August 29, 2011

Big Texas Hair

If you're anything like me, the poofy pony has never been easy to master. Actually, up until about a week was impossible. My hair is super thin and stringy but I guess it likes to pretend to be thick because every time I tried, I would tease and tease and tease to put it back in a pony but inevitably it would fall every time....leaving me poof-less with a big rat's nest on top a mah head. To say the least, the poofy pony and myself have had many divorces along the way...

But wait! Before you hit play...

1. Sorry for not making my bed.
2. I was in a hurry which is why I'm so serious.
3. No-I'z not nakey. Pervs.
4. I think I officially maxed out the word "um"
and last...
Bloggers meet armpits. Armpits, bloggers.
Now that you're well acquainted, feel free to watch me in action.

What you'll need:
extra dirty hair
supa-tight bobby pins (aka "cheaters")
3 row comb
hairspray (optional)

The bobby pins I refer to can be found here and look like so:
I figured you out you little poof, you! muahahaha
To all you poofy pony delinquents out there (don't worry...I used to be one too) now have the secret & I fully expect to see you all sportin' some big 'ol Texas hair...even if you're not from the south.

Happy poofin' ladies!

August 28, 2011

Cellular Device Dump

aka: A new place to stash all the random iPhone photos taken throughout the week.
*Disclaimer A: For some reason I deem it necessary to take pictures of absolutely everything.
I mean, who doesn't want high quality cell phone photos to document your every waking moment?!
Disclaimer B: If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably already seen these. Sawwy!

In no particular order...

Swimmin' suit I've been eyeballing all summer
Reg price: $130
Sale price: $27
Diaper party last night for Rachel & Chawlie (Charlie)

Dear God-please let me look like this when I'm EIGHT months pregnant.
Baby bottle beer chugging contest
Beau did not prosper.
I'm ok with my husband sucking at sucking.
Berryhill: the only place you can order soft serve and a margarita at the bar
If you didn't want to move to TX before, maybe this will help your decision...
From the mister :)
Texas? In August? This is unheard of...#2012
Momma bear's fence after a wind/rain storm
(& yes, she put it back up all by herself!)
Stoled this idea of Pinterest & did it to one of our wedding pics.
Is that saying not the sweetest?!
You take photos of your drinks too, right?
Cousin's lil nugget-McKinley
Hers had painted piggies too...melt my heart! :)
Annnnd the latest photo editing app addiction..."Pixlromatic"

LOVE all the effects!!

Happy Sunday Funday loverbears!!
I'm off to lunch with those Houston blogger girls again :)

August 25, 2011


Y'all-I'm not sure why I find these to be so hysterical but starting today with less than 5 hours of sleep, having an awful hair day and walking into work late calls for an intervention...

Here goes...

Happy Thursday kids! xoxo

August 23, 2011

Baby Shower: Lil' Diva Style

My first shower to co-host.
You already know the theme... :)Not sure why but those lil pink fluff balls stole my heart
Big & Lil'DZ Love <3
(sorority pose!)
Hostesses with the mostesses
(Aren't preggo bellies the cutest?!)
Can't wait to welcome baby girl Inman into this world! :)
Lotsa DZ love!

Oh-and speaking of babies...
Tell me this isn't THE most precious gender reveal...
Thanks, Pinterest, for all your clever-ness!

August 22, 2011

Trip down memory lane

Have you ever revisited your old stomping grounds?!

I did this past Friday and oh em brought back SO many great memories!!

It all started when I drove to campus to do a lil' shoppin' in the bookstore for some new UH get up. All the babies were moving in the dorms, the shuttles were making their way through the streets and all the little sorority girls were getting ready for rush. There were SO many new buildings, dorms and parking garages being built I felt like I was in a totally different world (& not to mention...OLD)!

Don't you remember the day your parents moved you in, dropped you off and left in tears because they knew their little girl was growing up?! Ugh-I remember it like it was yesterday (& kinda wish is was yesterday!) Nah-I love my life now but I honestly don't think I'll ever forget that day.

And what would a trip down memory lane be without a few high quality iPhone photos?!

The little house a few of us girls
lived in for the last 2 years of school
*so presh-I miss this house!
Robertson Stadium
*We have a few dates this football season ;)
DZ House
Can I tell you how proud I am of the paint job on these letters?!
Old Sigma Nu house (Beau's frat)
I literally think I spent every single day of college life here.
So many wonderful memories and friends were made here...
if I could only remember them all... ;)
*The church next door is a little ironic

The pathetic txt between the husband and I...
Moral of the story, kids: Revisiting your college campus not only makes you feel old, but makes you wish you were still there. No bills, no responsibilities, no job...seriously...those were the glory days.


August 18, 2011

Vlog + winner winner chicken dinner!!

Who woulda thunk?!

Looks like my homegirl, Katie, at Keep Calm & Carry On is about to be sassified compliments of Meg O.!!

Congrats lovebug!! So excited to see how your new design turns out!!

*PS-it's cool that I refer to Meg O as "Meggo Preggo"...she calls herself that.
(Psst, Meg...that's okay, right?!)

*PSS-don't you love the white shirt/black bra look...
...classay laday, right??

Love you ALL! Thanks for playing with me! :)
& for forgiving my husband for actin' a damn fool y'all see what I have to put up with on a daily basis...

Until next time...mmmwah!

Holy Giveaways!

Just a gentle reminder, today is the LAST day to sign up for my giveaway! I'll be picking one lucky follower tomorrow to win a total blog makeover by the FAB Meg. O! (She designed my page, if that tells you anything!) ;)

So leave a comment on my giveaway page and go tell Meg how much you love her designs and that you may or may not give up your first born to win. Ok-not really. I know that's a leeeetle extreme but still...things like this don't come around very often! ;)

On another note, well kind of the same note, I just found Alycia's blog (Crowley Party). Not only is she adorable and hysterical but she has a giveaway going on. Not just any giveaway...can we say "$100 Sephora gift card"??!! Please & thank you. Sister could use some new makeup brushes and perfume...that's all I'm sayin'. So go enter her giveaway too. (Or don't-so then my odds of winning are better.) ;) jus' kiddin'... I share!

And because this is my blog and I can be random if I want...let's talk about the dirty girl poof I'm rockin' today!
Usually my pony sags which flattens out the poof but I think I've finally mastered it-yes?
(The secret: bobby pins right above the rubberband. Can barely see them)

One more day, girls...T.G.I.T.

August 15, 2011

Blue vs. Pink

I'm big on celebrating the little things, which would probably explain why our friend's, Kirby & Jon, gender reveal party was THE highlight of my weekend.

The decorations were stinkin' adorable!

Top right: springs from Kirby's baby crib with pics clothespinned to it. (Genius!)
Bottom right: yes-even the pup got involved...
Everyone would know the sex once they opened the doors to the nursery...
Would the walls be pink? Or blue? (Yes-the walls of their nursery had been painted for daysss and she couldn't go in there to look at it! Could you imagine?!)

Anyways-we made our way up the stairs...
(Sorry for the blurry pic...I got a little excited too...)
IIII knew it!
Which is why I wore blue and Beau wore
(He thinks it's pink so we'll just go with it...) Putting out their yard sign!


Does it get any cuter than that?????
Jon & Kirby we LOVE y'all and are SO excited about your lil' boy!

Mark my work. We will have one of these! (Sorry, Beau!)

OH! Don't forget about my giveaway!! If you've been considering a new blog design, you'll love me for this one! Pinky promise! xo

I die every. single. time.


Happy Monday, loves!

*Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway!!
(Ends Thursday!)

August 12, 2011

Kind of a big deal around here...

Yup-little ol' me hit 400 followers today! Who woulda thunk?!

I know everyone and their dog says this but I really did start this thing to keep my friends and family updated on my life. For me-this is true because I no has Facebook. Yes-you read that right. I don't have Facebook. So truthfully, that's the background behind all this. I never even imagined I would even have 10 followers and now 400?! 400 people that what to read my musings on a daily basis?! I'm quite flattered!

I can't even imagine how it would feel to hit the 4 digits! 1,000? 5,000? That's huge! (& kind of daunting!)

I've truly met some outstanding women through my little snippit of the world wide web and have made some friendships that would have never been possible without Blogland! I've tried to describe it to "outsiders" (aka-non bloggers) and I'm pretty sure they think I have an entourage of imaginary friends.

So be it. They're awesome imaginary friends...

Anywho-I just want to say THANK YOU, thank you, thank you...
...for reading, following, commenting, tweeting, and emailing! I love, love, love it all! :)

In honor of all the shenanigans, guess who's doing her very first giveaway??
(in true bachelorette form)

So I kiiiinnndda know this girl who's making our little world prettier one blog at a time. You see this lil' sassy design of mine?? Yea-she did that. And I've sweet talked her into completely revamping one fabulous winner's blog!

That's right-I'm (well, "we're"...since I'm PhotoShop challenged and she's the queen) going to COMPLETELY sassify one lucky winner's blog! From header, to button, to bio, to fonts, to signature, to's ALL included!

(A few examples of Meg's awesome possum-ness can be found here.)

How to enter:

1. Follow my blog (duh)
2. Leave a comment below (whatever you awesome I am, how you found my blog, what your blog link is, how Meg's blog designs are better than anyone else's...)
3. Tweet about the giveaway (& follow me on Twitter so I know about it!)
4. Include the giveaway info in your next blog post

Giveaway will be open 'til Thursday, August 18 at midnight.
Winner will be selected Friday, August 19 via!

Uhh what are you waiting for?!
Love, Love

August 9, 2011

To whom it may concern:

Dear Face,

I would appreciate it if you'd quit acting like a hormonal teenage boy. It's not pretty and I'm sick of dealing with it. I don't even want to know what kind of damage you've done to yourself and I'm sick of spending countless in front of the mirror. Yes-I may love the idea of picking at my face all day everyday, but I know it's not good so if you could just clear up on your own, that'd be great.

The girl who thanks God for makeup on the daily

Dear "The Limited",

You need new staff in your marketing department. Posting signs all over your store that say "40% off shirts" when what you meant to say was "40% off BUTTON-UPS ONLY" is pretty lame. I didn't waste an hour of my life to trek through the mall in heels and a suit to try on 4 shirts, totally fall in love with them only to be disappointed at the register when I find out they are, indeed, regular price because "the 40% off only applies to button ups". Really??? Where the eff in this store does it say that??? And NO. I didn't want those shirts anyway.

Boycotting for a month,
Your pissed off customer

Dear friend whore,

Just because you come into contact with someone for longer than 4 seconds doesn't necessarily mean they're your new "BFF". Would you consider them to be a bridesmaid in your wedding? Do they even know where you went to high school or what your parents names are? Would they be at the hospital when you had your first child? No? Then they probably don't qualify as a "best friend". There's a pretty big difference between a "friend" and a "best friend". Figure it out before your real "BFFs" drop you like a fly. As far as I'm concerned, I start to wonder if you even have any real "best friends"...because it seems like anyone that's breathing is considered one.

A true friend

Dear husband,

I'm not ok with you driving my new car like it's your truck. You can't run over curbs, potholes and speed bumps like it's a stick in the road. Although you may think it's pointless, the a/c and radio are to be turned to the "OFF" mode before exiting the vehicle. My car, my rules. Oh-and no farting in the vehicle. I'd like the new car smell to stay around a little longer.


Your loving wife who knows you'll be trucking around in her Lexus while she's out of town

Dear work blog,

I adore you and love that I get the privilege to write for you everyday. I really am. Buuuut I'm totally not looking forward to writing the editorial on the FDA that's due this Friday. I know you have access to the internet (you know...GOOGLE...or Ask Jeeves) so if you could do a little research on your own and just throw something into that big blank post space, I'd love you foreva.

Yours truly,
FDA editorial hater

Dear mother nature,

Cool it. You're the one to blame for this bitchy post and the fact that at any second I could go off like a ticking time bomb. Although I'm thrilled to not be knocked up, is it really necessary to turn me into this psychotic demon every month?

I hate you (& so does my husband),
A very normal, loving, non-PMSing Stephanie
...and because nobody likes a negative nancy....

Dear Katy Perry Pandora,

Thank you for being so girlishly awesome. You, my friend, rock my morning routines and my commute to work and for that-I heart you. If I have to listen to "TGIF" everyday for the rest of my life I totally wouldn't hate it.

This country music two stepper turned hot pink lipstick wearing rocker chick ;)

Rant over. Stephanie out.

August 5, 2011

Quick Confesh Sesh

I confess...earlier this week I accidentally wore my panties inside out for the entire day and never bothered fixing them...

...awkward silence...

...oookay-moving right along...

I confess...I demolished a huge cupcake in less than 2 minutes yesterday and didn't feel guilty about it. Nope. Not one bit.

(At least I brought enough for my entire department...)

I hair is filthy and totally reeks of cigar stinch from last night. And to think someone told me it looked good today...rreeeeeeaaalllllyyyyy??

I confess...I'm a teeny bit jealous of my coworker who brought her wedding dress to work today and is currently heading out of town to take her bridal portraits. ...memories...sigh... #onceabridealwaysabride

I confess...I consumed more vodka and chocolate than I did dinner last night...

Behind the scene tour of the Petroleum Club's "Chocolate Room"

I confess...that this morning I knowingly used syrup that expired over a year ago.

I confess...that my husband has currently befriended a stray kitten and fed it taco meat for breakfast. Taco meat, people.
I confess...that after reading this post if you didn't know me you might think I'm some kind of inside out underwearin', skanktastic hair rockin', cupcake lovin', wannabe-a-bride-again, vodka lush, crazy cat lady kinda girl. Rest assured-this may all be true (for this week, anyway). Don't judge.

TGIF, people.



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