October 31, 2012

Fifty Shades of Excitement

Hey there sweet thangs! Happy Halloween! (I'd be lying if I said I didn't totally forget today was Halloween...anyone else?! I suppose all the hype starts to fade away when you're old to trick-or-treat.)
Is it just me or does anyone else feel really weird about the fact that NOVEMBER is, like, tomorrow? As in, less than 24 hours? While sometimes I'm anxiously awating something and DY-ING for time to speed up, other times I'm thinking the calendar should go ahead and pad the breaks a little. This whole thing they call life...it can be real cray cray, can't it?!

In other news...

We legit "ran into" our builder on Friday afternoon whilst traipsing the new neighborhood. While he may think we're borderline stalking him, I beg to differ. We like to refer to it as a "close relationship". (AKA we offer him booze, I bat my eyelashes and he offers to throw in free electrical outlets, blinds and other "necessities".)

Anywho-the big news is that he told us our house is less than FIFTY days from being done (which would explain my "fifty shades of excitement")! He [the builder] even mentioned something about it being completely done in NOVEMBER! As in the month that starts tomorrow! Say whaaa??!! I wasn't anticipating being in the house until mid-January so you can only image the thoughts that started racing through my mind...

First and foremost...I told him he was full of it which is when he quickly put me in my place and told me the absolute latest we'd be in the house is December 15. Fair enough. I'll take his word for it.

Second...but a close first...CHRISTMAS! In the new house!! (Dontchu worry...I already carved out the most perfect spot for that Christmas tree & the mantle....ohhhh the mantle. I can already see the stockings, and burlap and candles that will grace that mantle...)

And third, I quickly realized that A) we are about to fork up the MOST amount of money ever in Howard history which gives me an instant panic attack and B) we still need to find/buy an entire bedroom suit for our bedroom, a handful of ceiling fans, living room furniture and a dining room table. Which, also, gives me an instant panic attack. Remember that money tree we talked about a while ago? Anybody know where I can find it? ;)

Needless to say, she's coming right along! (I've decided it's a "she" since, well, Beau will only technically own the garage and the back patio. #kidding. not.)
We now have our driveway poured, part of the sidewalk, and a few windows installed! All of the electrical, plumbing and ventilation has been installed and it will be completely sheetrocked next week! WALLS PEOPLE! ;) Oh-and can we talk about that cute lil' mailbox we gots goin' on?! Who's gonna be the first to send me mail in my new box?!

Wet concrete...would you expect anything less?

This whole homebuilding experience...it really is so fun and so exciting, don't get me wrong, but there are a LOT of big "adult" decisions to be made and a lot of stressful conversations to be had. Beau is such a gem...I really hit the husband jackpot with that guy. He is so non-argumental and go with the flow, which makes my job as a wife that much easier. God love him.
{leftover nail & copper wiring I found lying around}
While sometimes I find myself getting so caught up in what color sofa we should go with, where the TV should go or when I'll finally get to order this bed from Pottery Barn, I have to constantly remind myself of what a home is really all about...a strong foundation, lots of love and being there for each other throughout the entire process.

I'd be lying if I said it's not what I'm thinking about all day, every day...other than, you know, my job, blogging, Duck Dynasty, working out and what's for dinner.
Speaking of dinner...tonight I'll be working on my next Saw it. Did it. Pinned it. project so don't forget to finish yours and snap some pics for the link up tomorrow! Who's joining Katie & I?

...you know you want to...

October 29, 2012

A Halloween of Firsts

Here we are...yet another holiday closer to Christmas! Is it just me or do you feel like once Halloween hits, it's pretty much time to bust out the stockings?

I know...I know...technically Halloween isn't until Wednesday but once you reach my age, you celebrate holidays the weekend before unless you automatically get the following day off work. In this case, I will not be taking off on Thursday and therefore, in my eyes, Halloween is officially over.

Lets go ahead and say that Halloween 2012 marked a lot of "firsts" in my book:

*First of the firsts...there was no nap involved this year. Nope. Not even a one. I went from tailgating, to a football game and then to a house party without one single yawn. Ok-I yawned.  And I may or may not have made a pit stop for the largest Red Bull the gas station carried but my eyes never closed until my head hit the pillow at 1am. Yep. One-ayy-emm. {Surprised? Me too.}

*On that note, can we have a moment of silence for the fact that I stayed up to watch the clock strike 1{am}? Lets just say this was the first time in a LONG time I've stayed up that late which obviously means there were naps (yes, napS) involved on Sunday afternoon. {NapS on Sunday afternoon, however, are nothing new around here...}

*Moving right along...I actually baked something and, for the first time in Stephanie Howard history... I didn't royally eff it up. (Ok maybe Beau helped.) But I even got all crafty with gel icing and made my cake balls look like mini ghosts withOUT the help of Pinterest and for the first time, I thought of it all on my own...BOOyah. {Cheesy pun intended.}

Moving right along...

*I, for the first time, wore a tutu and loved every second of it. A hot pink one to be exact. {Le duh!} You couldn't have paid me $200 to wear that shaz back in 1990 with a pair of pastel pink ballet slippers however, times have-a-changed, folks and I foresee many-a-tutus in my near future. ;) 
{I was a troll doll for all of you non-nineties children}

*My husband...the clever one he is...was a Red Solo Cup. Original...I know. This is where I note that this was the first time my costume kicked his costume's tush.

*I should also note that thanks to Kristen's incredible ability to make my hair stand up as straight as a board and feel nothing less than that of a helmet, for the first time, I washed my hair 5 times within the matter of 12 hours. Typically I don't even wash my hair five times in the same week...

*Finally, this weekend was the very first time my sister-in-law's brand new photo booth was put to use and it did not disappoint. Y'all...her and her husband made this at home, all on their own, in hopes to start their own biz and let me just say it is too legit. Too legit to quit, actually.

Forealz, y'all. How cool would it be to have one of these in your house?

And just in case you were dying to know how I prefer to pose in a photo booth...

And that, my friends, concludes my "Halloween of firsts". Hope yours was equally full of cake balls,  tutus and so much more! ;)

October 26, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday: OOOhhhh Friday. I could just squish your cheeks and hug your next I'm so happy to see you! You really are becoming my new favorite thing. (But shh...don't tell Beau.)

Dear Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. Link Uppers: ("Uppers" is totally a word. Yes?) Y'all...I was SO SO SO impressed to see more than one person link up!! Really...I totally thought Katie and I would be those girls who launched a link up we thought was cooler than a pair of Air Jordans in 1993 and have not one single person participate. Little did we know you girls had our backs like white on rice. From pinterest fails (been there. done that.) to a freakin' handmade coffee table to bejeweled liquor bottles (jewels + liquor...sign me up!)...I was SO excited to get home and read all the posts! (I didn't even work out I was so excited AND I had wine...which has been rare around here lately...)

Dear Tutu: (Yes. I'm writing a letter to the newest addition to my wardrobe which may or may not be a hot pink tutu.) Last night you and I cooked dinner for Beau together and I'm pretty sure he thinks I've lost my marbles. Ok let's be honest...anyone who A) buys a legit tutu at the age of 26 B) actually WEARS it and C) proceeds to cook dinner in it probably HAS lost her marbles. I'm okay with this. I may have lost my marbles but I love me a good tutu.

Dear House: You have shingles (as in the black, tar things on top of a roof, not the virus), plumbing, a fireplace and a couple of bathtubs. BATHTUBS?! Where has the time gone??!! Next week you should be getting your windows, insulation and...wait for it...WALLS. (Good lord. I'm excited about walls and bath tubs...I really have lost it.)

Dear Beau: thank you for being a fine piece of man-candy. (Please refer to photo above. Far right.) Speaking of man-candy, you still don't have a costume for the Halloween party tomorrow night. Maybe that's what you should be.Yes?

Dear Fall Weather: stay a while, would ya??

{Lows in the 40s!? FINALLY!!}

Link up with Ashley! All the cool kids are doing it...  ;)

October 25, 2012

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.

Y'all...I was so excited about mine & Katie's very first (EVER) link up to host, I didn't sleep a wink last night! (Kidding. But I was pretty darn excited!!)

If you've recently gotten a lil inspiration from a website we like to refer to as "Pinterest", share it with us by linking up below! (& check in every Thursday to link up.) Even if it's an old project you did a while ago, link up that gem and let us know about it!!

Moving right along...

While Beau may think I've purchased stock in post-it notes, I, on the other hand, am all about "sweet nothings". You know...the little things...the things that mean the absolute most. Like love notes...in post-it form.

After post-it.
After post-it.

They're flippin' ALL over our house...on the front door, in his wallet, in his pockets, on the bathroom mirrors...yes. Everywhere.

However...it never fails...for some reason Beau can never "find" the post-its to write me back. :(
{Arms crossed. Hmmph}

Enter the pin that changed everything.
Yep. I figured if I provided the canvas, the painter would go to work.

So...off to Hob Lob I went.

And if you're anything like me...when it comes to baking or crafting, the fewer ingredients, the better!

Here's what you'll need:
 Easel, chalkboard spray paint, plastic charger or metal pan (the charger here was $1.99 from Hobby Lobby), a bow or something frilly (like a canvas flower)

First, you take the 'mallow.

Ok kidding.
(Sandlot. Get with me people.)

This is possibly the easiest craft ever. Actually, it doesn't deserve to be called a "craft" it's THAT simple but since it included a trip to the craft store and a hot glue gun,  it's gonna make the cut.

Basically, you spray paint the charger with the chalkboard paint. (*And not that I found this out the hard way or anything, but make sure you lay something down underneath the charger before you spray it.) Set it up on an easel and hot glue your bow or flower to the top of it, or wherever you'd like...get creative folks.


Now grab a box of chalk and go to town!

Place it somewhere central so it can be seen or even in your kitchen to welcome guests to your home!
(My note on the left. Beau's on the right.)

Lets just say my plan worked like a charm and we'll never have to buy Post-its again!
Problem solved. BAM.

There you have it. Link up below!! It's your time to shine! :) I can't WAIT to see what everyone has up their sleeves!!

**We only ask that you credit the original source of your pin and that you include our button (below) back to our blogs somewhere on your post. To do this-just copy the text in the box below and paste it in your html for your post. Please, please, do this so we can follow along and other can join in on the fun, too!

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.

October 24, 2012

Currently I Am...

Stealing: this cutesy idea from Katie. Thanks doll!

Reading: "No Bull Selling" by Hank Trisler and "Hypothyroidism Type 2" by Dr. Mark Starr. #bejealouspeople. You only wish you got to read cool books like these for your job too. ;)

Thinking about: How badly I need a haircut. Some exciting news coming to this here blog (patience, my little grasshoppas!) How I should probably start working out more often. How I would KILL for a cupcake right now. My husband's big meeting he has today and how I know he's going to flat out ROCK it! (Loves you babe!)

Loving: my new iPhone case from Simply Monogrammed. Who doesn't love having a different iPhone case to match every outfit possible? (Maybe that's just me?!) The ladies at Simply Monogrammed are THE sweetest, were very quick and very responsive and their cases are downright reasonable (less than 20 dollhairs if my memory serves me correctly)! I particularly LOVE this one, besides the fact that it's coral + navy and has my initials on it, but because it's so thin and sleek. I can shove it in my pocket without pulling out a big ball of lint and other emabarassing stuffs that might be hiding in my pockey.

Looking Forward To: Happy hour with my lovebugs, Kristen & Ashley tonight. The fall weather we have coming this weekend (high in the 60's! What?! What?!) Going to the UH game this weekend with my baby brudder. :) And going to see the progress of our house at lunch time!

Wondering: When the hell my house is going to be done? How the heck we're supposed to furnish this entire thing in time to have a housewarming party? Why and HOW this girl is so damn funny all the dang time? How on earth I got so lucky to marry The Beau? When I should start Christmas shopping? When should I start packing? Who's going to win the election? #Romney (ADD much? Yes.)

Eating: Pumpkin spice smoothies...every single morning, every single day. God LOVE this delicious recipe! (minus the yogurt...no dairy for this girl.)

Disliking: This new zit erupting on my chin. (Ugh. Does it EVER end?!)

Happy About: Sweet love notes Beau has been leaving me in the mornings. Talking all things wedding with two of my best girlfriends (finally! I've been DYING to plan another wedding!) Beautiful sunsets over the lake at our new neighborhood! #nofilter

Excited about: Our very first "Saw It. Pinned it. Did it." link up is tomorrow!! (Shameless plug...don't forget to link-up and show off your goods!)
What are you currently stealing, reading, thinking about, loving, looking forward to, wondering, eating, disliking, happy or excited about?!

October 23, 2012

15 Sure Signs You're Aging

Besides wrinkles, mortgage payments, a slower metobolism and an earlier bed time, there are some surefire signs you're growing old...

1. Saturday morning hangovers sound worse than your annual trip to the gyno.
2. Instead of a cordless phone and the framed photo of your boyfriend you kiss goodnight every time you go to bed being on your nightstand, a few tubes of lip balm, the biggest jar of Tums you can find and a flashlight reside there.
3. Because of #1, your idea of a wild Friday night is dinner at Chipotle and furniture shopping at Dillard's followed by a evening of trashy reality TV and a nail painting marathon. Oh-and pinning. (God forbid, don't forget about the pinning!)

4. Speaking of pinning...Pinterest AND Instagram weren't "around" when you got married.
5. Sunday afternoon grocery store hauls and a complete meal plan for the week make for a completely productive Sunday afternoon.

6. You specifically go out of your way to make sure any form of an alarm clock is turned off on Saturday and Sundays yet you wake up at the ass-crack of dawn anyways.

7. Your mother isn't there to yell at you to clean your room and your bathroom yet you do it anyway.

8. You have "routines" and don't like straying from them.
(Some may call this "stuck in their ways". I like to call it "structure".)

9. Your greatest accomplishment of the week is a tidy kitchen, a vacuumed floor & empty laundry baskets. (You also follow this by posting your success all over every social media platform. #guilty)

10. Conversations regarding cars, homes, careers and the weather are normal.(No more "Dude. Where's my car?" or "I did WHHAAA with WHOOO last night!?")

11. Crock pot meals are a delicacy.

12. You fully believe naptime should be a requirement at work and will do anything in your power to get this new law to pass. (Uncle Si said it best... "Work hard. Nap hard." #duckdynasty)
13. The whole "ready to have a baby" age is sneaking up on you
and yet you're still telling people "Two more years!"

14. You know the entire cast of Real World Season 1.

15. ...and The Bachelorette...all 8 seasons.

If you nodded your head to more than 1 of the 12 options, you, my friend, are getting old. ;)

October 22, 2012

Oh, Texas...

State Fair of Texas virginity...consider it gone.
Fried tamale ball virginity...also missing.
Fall weather in Texas...definitely absent.
While all you kids up north were skirtin' around pumpkin patches in scarves, sipping on your PSL (pumpkin spice lattes for anyone in the non-blogger world) this weekend, us Texan folk (ahem...me, the Beau and my Aunt Mary) were sweating our hoohas off at the State Fair of Texas.

Yes. It was hot. (85 degrees and all...)
Yes. I ate fried tamale balls. (NOT on my diet but they were DE-LISH.)
And yes. We had a FABULOUS time!
How the hay have I gone my entire Texan life without going to the State Fair of Texas?? I'm really starting to question my Southerness...
Anywho...I must say...for a first-timer...I would highly recommend the petting zoo (DUH!), the wine garden (for obvious reasons), the Doberman Show (Yes. A doberman show.) and the Birds of the World Show. I'm not a huge carnival person so I can't speak for the rides but I did enjoy taking a picture of the infamous ferris wheel every time in was even close to being in my peripheral vision.

Candy apples, sweet tea and fried food. LOTS of fried food. If you've never been to the Lonestar State, you're really missing out! ;)
Don't forget to have your Pinterest projects ready by Thursday for our first
SAW IT. PINNED IT. DID IT. link up!! Have a Pinterest project or recipe you already blogged about, be sure to link it up too! #SPDLinkUp

October 19, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

Dear State Fair of Texas: You and me have our very first date this weekend and I am STOKED!! I need to see what all this talk is about! Ferris wheels, cowboy boots, and food that is really really bad for me...can NOT WAIT! (PS-why is your name so awkward? Why couldn't they just stick with "Texas State Fair"??)

Dear Husband: Sawwy I passed on my sickness to you. Juuuuuust when I'm starting to feel better, you wake up with a sore throat. (Whoops?!)  If you want to go ahead and award me with "Worst Wife of the Year" I will accept. But only this one time...

Dear House: You have a roof. And a little hole that will one day very soon be a fireplace. There's a back patio and even a front porch. I can see our little window seats starting to form and there's even a spot set up for the kitchen island. You really are becoming a home and it's just so neat to see how far you've come in just 4 short weeks! Soon enough, the Howards will be taking up residence but in the meantime, you just keep on growin', k?!
{I spy a fireplace!}

Dear Self: You just talked about your house like an expecting mother would talk about her fetus. That's weird. You're weird.

And I saved the best letter for last...

Dear Pinterest Addictees Alike: Do you, too, have boards that are ever-growing with things you want to do or make yet you've never actually made a single thing on there?

Ya...me too.
(Ok. Maybe I've made a couple of things.)

Welp, whilst spending many-a-Facetimes over vino, late nights of brainstorming and still, ever-growing Pinterest boards...the one, the only, Katie from Keep Calm & Carry On and I have an announcement to make...


Yep. Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. 
(AKA: a new link up we'll be hosting every Thursday starting next week.) 

Yes-this is our very first link up to host EVER. (I know...where have we been!?)

We were nice enough to think ahead and give you all plenty of time to get your supplies together so I expect that to be at the top of your to-do list this weekend. Be sure to link up (next Thursday!), include the button we created (above), as well as the original pin from where you got your inspiration from and show us what you come up with! Whether it's a recipe you've been wanting to try, a craft of some sort, a new hairstyle, a fashion idea, etc...it's time we get to tackling those Pinterest boards! Yes?!

Oh ....and Katie and I decided if all of you don't participate, we're unfollowing all of your blogs effective immediately. See you on Thursday!! ;)

October 18, 2012

Balls on the Blog

Ok kids...who's ready for the quickest, bestest, easiest, healthiest, yummiest recipe in all the land? (You got all that?)
I've been seeing these little "No-Bake Energy Balls" dance all over Pinterest and blogs of all sorts for a while now and finally gave in and made them myself.
Y'all know me...I'm not a foodie in any way, shape, or form but when I come across a recipe and share it, you should automatically know it's that good. After I took the first bite I immediately kicked myself in the arse for not listening to Katie and introducing my tastebuds to these little gems a long...LOOONNNNGGGG....time ago.

Here's what you'll need:            
  • 1/ 2 C oats
  • 1/2 C coconut flakes
  • 1/2 C dark chocolate chips
  • 1/2 C ground flaxseed
  • 1/2 C nut butter (peanut, almond or cashew butter)
  • 1/3 C honey (Fun fact: local honey is always THE best...it helps with allergies!)

In a large bowl, mix together all ingredients.
(Should look something like so:)

Once mixed well, refrigerate batter for at least 30 minutes. After your batter is chilled, scoop the batter into balls (tehe!) using an ice cream scoop.
Chill {your balls...ha!} for 20-30 minutes longer before eating and then GO TO TOWN!

These have been perfect for breakfast, snacks, or even a little healthy dessert.
 Y'all...they're even husband approved!
PS: today marks 4 weeks since they started on our house. It really is amazing how quickly it's coming together! As of yesterday, we have a roof!! A ROOF, PEOPLE!! This week they should finish shingling (is that a word?) and also put in windows!

October 17, 2012

All Hopped Up On Nyquil

{Disclosure: this post was written at 9pm last night and is sponsored by Nyquil, Kleenex and Vitamin C}

I would totally be lying to you if I told you I wasn't currently sporting this look:
True Life: I hoard tissues up my nose. 

Pathetic, right?

This whole sick thang has me down...and by "down" I mean, I feel like the little drummer boy, an entire tap dance team and Thumper are all in my skull choreographing a routine to "Call Me Maybe". I literally want to stab my right eyeball with a fork. Scratch that...let's go ahead and stab both eyeballs and I've taken three naps in the past day. In addition to this, I've been hacking my brains out for over 24 hours now and resemble that of my 7th grade English teacher who smoked 3 packs a day since she was 13 years old. All at once. I'm convinced that if I take one more pill, I'm gonna start doing crazy things. Possibly something similar to someone on bath salts. Okay fine...more like someone on Nyquil. Either way-you get my drift. 

First person to mail me {more} homemade chicken noodle soup
my way gets to be my best friend for a year. 
{Don't all rush to the post office at once...
you know how those government workers get when they get a big crowd...}

Speaking of government, who watched the debate? 

Don't worry...I didn't either. Politics...lez just say it's just not my thang. I know who I'm voting for already and the last thing I need to do is watch some ayyhole make a fool of himself on national TV...yet AGAIN...for like to gazillionth time in the past 4 years. Oh. Did I give myself away?

Where was I going with all this?

Oh, I know. 
Wait. No I don't.

In other news, they're moving right along on our casa!
Who wants to come over for a slumber party? I'll supply the Koolaid & slippers! ;)

Happy Wednesday, party poopers.
 I'm down and out like my immune system...
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