December 31, 2012


There are many things in this life of mine I'd like to accomplish.  (Believe it or not.) I've "thought" about my bucket list for about 5.2 seconds until I realized my list was far too broad. There was no "timeframe" or really any rhyme or reason to itso I figured I'd be a little more simple and get myself organized with a more reasonable list of goals for myself...the good ol' 30 before 30. (30 things to accomplish before my 30th birthday...for you special kids out there.)


[covers mouth]

[hangs head]

I can't believe my 30th (& golden) birthday is only a mere 3 years and some odd months away. Wasn't I just 16, like, yesterday?

Oh no. That was 10 years ago. Shiiiiizzzz.

Anywho...I've been working on this list-o-mine for a while now. Four months to be exact. Some of them are big, others may seem minor, but what I will personally gain from accomplishing them will be much larger than some ravish vacation in the Wine Country. (But don't get me wrong...that ravish vacay IS on my list. #5, to be exact.)

Oh, and since I started working on this a few months ago, I've already been able to cross off one of them! (Kinda like making a to-do list and listing something you've already done? It just feels better to get one thing crossed out...same principle applies here.)
  1. Pay for someone else's meal anonymously
  2. Witness a proposal (Double check. Here & here!)
  3. Be a maid of honor
  4. Learn graphic design
  5. Drink wine in Napa
  6. Learn how to shoot in manual (& be semi-decent at it)
  7. Make double mortgage payments once/year
  8. Pack only in a carry on for a trip
  9. Eat a raw diet for 3 days straight
  10. Turn my blog into a book
  11. Write a gratitude for a full year - in progress!
  12. Find a church and go regularly
  13. Swim in Lake Michigan
  14. Grow blog to 6,500 followers
  15. Send handwritten cards once/week
  16. Renew our vows in April 2016
  17. Have a baby
  18. Go an entire week without social media
  19. Host a party all on my own
  20. Start a new family tradition
  21. Take a vacation with just Beau and myself
  22. Visit my family in Tennessee
  23. Send my mom on a vacation
  24. Get a puppy
  25. Be a leader in my company
  26. Buy Beau a Ford cash
  27. Wake up at 5am every week day
  28. Work out 3 times per week before work
  29. Rebuild savings account to at least $25,000
  30. Pay it forward in a really BIG way
So there. 30 before 30. I figure if I accomplish 10 a year, I'll be doing good.

In saying that, can you take a stab at what my New Year's Resolution is?

Ok. It's to accomplish 11 things on my list (since one of them is already knocked out.) It's never too late to get a little ahead of the game. ;)

Happy New Year, loves! Now go out there and rock 2013 like nobody's business, will ya?!

December 28, 2012

It's a Love Story...Baby Just Sayyyy "Yes!"

Alright, alright. So apparently I haven't quite mastered a way to un-block myself from YouTube at work so my brother's proposal video never got posted in yesterday's post. (Boo urns. I know.) I suppose I'll never make it as a hacker.

But alas, I am home and with internet...FINALLY! (Can I get a hell ya?!) which obviously means I have full access to the video for your little viewing pleasures. I've come to find out you girls just love love as much as I do. ;)

And to our IT Director: Jen, I know you pop in on my blog from time to time so just FYI I really DO need access to YouTube for work purposes...I swear! ;)

                                        The Girl Impatiently Awaiting for Her Streaming Privileges Back

Anywho...without further's nothing fancy. Just a little iPhone footage my mom captured. (She mentions something about a butt within the first 3 seconds...forgive the woman. She was excited. She also proceeds to bawl throughout the remainder of the video. What can I say?)

Right after the video ended, her parents walked in and surprised her. It was such a sweet moment I'm sure we'll all remember forever. (What I wouldn't GIVE to have our proposal on video. Damn it, Beau!)

Proud sister right here, y'all! They managed to make it FOUR years long distance...him in Austin, her in Pittsburgh. I could have never done it.

A few shots of my brother and I shopping for the ring:



Happy New Year's weekend dollfaces! I'm off for yet another 5 day weekend and am headed to my favorite place in the universe, the Frio River, followed by a short trip to our ranch. #roughlife ;)

May you all have a happy and safe New Year's! Here's to 2013!

December 27, 2012

Christmas Scenes (& Our Family is Growing!)

I think I speak for us all when I say my absolute favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with family. (Ok...and the food and the booze and the extra long weekend). Our family kind of lives all over Houston and the surrounding cities and some even out of town so when we all get together, which is not often enough, it just really warms my heart. Screw the gifts. All I need is a fireplace, my family and a glass (or 4) of wine. boring would Christmas be without a big ol' family there to join you?

Scenes from Christmas 2012

While Beau and I racked up on new fun stuff for our house (lamps, full length mirror, rocking chairs for our front porch, etc...) there was one gift that absolutely topped everything...

I'm gaining another sister!!!!
I just love her reactions!! Talk about pure joy in her heart. :)

Yep! Baby brother got down on a knee on Christmas morning and popped the question to his adorable high school sweetheart, Brooke!!! We have it on video, too, but my IT locked me out of YouTube for the day (Grr!) so I'm not able to upload it just yet. Stay's really really sweet!!

So there. Our little family is growing and we have yet another wedding to plan!! Merry Christmas to us!

I just love love.

(And our new fireplace.)
PS: if the title fooled you into thinking I was knocked up...sorry Charlie. ;)

December 26, 2012

Newest Member of the Mortgage Club

Among many...and I mean MANY, Christmas blessings (more to come tomorrow!) Beau and I closing on our very first home that we built all on our own (well...hired people to build) from start to finish was by far the biggest blessing we could have ever asked for! It's been a long (emphasis on the LONG) stressful and fun journey we've been on since May of this year but we are so madly in love with our new place we call "home" that I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

And it all started right here...a plot of grass and some dirt.

It was no coincidence our closing date was scheduled for 12/21/12 at 12pm, which according to the Mayans, this day would be deemed as the "end of the world". Ironic? I think not.
PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket

Moving during the holidays was the worst decision ever...I'll be the first to admit if we look completely exhausted in any of those pics, we were. And still are.

I promise a full house tour will be coming soon! Let me get some stuff on the walls and get settled, people! ;)

PS: this week's Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. link up is on hold. We all have SO much going on trying to recover from the holidays so Katie & I are giving everyone this week off. (You're welcome!) But be sure to link back up with us next week and show off all your Pinterest goods you made over the holidays!!  I know I will be! ;)

December 20, 2012

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. - Favorite Things Party

So! First things first...can I go ahead and tell y'all I only have ONE more sleep til we close on our new house?!?!?! Yay!!! This has been SUCH a loooonnnnggg process (since May) so knowing all our hard work and stress is about to pay off is a huge sigh of relief! To say we're stoked would {obviously} be the understatment of the year!!

And because I think you all deserve a little sneaky peek at the final product:
This may or may not be my favorite part of the entire house. ;)

Ok..lets get down to business for todays rendition of...

Saw it.
Pinned it.
Did it! 

I've had this little gem pinned for quite some time now so it's only right that I actually make it happen this year:

HOW TO: Favorite Things Party

What you'll need:
Group of girlfriends
Your favorite happy hour spot
A few glasses of vino
Chips & Salsa
Multiples of the same gift (i.e.: we have 8 in our group so I bought 7 of the same gifts)

What you do:

1. Get a group of girlfriends (perhaps ones that you like) & meet up at your "regular" happy hour spot.

2. Think of something that you absolutely love under a certain price range. (Ours was $5-$10) Go out and buy everyone in your group one of your "favorite thing" and wrap it.
I chose those little knitted flower head bands! Iono what they're officially called.

3. Find a cute tag template from none other than Pinterest, itself, and create personalized bags for everyone to take their gifts home in.

3. Meet up at "said" happy hour spot, partake in several glasses of wine and a few baskets of chips/salsa while each girl goes around passing our her favorite "thing", explaining why she loves it so much. 

4. Once everyone has passed out their favorite things, bask in all your new prezzies!

5. Enjoy the goods!
Knit headband - bracelet - EOS lotion - lip balm - B12 - nail file - It's a 10 - body wash - Prosecco - nail polish

6. And finish the evening shoving your face with cupcakes and macaroons!

I mean, how perfect. Get all your shopping done for all your girlfriends in one stop. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout JACK.

The end.

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December 19, 2012

Getting In The Spirit {+ Mad Dance Movez}

Hi friends! {In my best Jenna Marbles voice} Happy Wednesdayyyyyyyyy!!
Today I'm linking up with the oh-so-fabulous Michelle @ The Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting and just to get you all in the spirit, today's link up is 100% Christmas inspired!
Sidenote: Find me @MrsStephHoward
Sit back.
Pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa.
Pretend it's not 80 degrees outside.
And get in the holiday spirit! 

Le sigh...
Oh-and for your viewing pleasure... 
The Howard/Krysh Elf Dance ft Katie, Billy & Rockdizzle
We gotz the movez.
Autographs will be given upon request. ;)

December 18, 2012

2 Birds. 1 Stone. (Not to be confused with "2 Girls. 1 Cup.")

Linking up with my boo, Kristen, today for her Christmas Card Link Up!

For this year's Christmas card, I went for both festive and functional. We decided to kill two birds with one stone when it came to our card and I must say, I'm okay with that.

Enter the Christmas card turned new address announcement.


I'd like to think people read this as:
"Merry Christmas! Here's our address...send us gifts!"

(Ok so maybe I'm kidding about the gifts part and the new address is obviously covered up for security purposes but you get the point.)

We thought it was fitting and when you send out THIS many cards at once, it might as well serve it's purpose.
That would be 157, to be exact. #shootme

PS: does anyone know of a company that will handstamp and address all your Christmas cards for you? I'm willing to pay for that. And if there's not, I'm sure it's a untapped market so for any of you entrepreneurs out there...GET ON THAT.


What I'm trying to say is Merry Christmas from Beau and I! We hope your holidays are filled with love, laughter and one-too-many pieces of pecan pie. After all, that's what the holidays are about, right?! ;) 

No Words.

Thoughts and prayers for all the victim's families and anyone else who has been affected by this horrific tragedy.

December 17, 2012

Currently {& a giveaway!}

Reading: Katie's blog and stealing this idea of hers. Also reading something titled "Source of Funds Affidavit"...Scuse? Apparently it's something regarding our house that Beau keeps shoving in my face asking me to sign.

Watching: Well...flipping between Ashley & JP's wedding and Sunday Night Football. It's all about compromise, people. Back to Ashley & JP's wedding, though...I love me some Bachelor/Bachelorette but holy cheeseball of an episode? ENOUGH with the making out already!! On the flip side...I canNOT get enough of all the sneak peeks of Sean's season! Ow owwww!!

Thinking about: Oh gosh...what am I NOT thinking about??!! Are all the Christmas cards stamped? Are all the gifts bought and wrapped? How much more packing do I have to do? How much packing has Beau NOT done? How much would it cost to have someone finish packing all our stuff...aaaand unpack it all, too?
True life: I feel like a hoarder

Loving: all the Texans love in my city right now! Coming from a city who's teams are infamous for feels SO good to finally have a winning team!! Also loving: ALL the Christmas cards I find in the mail every day!!! I just love this time of year!

Wearing: my new perfume from Holy yum, y'all! I have heard nothing but great things about Burberry (and have borderline stalked the tester bottles at the department stores) but now that I've actually worn it for a few days in a row I am in. love. If only your monitor were scratch & sniff...(Note to self: invent scratch & sniff computer screen stat.)
And let's not even get started on the actually business! Just imagine all your favorite smell-goods at extremely discounted rates. And on top of that...if you sign up for their emails they typically offer an additional 15-20% off your entire purchase AND free shipping! I ordered perfume/cologne for 3 people this Christmas and I kid you not, I not only saved at least $100 total but my order also shipped the exact same day I placed it! (And YES-it's real perfume. None of this fake crap.) Is this real life?! Yes. Yes it is. If you're still needing to order Christmas gifts, it's not too late to have them shipped to you in time! Never again will I be buying full-price perfume. Never again... (PS-giveaway below!)

Looking forward to: MOVING THIS FRIGGIN' WEEK!! Finallllly!! Also looking forward to: my girl's happy hour/"favorite things" party on Wednesday night! :)

Wondering: When the last time I worked out was. No. Foreal. I've been so bad lately...I'm not lying when I say I honestly can't remember the last time I even went for a walk. Thank goodness we're 5 months away from summer...still got time to tone up this flab.

Cooking/baking: ummm...if you consider microwaving tamales "cooking", then you could say that's what I'm doing. Well...not me, but Beau is. I'm just eating them. #standard

Disliking: our new pot-smoking neighbor who insists on smoking out her AND our apartment on a daily basis. Really??

Making me happy: This entire week!!! Furniture being delivered Monday, inspector coming to our new house on Tuesday, girl's Christmas happy hour on Wednesday, final walk-through of our house Thursday, closing on Friday, movers coming Saturday. And then it's Christmas!! Holy whoa! 5 days off work will be very much needed.

Oh! And of course a giveaway for a $50 gift certificate to! Heck yes! Enter away my friends! (Giveaway ends Thursday night. Winner will be announced Friday morning!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

December 14, 2012

Thoughts at Jury Duty

A) Thank GOD this place has wifi. What the hell would I be doing right now if wireless internet was unavailable??!! Oh-I know...probably something productive like reading my most recent business book or working on notes for a meeting on Monday morning. But then again I feel like jury duty in and of itself is punishment enough so alas, I'm taking this free wifi as a reward and am catching up on blogging.

2) Why must one drive all the way downtown at the crack of dawn for this BS?? Don't these people know I'm anti-city in the first place??!! One-way streets, traffic, tunnels and parking garages...don't EVEN get me started. Driving downtown is equivalent to getting a root canal in my book. At least it made for a good photo-op on my way in...

D) While currently plotting my plan for getting out of this crap, the following thoughts race through my mind:

  • Fake morning sickness: no one wants to mess with a pregnant woman, and they definitely won't question running to the bathroom every 5 minutes to "vomit". Just do it Stephanie. It will totally work.
  • Someone fake a bomb threat. For the sake of jury duty exemption...PLEASE?!
  • I hear I'm exempt if I tell them I'm a representative of the U.S. Senate. Surely they'll believe that.
  • Have a legit panic attack. Always a possibility...
  • Pretend to not understand English. (I'll never get away with this being a non-Latino blonde girl. Damn.)
{yawn} Is it nap time yet??

Fourth) I spy with my little eye:
  • Mullet man wearing a denim tuxedo. #hessexyandheknowsit
  • Middle-aged gentleman wearing a bowtie. Really sir? This is not a formal event. I'm wearing jeans and didn't even wash my hair for this...
  • Multiple unibrows and mustaches...on women.
  • Cornrows on a completely gray haired man.
  • Brownnosers sitting at the front of the room anxiously awaiting to be called on. Really, people? This isn't school and you can't be the "judge's pet". Get over yourself.
  • Vending machines full of calorie-laden, processed foods. Cheesy bean & beef burrito, White Castle cheeseburgers and sausage biscuits. And they wonder why the world is so unhealthy...
  • Highwater camo pants, a black "tall tee", houndstooth blazer and a du-rag. Good choice of clothing this morning, sir.

This is an absolute waste of my time. Government employees and city slickers (no offense) are two people I'd rather not spend my Friday with. Thank goodness they're paying me $6 for sitting through this all damn day. Perhaps I could use it to buy that cheesy bean & beef burrito I saw in the vending machine earlier?

In other news, this time next week we'll be closing on our house!!
Can I get an A-FREAKING-MEN??!!

December 13, 2012

DIY Wire Bow Ring

Well well's Thursday and if you're familiar around these parts, you know darn good and well it's time for this week's edition of Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. (Can I get a "HELL YA?!")

For those of newcomers, hola! Every Thursday me and my bloggin' sidekick, Katie, host a link-up we've so brilliantly named "Saw it. Pinned it. Did it." (or so we'd like to think) where everyone is encouraged to post their most recent Pinterest projects and link them up with us! We'd like to assume it's pretty genius but we'll let you be the judge of that...

Join us, would ya?! All the cool kids are doing it! ;)

While 99.9% of the rest of my projects have revolved around burlap, I solemnly swear this one does not. I've changed it up people but don't worry...change is good. (Plus-I'm currently in the process of packing up everything in our townhome for the big move so if I make one more piece of DIY decor to hang on the walls Beau is going to keeeeeeel me.)

You know me...if the project consists of anymore than 7-10 ingredients, I'm not doin' it. Nope. Not happnin'. This one is no different, friends!

Original pin:

Oh ya. I saw this pin last week and knew instantly I was going to master it. Hello??? Bows on my necklaces. Bows on my wedding dress. I married a "Beau". It's only appropriate...

What you'll need:
Artistic wire (The Hob Lob carries this!)
Wire cutters (borrowed from husband)
Needlenose plyers or jewelry plyers


Cut a 6 inch piece of wire and loop the middle of it around a tube of chapstick to get the form of your ring.

Using your pliers, grab the top wire and and bend the wire down making the right side of your bow.

Grab the second wire and loop it over making the left side of the bow.

Ah ha! We're getting close! Adjust your loops until you get them in the right place/size.

Now take the end of the left loop and wrap it through the center of the ring, bringing it over the top to complete your bow.

Clip off the ends of the wire that are hanging down too low. If the edges are sharp, file them down with a nail file and voila! Just call me the next James Avery.

(Oh-and don't forget to paint your nails in between the last two steps...makes all the difference in the world!)

I saw it.
I pinned it.
I did it.

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