April 30, 2012

Two Six.


Cheers to celebrating the 5 year anniversary of my 21st birthday! ;)

April 25, 2012

One Year Anniversary Celebration {Part 2}

'Ello friends! So glad you're back for the second half of our anniversary festivities today! (If you missed yesterday's recap, you can read it here.)

So it was no surprise that eating year old wedding cake would be part of our 1 year anniversary celebrations. Beau's parents and sister have their wedding anniversaries within a few days of ours so we went to dinner to celebrate ALL 3 anniversaries. And lucky for the in-laws, they also got to "share" our old wedding cake with us. (They were just thrilled, lemme tell ya.)

I was anxious to try the cake because I've heard both good and bad but I'll tell you one thing...it definitely doesn't look like it did a year ago! HA!
So un-appetizing, right?! 

Fast forward to Friday...where we took a nice long weekend-trip to Horseshoe Bay Resort located right smack dab in the middle of the hill country. Oh-and next to a bay. Duh.

Thanks to having to get a tire replaced along the way, a pitstop for Redbull and my lack of navigational skills, we got lost three, yes THREE times, so 5 hours later, we were finally there and both in desperate need of booze. No joke, I think Beau was about to strangle me at this point. Or maybe I was about to strangle him? ;) (Haha. Happy anniversary, right?!)
We checked into the resort, didn't even stop to take a tour and headed to the nearest vineyard, where we proceeded to down 2 bottles of wine and hang out with a couple of senior citizin golfers from Missouri. Typical.

Perhaps I drank too much and forgot to take pictures from the rest of the night but that's neither here nor there.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to go check out the property (7,000 acre property, mind you). I had my heart set on spending the day at the pool and that's exactly what we did. Poor Beau...he really doesn't stand a chance when the sun is out and I'm around any body of water...
(This would be the hot tub)
(The bay/beach)

We're still not sure why the hell there's an iron eagle in the middle of the pool but I guess it made for a good conversation piece...the pool was amazing, if that's any constellation!

Meet our friend, the eagle?

The bay area right behind the pool...

Later that night, we FINALLY got to open the bottle of Dom we had been saving for over a year!

Honestly, for a bottle of champagne to be THAT expensive,
we both agreed that it tasted the exact same as the cheap stuff. Don't waste your dime... ;)

Dinner @ Treehouse Bistro

Sunday morning we waited in line for close to an hour to eat at the infamous Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls, which is well worth the wait, followed by a little antique shopping.

All in all, it was an incredible, relaxing anniversary spent with an incredible man. :)
(Sorry for the picture vomit.) 


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