November 21, 2014

Paisley Ann || 3 Months

Wait. What in the what?? I have a 3 month old???

While a LOT of me wants to sit here and sulk in the fact that 3 whole months of my baby girl's life has completely come and gone in the blink of an eye, the other part of me is so so happy we've reached this point. Do I miss my teeny tiny newborn? Sure.  But do I fall more and more in love with my infant on a daily, wait...hourly, basis? Oh ya!

I feel like the transition between two and three months has been HUGE! We went from infant to newborn and now she's really starting to show her little personality and I just can't get enough if it! 

While I don't have anything to compare her to, I can honestly say she's still a really good baby. (I'm forgiving her for the two nights this week she completely forgot how to sleep for longer than 3 hours at a time...) She's sweet and patient like her daddy, but a touch of sass shows every once in a while too and I can't help but love the fact that she got that trait from her big sister, Oakley.

Ok. Maybe she got it from her mother. 

Either way, Paisley is becoming more and more of a "baby" and is getting to be so. much. fun!

Here are things I want to always remember about my little 3 month old peanut:

Weight: 12 1/2 pounds (as of last week)

Length: 21 3/4 inches (as of last week)

Hair: Still a little sparse. Some fell out when she had a minor case of cradle cap but it looks like it's growing, slowly but surely, and it's still light a dark dark blonde/light brown color.

Eyes: Still gray. Some days they look a little blue, some days they look more brown. I'm so anxious to see what color they'll be! Her eyelashes are still long as ever and are so precious!

Clothes: We are officially out of newborn clothes and have even started to outgrow some 3 month outfits, too. It still baffles me how one day an outfit can fit her perfectly, and the next I have to leave open a few snaps so her thighs are squished. (True story...sister has some ham hocks on her. Wonder where she got those from??) She's still a little too short for any of her 6 month cloths but I foresee me pulling them out any day now. Oh-and 3 month socks are a JOKE! She may be short, but she has feet for days and easily fits in 6m-12m socks. (A lovely trait she also got from her mother...sorry kid.)

Diapers: Size 2

Sleeping: We've officially slept through the night several times now! After two nights of reverting back to waking up every 3 hours, we got another full night last night, which makes for one happy momma and daddy! She still sleeps next to my side of the bed in her Rock n' Play and we still swaddle her at night and during naps. That being said, we've started leaving one arm out of the swaddler since she likes to have access to her hands these days. More on that later...

Likes: mornings, baths, Sophie, being sang to, George Strait lullabies (instantly put her to sleep!) and drum roll please...her hands. Goodness gracious sister LOVES her hands these days and it's so cute! I can hear her sucking on them from another room and she's even given her wrists a couple of hickies lol. The only downside to her loving her hands is that it becomes a real issue when I'm trying to get a bottle in her mouth while she's got 8 fingers in there too!

Dislikes: wet diapers, being too hungry, being too tired, being over stimulated and sometimes she still dislikes tummy time. She doesn't like it necessarily, but she doesn't hate it as much as she used to either so we're slowly getting in more tummy time every day.

Eating: Paisley still eats every 3 hours during the day. Sometimes I'll let her go 3 1/2-4 hours if she's sleeping but we've got a schedule we like to try to stick to so I'd say every 3 hours is pretty consistent. She eats 4 oz. in her bottles throughout the day and before we put her to bed, she gets 5 oz.  I'm exclusively pumping and wouldn't have it any other way. While it's a lot (also see: a TON) of parts to wash, it's much easier for me and I really do enjoy it more because I'm not nursing her for an hour at a time and wanting to hand her off as soon as I'm done because I need a break. I give her a quick bottle and them am able to play with her and snuggle with her more. By me exclusively pumping, it also gives Beaus a chance to help feed her, which he enjoys being able to do more, too. (While I'm not pumping professional, I feel like I've got a good rhythm down pat so if any of you have questions about being an exclusive pumper, please feel free to ask!)

Milestones: holding her head up way better whether we're holding her, she's sitting in her Bumbo or doing tummy time. Like I said she's found her hands and there's no turning back! I can't wait for her to find her feet! She also really focuses in on you and will follow you across the room with her eyes. It's so neat to see all these little changes in her over the last month! Also, sleeping through the night is a HUGE milestone! Lets keep that one going, P! This month she also got her first baby cold and it was not fun, for her or us. It was actually so sad. Beau and I felt so incredibly helpless but we've done everything possible and she's now on the mend! Thank goodness!

Momma's favorites: Her sweet, sweet smiles and giggles first thing in the morning. When I hear her wake up, I'll look down in her Rock n' Play, unswaddle her and as she stretches she gives me the sweetest dang smile to ever exist! Speaking of, the 104 times that she stretches in the morning might be the cutest thing in the world, too! Imagine a butterfly unraveling itself from its cocoon and that's exactly what it looks like! Oh-and freshly bathed baby smell. Good NIGHT I would pay big bucks if someone could bottle that smell for me!

Baby items we can't live without: Rock n' Play, SwaddleMe swaddlers, Sleep Sheep, musical seahorse thing (whatever it's called?!), Boudreaux Extra Strength Butt Paste (stuff is LEGIT), Little Remedies Survival Kit, Sophie the Giraffe, Wubbanub, Dr. Brown's bottles and warmer (this warmer is the best and we've tried several), Ergo Baby 360, Summer swaddle blankets, George Strait lullabies album

I'm sure I'll say this every single month, or day, or hour...but I am literally obsessed with this child and don't feel bad for it one bit. Are there trying times? Hell yes there are. But she is our entire universe and I am still (yes, still!) in utter disbelief that she's mine all mine!

Those thighs are e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.


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