June 29, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear hair colorist, I don't know how you can use a bowl of purple goop, a paint brush and a box of aluminum foil to do what you do to my hair but whatever it is, I love you for it. From sex talk to hangovers and everything in between, you never judge me. God bless you, child. Dear weekend, have I told you lately that I love you? No really... Dear boss, though I'm glad you've enjoyed your full week off, I'm a lil tired of playing "boss lady" for the week. It is truly exhausting and I have a whole new level of respect for you. If you could so gladly return at your earliest convenience, I will love you more than I already do. Dear husband, thanks for being you and for loving me...even when I'm a whiney, bitching brat. Dear money tree, I'm still waiting on you to plant yourself. Can we go ahead and get on the ball with that? Dear Houston heat, if you could go ahead and calm down just a tiny bit, like maybe 5 degrees or so, we would all be in a much happier, non-sweatier place. Dear house, if you could go ahead and clean yourself from top to bottom, do all the dishes and wash all the laundry by next Monday night, I promise to give you all the credit. Dear Pottery Barn, why are your prices so damn steep? I need one of everything on your website but the funny thing is, the only piece I can afford is a napkin ring. (And who needs a friggin' napkin ring??) Dear Cinnamon Toast Crunch, you rocked my socks off last night AFTER I had already eaten dinner. Thanks for that. Dear Frio river, you and I will be together very very soon. I sure do hope you're prepared for us because Lord knows...we ARE prepared for you... Dear readers, thank you for your undying love and support. Your sweet, sweet comments totally make my day, everyday. Thanks for making this blogging world THAT much better! <3 And finally...Dear Katie & Billy...the fact that you are flying all the way to the Lonestar State to see BBFT and I melts my tiny little heart. We are SO excited to show you around our hometown and for you to FINALLY see what all this Frio River/Texas hype is alllllll about! Everything really IS bigger in Texas-just you wait! I saw these last night and was 2 seconds away from purchasing them for y'all to wear on our trip...you lucked out...they were out of your size. ;)

Join the linkup here!
PS-just in time for the weekend, my thoughts on Michelob Ultra LIGHT Cider. Love.

June 28, 2012

Let's talk makeup

I was a Bare Minerals girl for years. YEARS. And before that, I wore Makeup Forever. Both of them were pretty reasonable, or so I thought, until I figured out that I was FLYING through the products and having to buy new foundation/powder just about every other month and it really started to add up. (Don't judge...I gotz shizz to cover on this face of mine...) 

And then I stumbled upon THE Bargain Blonde and her obsession with ELF makeup. Though she's a fellow Texan, I'll have to admit I doubted all this ELF talk for the longest time. Then there was this one day where I drew the line...I was not walking into Ulta to drop another $100 on makeup that doesn't even last a month. I walked my happy butt into Tarjay, picked out a few ELF products and was on my way. You know, foundation, powder, eyeliner and mascara. I was nervous about the colors so I only got a few things to start out with.

That was a couple months ago.

This is today:

Lez just say our friend The Bargain Blonde tells no lies.

Yep. Just about everything I use is an ELF product with the exception of  the liquid foundation. It's only $6 and it covers well but my skin is very...and I mean VERY oily and even though it says "Oil Free", my face, with a combination of natural oils, Texas heat and Houston humidity looked like a damn slip and slide by 11am. Those of you with dry skin may be able to pull it off but I can't do it on a daily basis. I prefer the MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation. It covers so well and is able to withstand sweat and water. (Dream come true, right?!) I didn't return the ELF foundation because I figured I can use it when I'm just out and about with nowhere important to go or no one important to see.

Without further adieu...

My go-to top 10 ELF products:

1. Daily brush cleaner: SO important. Clean your brushes ladies! I was spending $13 on MAC's brush cleaner...this one is bigger, does the exact same thing and is only $6. (Online only)

2. High Def Powder: though I think this may cause my skin to break out from time to time, I love the glowing finish it gives to my makeup and it makes my face look as smooth as a baby's butt! I'm still not 100% sure if this is the culprit or if it's just a fluke but you also have to remember I have acne-prone skin that's SUPER sensitive so it shall remain a mystery. I'll try it out a few more times and if Planet Earth decides to take up real estate on my face, I'll be sure to let ya know... $6 (In stores and online)

3. Studio Pressed Powder: LOVE. That's all. Works fantastic. Covers great. Color is perfect. The only bad thing is that it's only sold online and is such a popular item that it gets backordered fairly often. At $3 a piece, I typically order 2-3 at a time... (Online only)

4. Golden Bronzer: Has a tiny bit of shimmer to it and gives my skin that sun kissed look we all love to have year-round. My skin has red undertones so to refrain from looking like Bozo the clown, I only use bronzer on my cheeks instead of blush. $3 (In stores and online)

5. Mineral Foundation: Bare Minerals girls...this is IDENTICAL to the BM foundation...identical. And only $3. I use it as a concealer on my eyelids and around my eyes before applying any eye makeup. On days where I want to wear lighter makeup, I use it all over my face for pretty decent coverage. (Online only)

6. Mascara: Call me a mascara whore but I have a problem with only using one at a time. Yes-I use 3 different tubes every single day. They all do such different things for my lashes so I can never commit to just one. Price range $1-$3.  (In stores and online)

7. Eyeliner: I'm a little indifferent about this one. I can't quite figure it out. It stays on well but it's not as dark as I prefer my eyeliner to be and it dulls quickly resulting in sharpening it almost every day. The good thing about it is that it's only $1 and comes with a sharpener so when I originally bought it, I figured if I hate it, at least I get a new sharpener out of the deal. It's just okay...it's a like not love kinda thing so I just keep it in my desk at work and use it at work or as a backup if I run out of my go-to eyeliner. $1 (In stores and online)

8. Baked Blush: I know I said I don't typically use blush but I just got this one in yesterday. I ordered it  because it's light and shimmery and can be used as a highlighter. I've tried the liquid highlighters and they make me look like a cheap stripper so I prefer the powders. I tried it out this morning for the first time and LOVED it! The best part...only $3. Oh ya! (Online only)

9. Baked Bronzer: Fantastic. Just got this one in yesterday too. I think it goes on the same as the golden bronzer but I wanted to try something new. Well worth my $3. (Online only)

10. Pressed Powder: I prefer the studio pressed powder but since they only sell it online and they sometimes run out of stock, I always keep this little cheapy in my makeup bag. I keep one in my desk drawer, too, so I can touch up my face throughout the day. Only $1. (In store and online)

Take it from me...sign up for their emails and order on the days where they offer free shipping. (Don't you know I refuse to pay full price for anything?!) Their shipping takes about 5-7 business days so make sure you order it in a timely manner. ;)

Happy shopping my little elfettes! ;)


June 27, 2012

Decisions, decisions...

I don't know how or why but apparently Wednesday's on this here blog are devoted to house stuff so I sure hope that's okay with you! If not-get the heck out! (Kidding.)

Big things are happening in the home-building department! BIG! And by "things", I mean decisions. 

I thought there were big decisions to be made when we were planning a wedding but boy was I wrong...a wedding only lasts for a day whereas a house lasts for, well, YEARS so these decisions are far different and much more important than picking out what color table linens you prefer. (But don't get me wrong...table linens ARE important...)

Let's talk bricks.

This weekend we had to decide what color we wanted and by no means was this an easy task. (Wait-any task with my husband is never an easy one...) We drove around for 4+ hours looking at brick colors on houses which may or may not have ended up in me knocking on a strangers door to get the precise brand and color of the bricks on his house. Yes-desperate times call for desperate measures...

We went back and forth between two totally different colors and by late in the afternoon we were officially OVER picking out bricks (emphasis on "OVER") and made a final decision...

What? You can't tell if "Cuero Springs" brick will look good with "White Chopped" by seeing them on a 12x12 panel? Ya-us either. Those brick panels really are the stupidest idea ever...really...

So this is what the two stones will actually look like together...
Obviously this is not our castle of a house but it is our brick...and can we talk about those garage doors?

Needless to say, it was a long. LONG afternoon of brick hunting and our caffeine fix was much needed.
What would I do without McDonald's iced coffee? 
I don't EVEN want to know...

And because I have no clever ending to this post, I just need you all to know that this time next week I'll be waking up next to this guy (sorry Beau). Yes-that would be Rocky...Katie's ADORABLE furchild...and yes-he's coming to TEXAS!

...and will be heading to the Frio River with four of my favorite couples in this entire world:

Can. Not. Wait.

June 26, 2012

A video that does NOT disappoint

You know me...I love me some weddings. This past weekend I got a text from my friend Ashley telling me to go watch the wedding video of our friends, Sierra and Raj, who just got married in Cabo...

Let's just say I was in the middle of shopping when I stopped to watch it and was absolutely FLOORED from the second I hit "play". It is simply amazing and I don't know HOW on earth they pulled this off but talk about an incredible way to capture an entire wedding weekend!

Make SURE you turn up your sound and if you're  blocked from watching videos A) watch it from your phone IMMEDIATELY and B) go work for another company who trusts you to not watch porn while on the job...
Seriously, Beau...where the heck was my music video?! ;)

And can we talk about Sierra...was she not STUNNING??!! So gorgeous!
PS-just in time for the 4th, check out my thoughts on Michelob Ultra LIGHT Cider here...amazing!

June 25, 2012

Animal tested. Husband approved.

I don't know about you but there are very few things in life in which I'm willing to give up:
sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Ok-kidding people. (The only "high" I've ever been was life and the only music I listen to is country.
That knocks out 2 of the 3.)

Let's get real here...there are many things in which I'm not willing to give up in this life...one of the three options up top, cheese and let's be honest...booze. (Ok so I could be all sentimental here and say my husband, my family, my health, my job, etc...but that doesn't make for a very fun post, now does it?)

Now where was I?

Oh ya. Booze.

Though I try to live a fairly healthy lifestyle, alcohol, in any form, is the one thing that keeps me sane and would be my "drug" of choice, per se. And by "any form" I really mean just about "any form". Liquor, beer, wine, champagne, cognac...you name it. (Sidenote: I've never drank cognac...it just sounded good.) But when it comes to certain beers, I draw the line. Though I'd love to throw back a few Miller Lites just like I did in the good ol' days, I saw first hand what that did for my figure...
Ya...an entire 6 pack of Miller Lite to yourself and late night Taco Bell 6+ nights a week will do this to a girl...

Anywho-being a retired bartender (doesn't that sound classy?), I've had my fair share of beer tastings; from dark to light and everything in between. I've had Smirnoff and Zima and a few pale ales but none of them ever did the trick for me because A) they were too sweet or B) they were too heavy. Seriously...who wants to be the bloated chick in a mini skirt? That's right...no one.

{Enter Michelob Ultra}

Ahhhh. When it comes to my beer of choice, I've always been a Michelob girl. Light, low in calories and non-filling. Perfect for those hot summer days spent outside. You know...the kinda day where absolutely nothing will please you but an ice cold beer.

Like I said, I like beer but I don't like the full feeling and I like ciders but I don't like 'em too sweet.

{Now enter the Michelob Ultra Light Cider}

Heaven in my mouth.
Light, crisp, a lil fizzy, not-too-sweet and oh SO good.

The night I brought home the cider, we were cooking dinner with one of Beau's cousins and our meal of choice was bacon wrapped oryx steaks (wikipedia "oryx" if I've lost you here...), steamed broccoli and black beans. Seeing the steaks were going to be a little on the heavy side, I thought the Light Cider would be the perfect pairing. Needless to say it did not disappoint...

To deem this review as unselfish (& so that I would refrain from drinking the entire 6-pack myself) I "shared" the leftovers with everyone else and to my surprise, they all liked 'em! Even Fendi...the 7 pound schnauzer!

So there you have it, friends.
Husband, cousin, blogger and even dog approved.

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention...the Michelob Ultra Light Cider is completely gluten-free so for all my celiac friends out there...you won't have to sit out this round! ;)

June 22, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, thanks for getting here so quickly. I've longed for you for 5 days now and fully welcome you with open arms this morning! If every day were Friday, this world would be a much better place. Dear readers, thank you for all your sweet words yesterday (and every day). My friend Julie ended up reading the post and not only told me how much all your comments meant to her but that it was so nice to know she wasn't alone in this big ol' scary world. Dear homebuilder, let's get this show on the road already! Sister would strongly prefer that we be in that house by Christmas so if we could break ground sometime within the next year, we'd be okay with that. Dear gym, sorry I didn't pay you a visit this morning. Any alarm clock with the number "5" included is officially banned on Friday mornings in the Howard household. Dear money tree, if you could politely plant yourself somewhere near for my perusal I would greatly appreciate it. Emphasis on "greatly". Dear husband, thanks for letting me wake you up this morning with confirmation that I am, indeed, NOT pregnant. Ya-that could have sucked. Dear mom, MIL & FIL, don't you get ANY ideas with that last letter. ANY. Dear July 3rd, I'm gonna need you to go ahead and get here already. I've got big, exciting plans for that week and would love to see you sooner rather than later. Dear assistant, if you could magically hire yourself, write your own paychecks and help me on a daily basis at work and at home, you just might be the best thing that ever happened to me.

June 21, 2012


Do you ever find yourself saying "Why?"...

Why me?
Why them?
Why is there so much violence?
Why is there so much hate?
Here lately I find myself constantly asking "Why sickness?" and sadly enough...we'll never know the answer. I know we can't all live to be 200 years old and remain healthy as a horse but I feel like the older I get, the more sickness and death I hear about and I can't help but hate it. It hurts my heart.

Though I've dealt with death, dying and losing a loved one, it will never be something that I'm okay with.

My very best friend's mom is dying. She's not even 60. After going in to have her ear checked out for a minor earache, she was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma and a 50% chance of surviving. Her first 16 hour surgery removed part of the cancer but not all. What it did remove was part of her jawbone, leaving one side of her face completely paralyzed. But she was okay. She came out of the surgery, would begin receiving treatment via chemo and radiation and she was on her way to recovery.

Or so everyone thought...

Back in February, she was given 6 to 18 months and I thought that was a dagger to my heart.
As of last Tuesday, she has 3-6 weeks.


I'm sorry. I know this is all so heavy and it is definitely something I never thought I'd be writing about but I just want everyone to realize how important each and every day is. Sometimes we get so caught up in everything we do on a daily basis, you know, work, working out, shopping, blogging, watching The Bachelorette, etc...and we forget how precious life really is. We're never promised tomorrow.

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and it really hit home:

Sometimes we lose sight of what really matters so I thought this was the perfect reminder.
It's incredibly difficult to see my very best friend go through something so traumatic at such a young age. Her mom, Mrs. Joni, has always been known as "Momma #2" to me because growing up, that's exactly what she was. From letting us sleep outside on the trampoline, to never missing a single softball game of ours, to covering for me when I got caught sneaking out of the house one night (Sorry, mom. Still haven't told you that story...), she was always there for us. I confided in her numerous times before even going to my own mother because she just always gave the best advice...the kind of advice you know you'll hear from your own mom but would rather hear it from someone else and actually listen to them.

Don't even get me started on her cooking...talk about home cookin'! She was, still IS and always WILL be the queen of homestyle meals.

Though Mrs. Joni is sick, very sick, I just pray that she, my very best friend, Julie, and her family find comfort in all of this. Coming from someone who's lost a parent before, I sure do hope they can one day find peace with themselves and with God for the situation they've been handed. I know how incredibly hard it is to see the pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow but I know Julie, Lara and Billy are strong and they will keep Mrs. Joni and her memory alive for many, many years to  come.

To my very best friend in the whole wide world:
Julie Anne: I don't think you even read my blog but if there's ever a day you just so happen to come across this, I just want you to know that I love you with every inkling of my heart and it kills me to see you go through something so tough. Please know that God will never put you through something you can't handle and Lord knows you have always been one tough cookie. ;) Just as you were there for me when I lost my daddy, I will always be a shoulder to lean on when you need me, a phone call away just to chat or a few miles down the road when you need a friend to snuggle with. You will forever be my very best friend and we all know you will always be your momma's boo. <3
If you find it in your hearts, please say a quick prayer for Julie and her family. I know they would definitely appreciate it and so would I. xoxo

June 20, 2012

Pinspiration for the Home: Part Two

Oh Pinterest, where would I be without you today?

Let's see...I'd probably be at the gym working off that XL piece of cheesy corn bread I consumed AFTER I had already finished my entire lunch. Maybe I'd be up cooking dinner for the huz like a good wife and possibly even cleaning the house and doing laundry. But then again that would make me far more productive than I choose to be these days so let the pinning commence!

{Shameless plug but if you're not following me on Pinterest, you really aren't living.}
Get at me: @MrsStephHoward

Back to business...

My first round of Pinspiration for the Home was focused on the overall look and feel of our new house: cedar, limestone, bronze...downright rustic and home-y. (Let's not forget the collection of dead animals we'll also have hanging from the walls...)

When furnishing a new home, it's only fair that you start with your kitchen and your bedroom. (I say this like I actually know how to furnish a house...let's be honest...I know nothing) While you can only do so much with a kitchen, one of my absolute favorite things to decorate is our room and I feel like your furniture, bedding and decor really sets the tone. I've always been a dark furniture kind of girl but here lately I'm really trying to channel my inner Paula Deen/Pottery Barn with our bedroom in this house: worn, light color tones & chic.

Enter my newest obsession: putting together the perfect bedroom.

I think I squealed when I came across this beauty!
That headboard is absolutely heavenly. {via}

Ralph Lauren Villa Martine Bedding Collection. SWOOOON!
 It's even lined with twine. Seriously-get in my bedroom! {Via}

Loving this beauty from JCPenney. Whoda thunk?! {Via}

I never thought I'd see myself with a bedroom in these colors but it's so light and fresh
and who the heck doesn't love coral? {Via}

Looks like Martha was doing some good when she was in the pin because
this, my friends, is GORGEOUS. {Via}

And what is there to not love about this?
Please note the ceiling, the headboard and the burlap pillows. Amazing.

Burlap lamp shades...duh. {Via}

THE perfect curtain...

And obviously we won't be having a desk in our bedroom but I stumbled upon this Paula Deen beauty and had to include it in today's post. (Did you know she actually has an incredible furniture line?!)
Now if I could just plant a few money trees, I could go out and actually purchase all these things. Anyone know how to go about doing that? ;)

June 19, 2012

When less is more...

I'm all about having the biggest handbag on the block. The thought of not having everything, including the kitchen sink, in my possession at any given point in time has always scared the ever lovin' daylights out of me. I mean, hairspray, bobby pins, a full-sized brush and an entire bag full of makeup I haven't worn in over 6 months is totally necessary right? ...my point exactly.

I swear-the older I get, the smarter I get and 'tis true..sometimes less is more.

All hail the clutch!

Seriously...why am I so late to this party?

Alas, I have joined the club. I have also considered strangling myself with the strap for being that girl who brings her everyday, large and in charge purse to a formal wedding...reception and all. Hey-you never know when someone's gonna to need a pen and paper...ok...

Anywho-I'll be darned! Those girls at Marley Lilly have done it again! 
They really know the way to a girl's heart...

Enter the cross body clutch...

So girly, so compact, so personalized....so perfect.
Amiright or amiright?

The fact that I could fit everything I needed for the entire day on Sunday
and not have a slight panic attack was a miracle within itself. 
{The essentials: wallet, keys, phone, lip balm, iPhone & sunnies}

This little puppy comes in over 10 different flavors...all UNDER forty smackaroos. Talk about perfect birthday/shower gifts for your girlfriends...(ahem...or Christmas gift since my birthday isn't until NEXT April...)

And just in case you're wondering, the geniuses behind ML have even created a simple gift registry function within their site so you can select any/all the items you're lusting over and save them all in ONE place for your friends and family to go purchase. Genuis right??

A few items you'll find on my registry... 

Beau-I've been a really, really good wife lately. If I came home to any/all of these,
I promise to cook dinner for a solid week. {Fingers crossed...}

Seriously Marley, or Lilly, or whoever designs all this adorableness...stop being so darn cute! Sister's bank account is about to take a small hit on your site. ;)

And I thought NO ONE could surprise me...

Let me just walk you through what happened to me last night...

I get a text from Katie asking what I thought about posting at night. Whereas it's never worked out well for me, she said she was going to test it out and see if anyone would actually be reading blogs on a Sunday night. Father's day, to be exact. She then continued with...

So 10ish minutes go by, and like the good friend I try to be, I attempt to be her ONE reader.
The title reads something like "Grow/Change/SURPRISE". I roll my eyes and think "Oh Lord. Another insightful post from Katie...is she drunk again?" (Slightly kidding...)

I'm impatient so I completely scroll through all this sentimental "change" crap thinking I need to get to the meat of this post already...

And then...

I read this...

*Steph (SJHK)-SURPRISE WOMAN! In just over 2 weeks, Billy and I will be arriving in your neck of the woods (literally-hello Frio river!) bright and early at 10am on July 3rd and staying for 6 lovely days, until Monday the 9th. Please have my Range Rover, our norm Iced coff, with a side of sangria, to pick us up from the airport. And yes, Beau and I planned/texted about this behind your back for a couple weeks...don't hate me.

Followed by this image:

She said "Y'ALL"!!!!

Okay so maybe that was 50% of the shock. The other 50% was obviously that she has been planning this for WEEKS now and EVERYONE and their chihuahua has known about it except moi! WEEEEEKS!!

It took a few loud screeches and about 20 minutes of "OH MY GOD" before it really started to sink in. And then I realized this is in 2.5 short weeks and instantly started regretting that pizza I had just shoved in my pie hole. Shit.

Not only will they be coming to MY hometown but they're coming with us to our favorite place in the whole wide world...the Frio River!!!! FOR 6 FLIPPING DAYS!!! They'll meet all our friends, our family, go to our favorite bars and even get to see where we live/where we'll be moving in a few months. Excited is a complete understatement.

She ended her post with this: "It has been killing me the past couple weeks to not be able to tell you, but we thought it would be fun to surprise you via blog post so, here we are. I know Father's Day is a hard day for you, but I hope this cheers you up a bit. I figured you would kill me if I didn't tell you at all, because you would probably want notice to shop and detox first. Am I right or am I right?"

A surprise, on Father's Day (one of the toughest days of the year for me) and even a fair warning to shop and detox prior to her arrival. That, my friends, is what you call a gem. 

June 15, 2012

Five on Fri

'Ello potty peopel! (That's me with a British accent)
Happy friggin' Friday! (That's me in my normal accent)

I've got a few friends, err-strangers, you need to know about.
Five of them to be exact. (Hence the post title "Five on Fri")

Don't get me wrong, I have my select few that I read on a daily basis, possibly several times throughout the day, but you already know who you are... so today, I'm sharing my 5 other blogs I stalk on the reg. These people probably don't even know I exist, which they SHOULD, but I think YOU need to know who THEY are. K? K!

Now remember, I'm no fashion blogger, nor am I a foodie of any kind. I just like downright funny bloggers. I blog because it's an escape for this little frazzled brain of mine so every once in a while, I need something to laugh at, at someone else's expense, of course.

First we have Taylor at The Daily Tay. Holy ba-geez-us..chick is hilar. I don't even know where she came from but what I DO know is that she needs to be one of my best friends, like yesterday, so she can make me laugh so hard I burn off all the calories I consume in one day (including but not limited to the days wine and cupcakes are involved.) I promise-sister does NOT disappoint. She recently referred to her hair as a "blonde squirrel toupee" or something like that...if that explains anything.

Next, I present to you the cutest little love muffin you ever did see...that would be Sabrina at Sabrina Says. She is downright adorable, funny and probably one of the only fashion bloggers I read. (Nothing against fashion bloggers by any means...it's just not my typical cup of tea!) Sabrina is GORGEOUS and is an incredibly talented photographer, too. Reading her blog makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Love her.

This next girl you may already know...her blog has something to do with the color "Yellow" and she's a Juliana Rancic obsessee. Ok fine...it's Erin at Living in Yellow. Duh. Erin's blog is kind of like mine...all over the place...except she's obviously much better at it. One word to describe Erin: hy.ster.i.cal (Or does that count as 4 words?)

My girl Holly over at Running in Stilettos is a fellow Ohioan and you know I'm partial to those "midwesterns"...Maybe I love her because she reminds me of myself, maybe it's because, well, she's sarcastic and witty and had me at hello. OR! Maybe it's because she recently got back in her wedding dress and took wedding portraits and, well, you know me and getting back into that dress...Either way-she'll steal your little heart too. Pinky swear. 

I saved the funniest of funny kids for last. Friends-you have to meet Caroline at Shades of Gray. EVERY STINKIN' TIME I read her blog, I literally have tears running down my face. From videos of her husband snoring to her passion for being a crazy cat lady...she's a girl after my own heart. Those Kentucky girls...there's just somethin' about 'em...I feel like I can't even do her blog any justice without reading it in the deepest of Southern Drawls every time. Oh-and if you venture over to her blog tell her she needs to start blogging 8 days a week so we can all have more to laugh at...

Now go. Run. And find these girls' blogs stat...and then find them on Twitter and Instagram so you can follow them at all hours of the day...

Happy weekending! xoxo

June 14, 2012

All the single ladies

all the single ladies...
all the single ladies...

{Picture me dancing around like Beyonce in a black leotard and heels.}
Yaaaa buddy...

Ok so foreal...this post is {obviously} for the single ladies.

Yes...I'm talking about YOU sitting here reading this wishing you had that pretty little rock on your hand, cussing your boyfriend every time another couple gets engaged and welling up with tears every time you see a bride walking down that aisle because you just know, that one day, that bride will be you.

Trust me. 
I've been there.

I've been that girl all teary eyed wondering what my big day would turn out to be like, wishing I had a princess cut diamond ring my left hand and cringing every single time I heard about someone else getting engaged.

I was that girl who thought "Is he ever going to ask???"
My mom was that mother who thought "He's never going to ask..."

Well ladies, clearly...he asked.
But did I ever tell you it took 5 1/2 years??
Yes. FIVE POINT FIVE YEARS to put a ring on it.
(I mean, obviously he knew right away...he just needed to find the perfect stone...psssssh)

All seriousness aside: This would be our very first picture...on our very first "date"
...if that's what you wanna call it...8 years ago...

...and by "date" I mean underage drinking at a bar called "Pink Monkey"
and doing keg stands on the dance floor. Someone obviously had a little growing up to do...
{Be proud mom...I was such a class act back in the day...}

Enough about that...

We looked at engagement rings for damn near close to a year.
I knew exactly what I wanted the first week we looked.
I got my hopes up so many times only to be let down just about every single time...
Would he do it on our 5 year anniversary? What about New Years Eve? Would I find a ring in my dessert one night? Nope...it was the day BEFORE Valentine's day...the day-freaking-before Valentine's day. Talk about throwin' a girl off...

So anyways...my message to you is this: it doesn't matter how long you've been dating someone. When you know, you know and it doesn't matter if it takes 6 months or 6 years. So many couples have so many different circumstances as to why it takes longer than others...too young, too broke, too immature, too far away...the list goes on and on. Stop comparing yourself to the "social norm". Who says you have to get married before a certain age? Have kids before a certain age? That's right...NO ONE.

Take it from me. 
Take it from someone who's "been there".
A girl who went through what I like to call "hell and back" for a frat boy who took FIVE AND A HALF loooonnnnng years to get down on one knee.

The knee dropped. The ring was there. There were tears of joy and maybe even a few "This is a joke"s...It came. It went and now I've been married for over 1 year now. I was engaged over two and a half years ago.

Like WHOA.

The whole engagement/wedding process goes by so gosh darn fast so I don't want you girls to go off wishin' it away. Your time will come and though it will be one of the most exciting times of your life, it's gone in the blink of an eye and then you're just stuck being an old married hag.

Kidding...about the hag part.
What I meant to say is that you're just stuck being a hot married trophy wife...duh.

(Kristen...look familiar?!) ;)
But foreals...look how much all you single girls still have to look forward to!! Picking out rings, seeing the love of your life down on one knee (or in my case, lunging on one knee...), picking out flowers and venues and trying on your very first wedding dress. What about seeing your groom for the first time? Sharing your first kiss and singing to each other as you two-step to your first dance? Gosh dangit you have SO much excitement coming your way and you don't even know it. 

Don't get me wrong, I L-O-V-E being married. It's like a permanent slumber party with your best friend in between picking up their stinky socks and cleaning up their dirty dishes. And though I still have really exciting milestones in my future like building a house, having babies and growing old together, I still ask...err-BEG Beau to let us get married again...like every single day. He thinks I'm nuts (and perhaps he's 90% right) but there's just something so romantic about hearing the guy you love profess his love for you in front of every last person you know. And being in a diamond white dress with a fluffy little veil on your head ain't so bad either..

So be patient, my little grasshopper. Realize all that you DO have in your near future and don't wish it past you. Obviously, if your man-candy didn't want to marry you, he wouldn't waste his time, money or sanity on you and one day...you WILL be that girl. <3

Just my words of wisdom...take it for what it's worth. ;)

June 12, 2012

3 important things you need to know about...


THIS happened. THIS morning. AT 5:30am.
Though it took an act of congress to pull me out of my nice, warm fluffy bed all curled up in my pj's, I did it and gosh dangit it felt SO good!! Who has two thumbs and doesn't have to do cardio after work?!! THIS GIRL!

As per yesterday's post, I bit the bullet and got my very own blog domain. http://www.snhblog.com/ In saying this, I'll need you lovely ladies to add my NEW URL to your blog roll as my OLD URL will not show up anymore. (If you need help doing this, let a sister know!) Below is an example of my blog roll in case I've lost ya:

Also-if you're not a blogger and/or don't have a blog roll within your template, please make sure you save my new URL to your favorites. :) I'll love ya for-eva! Pinky swear!

Today is my beautiful sister-in-law's birthday!! Of course birthdays are a BIG deal but the BEST part is that Julie has just joined this blogging world of ours so head on over to her blog and wish her the HAPPIEST of birthdays wouldya?!
PS-who watched The Bachelorette last night?
I may be married but I was totally goo-goo-ga-ga over that beautiful Texas boy, Sean.
Aannnd...GET THIS. His sister is a blogger!! (Talk about a small world, huh?!) Today she posted about The Bachelorette watch party she had last night WITH Sean and all of her girlfriends! So cool! Read here.

Ok so technically that was 4 things you needed to know about but who's counting?!

June 11, 2012

Ba ba ba...ba Barbara Ann

First things first, I finally gave in a got my own domain (I don't know WHY I didn't do this sooner) so even though you will be redirected to my blog no matter what, if you have my URL saved anywhere, would you pretty pretty please switch the URL to www.snhblog.com?! I'd love ya FOREVER!! If you're not seeing me on your blog roll, you'll have to change me there, too. Sorry for the hassle but a URL that consisted of like 30 something characters was a little out of hand.
So what have we learned in class today, kids? ...No more www.thehowardsbeautifulmess.blogspot.com ...
http://www.snhblog.com/ is WHERE IT'S AT!
Ok-now on to the more important topic at hand today...

I love me a good surprise.
But more than that, I love being the one plotting the surprise.

Last Friday, if you popped in, was my father-in-law's birthday and little did he know...we had somethin' up our sleeves when he got home from work that afternoon...

It may have POURED on us at the concert but we danced and sang our little hearts out...well-at least from what I can remember... And though I spent the entire day Saturday nursing a hangover from H-E-double hockey sticks and regretting the 1am Taco Bell run I slightly recalled...I had an absolute blast! I did, however, stay FARRRRR away from anything containing alchol for the rest of the weekend. This little liver o' mine needs a break, to say the least...

Hope you rugrats had a FAB weekend too!
Here's to yet another Monday...

June 8, 2012

The In-Law Lottery + a sneak peek

The day I said "I do" to my handsome husband, I hit the in-law lottery. No joke.
People tell me this all the time and I know it. I've known it for a long time.

I have the sweetest, most caring, supportive in-laws a girl could want and am truly blessed to have them in my life. It's a rarity to love your in-laws as much as I do...

Not only are they the most kindhearted people to ever walk to face of the earth but they have an everlasting marriage that I truly admire. They've owned their business together and have worked within arms reach of one another for yeeeeaaars and they still treasure each other as if they just got married yesterday. I can knowingly say if Beau and I worked that closely, well...let's just not go there...

Anywho-my point is..today is my sweet, sweet father-in-law's birthday. Ric is the epitome of a free spirit. In the 7+ years I've known him, I can honestly say I've never seen him in a sour mood. Ever. Everyone who meets him, loves him and every time I'm around him, he instantly brings a smile to my face. Maybe it's his 3-stooges impressions, maybe it's his killer dance moves (or lack thereof) or possibly his random bursts of YAHOOOO!'s but I just adore him to pieces and am so glad I have him in my life. He really is going to make a great grandpa...one day... ;)

Good ol' Ric-A-Roo (as I call him).
He's known to pop in on this here blog every once in a while
so if you could leave him a little birthday love, he sure would be flattered! ;)

In other news, my little love puffin, Shalyn has a sneak peek of the wedding pics she took of us last month up on her blog today. Sister is one talented mofo.
Swwooooooon. Incredible, right??!

[Now picture me kicking myself for not having her shoot our wedding...]
Last thing-promise! Jodie over at Ramblings of a Fabulous Brunette is having an AMAZING Marley Lilly giveaway today. Go show her some love and go ahead...sign up for the giveaway. But don't get your hopes up...I'm scheming up a way to rig it. ;)


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