty legit too. Even if it really is their PR people taking care of it all... Just sayin'...

Anyhoo...we've enticed them all with a pre-stamped RSVP card. All they have to do is jot down a few nice words, sign their name and stick it in the mail. How easy, right?!

I mean, Kellie and I are already friends. She follows me on Twitter people...no big deal. ;)
Welp, I'll keep y'all posted if we get anything in return! Fingers crossed! Have a guh-reat weekend!

February 23, 2011

Bachelorette documentary: Day 2

Day two consisted of hot tubbin' it in gloomy weather! (OK who am I kidding...every day consisted of hot tubbin' in gloomy weather!) The weather was bad but we were gooooood....soooo gooooooodd.....

Seriously-how many people can you fit in one hot tub?
Bachelorette night
Sexy little girls & sexy little gifts
So fortunate my mother-in-law does screen priting for a living!
Pic on the right is the beginning stages of Julie's (Beau's sister) bruise from falling off the bed which may or may not have resulted in her being helped up from a completely nude somewhat exposed Kristen...

February 20, 2011

Bachelorette documentary: Day 1

Before I get started...I expect no judgments to be passed. ;) That being said, after I post about each day, I will conclude with "Outtakes of the day" for nothing more than your absolute viewing pleasure. Although I can not possibly include each and every picture without losing every follower I have, I hope you all get a good idea of what a wonderful time we had. The girls made me feel so incredibly special and this is a trip I will cherish forever!

Day 1: Hasta La Vista, Houston!
Most of us met up at Beau's parents house (since their house is pretty central) early Thursday morning to prepare for the festivities and to caravan to the boat together. I had my hot pink/zebra garb on and little did I know...so did everyone else! Thanks to my girls, the ride to the boat consisted of a whole lotta champagne, feathers, Sexy Lil Bride panties & penis paraphernalia. [Imagine that.] After a quick tour of the boat and a little lunch, we found ourselves owning the hot tub in the "Adult section" in 30 degree weather.
It. Was. Fabulous.
I tried to get pictures with everyone each night at dinner (well, for the nights I actually made it to dinner anyways.)
Aaand as promised...

February 19, 2011

Happy Saturday!


Our gang!
YouTube Video

Please stand up

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about all my blogging beauties and I can't help but wonder...


I mean, I've got people following me from Cali, New Joysey, New Yawk, Minnesewda, Kantucky, Nayeshville and even Kuwait but where are all my Texas girls?!?!?

Much love to all the other states but y'all, we're only thee second biggest state in the country (I think?) and there's just GOT to be more of us out there somewhere so if you're currently blogging from the Lonestar State please stand up!!

A quick shout out to my few Texas girls:

Kristen @ All In My Twenties
Jenny @ Jenny From The Blog
Annamarie @ Just Keep Living
Rachel @ Simply The Bates
Jenni @ Story Of My Life
Jacquelyn @ Swoff House

Love y'all!


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