August 31, 2012

It's Friday...Let's Dance {+ Friday's Faves}

Well howdy ho friends! It is, indeed, FRI-DAY ("Gotta get down on Friday...")
Let's dance, shall we?!
{Air guitar, anyone?}
Phew-ok now that that's over, I've got a few favorites to share with you. (Have you linked up with Lindsey for Friday Faves yet? No. Get ON IT!)
Hands down....the Yukon was my favorite car I've ever owned. Big, spacious, smooth ride. Black on black...le sigh. I'm convinced the only thing this car was missing was wings and a personal chef. It was a sad, sad day when I sold her but maybe another know...when I'm toting around a bunch of munchkins?! ;)
Um duh. Who doesn't love Blake & Miranda?! I've seen both in concert and beg to say I'm "friends" with them on Twitter and I just love 'em to pieces. (Confession: they also make guest appearances on this hunting show Beau and I watch and are HYSTERICAL. And yes. I said hunting show.) If Beau and I could be any celebrity couple, this would be us.
I've said it once and I'll say it again...Spice Girls Pandora is where it's at. If you wanna be my lover, you'll tune in and see what all the hype is about...I'm talkin' anything from Britney and Ciara to Destiny's Child and Aaliyah. I've never felt so much girl power in muh life. ;)

There's nothing I'd rather be wearing than a sunsdress and flip flops with a swimmysuit underneath. The tanline look and sunkissed feeling are two things that will never get old! 100+ degrees and all...I'll always be a summer girl at heart!
Low cal. No sugar. Refreshing. Non-filling. Gets the job done.
Win. Win. Win. Win. WIN.

August 30, 2012


A while back I posted a little something along the lines of "If you really knew me...". Then I thought the husband needed a little undivided attention on the blog so he wrote his own and we called it "If you really knew him..."

But then I got to thinking...

Do y'all really know US? 
You know...the two of us. Together.

If you really knew us...

You would know...that we both played sports that involved bats and balls for just about our entire lives. Him baseball/me softball. (Call me a cleat-chaser but sister loves her a boy in baseball pants!) Beau was a center-fielder and I was a second baseman. Guess what sport our children will be playing?

Being THE hottest natured people in the universe, we haven't slept under a comforter in over a year. We got sick of pulling it off our bed every day and since our bedroom is on the 3rd floor and no one ever goes up there, we had the grand idea to get rid of the comforter all together. So-in the closet it went and we've never looked back.

On the "bed" note...we refuse to use flat sheets. From all the new sheet sets we received as wedding gifts, we washed all the fitted sheets immediately and guess where all the flat sheets went? Yep. In the trash. We don't play around. (Come know the flat sheet is TOTALLY unnecessary...)

This September will mark 7 years of us being together! 
Oh how time flies!
We've both had nose surgeries within the past 5 years. Beau's for medical reasons and mine for, well, beautifying reason. (Our poor kids are royally screwed when it comes to the nose department.)

We only listen to country music. It doesn't matter what time of day it is or what we're doing...if there's music on, it's country.
 {Love me a man in a cowboy hat & boots}

University of Houston football games will always be something we LIVE for.
You could say it runs in our blood...

We both grew up hunting, fishing and loving the outdoors...

Combined, we have over 10 pair of cowboy boots and a couple more on the way...'s a minor problem in the Howard household.
There you have could say we're a couple of baseball throwin', comforter hatin', college football lovin', two-steppin', boot wearin' fools.
Or you could just call us the Howards. ;)

August 29, 2012

There's a New Hair God in Town

I believe in a lot of different Gods. And by no means am I referring to the fact that I practice all different kinds of religion...I am a Christian, to be exact, and believe in our God (obviously) but more so than that...I believe that our God has created other "Gods" (so to speak) to grace this earth like perfect little fairies and make this life of ours THAT much better.

You the Coffee Gods, the Vodka Gods, the Shoe Gods, the Target Gods, The Makeup Gods, etc...You get muh point...all pretty good people if ya ask me!? (With one exception...the "Porcelain God". Him and I spent quality time together back in my college days and I pray to our God that I don't pay him a visit anytime soon.)

Ahem. Where was I?!

Enter the Hair Gods...AKA: Hana

I'm a flat iron girl through and through. I've had (several) Chis and (several) Paul Mitchells so when I was asked to review this "Hana" brand, I'll be honest...I was a tad bit skeptical. How could anyone possibly outdo either of the brands I've tried before?

Oh. But they did.

Yep. They. Just. Went. There.

I'm talking about this beauty:
It's no coincidence that you just heard angels sing. This is, hands down, the best flat iron I've put to my hair to date. It's the 1 inch ceramic flat iron, in case you're in the market for a new one. **Added's incredibly light weight so for all you "51 pound packers" out there like myself, you need all the help you can get. Amiright or amiright?!**

Sidenote: I've decided this will be the first AND last picture you'll ever see this fluff ball of mine on le blog so take it all in. Go ahead...leave unruly comments about my unruly head of hair. Forgive me for not rolling out of bed each morning with perfectly placed hair. At least I put make up on.
Yep. Fluff. Told you. 

5 minutes later...


This was about 5 hours later...and yep! Still straight and no frizzies!
Anything that can withstand Houston humidity gets an A+++ in my book! (And trust me...when I say "humidity" I mean "HUMIDITY".)

What kind of flat iron do you girls prefer?

August 27, 2012

Drum Roll, Please

Oh. Hi. It's Monday....uhhhgain. The only thing getting me through today is knowing this is my last full week of work before we're in paradise for a week. You know what that also means...double the work in half the time...le sigh.

And while I'd like to take a moment and welcome back all the teachers on their first day of school, I also want to semi punch them all in the face for being off for two whole months. (Ok fine. I won't. You teachers are truly gems...definitely a job I could never do..sober, at least. Anyone who deals with 20+ shitheads on a daily basis deserves an Oscar. And a two month break. And obviously, needs a fully stocked bar at all times. Can I get an amen?)

No really...I hope all muh teacher friends have a great first day back! 

Lez get down to business, shall we?

So there was a May Book giveaway that happened on this here blog last week and would have thought I was giving away a year supply of birth control! Y'all...I was AMAZED with the awesome response!! 

Lo and behold, I could only choose one winna. (Womp womp womp) and that winner would is...

{drum roll please.......}

Oh wait...that doesn't mean anything to you...
Congrats to, Becky, the Java Mama!! 
(I'll be emailing you with the info to get your very own personalized May Book!)

Cheers to not having ugly notebooks! ;) And if you didn't win, don't fret my friends! You can design your very own custom May Book for less than 20 doll hairs! Mica (the owner) is just a doll...I LOVED working with her!! 

Have a great week, loves! 
{last night at Cirque du Soleil's Kooza}

August 26, 2012

May Books Giveaway - Last Chance to Enter!

Hi frands! Happy Sunday!

Just a small reminder today is the LAST day to enter my May Books giveaway!! 
Enter to win yours here!

August 24, 2012

Friday Faves + an ULTIMATE Olympic Fail

Let's go ahead and start this off with the fact that it IS, indeed, Friday...which I think we can all agree is our most favoritest day of the week. Yes? (Anyone who disagrees can, well, go find another blog to read...) Kiddddding!
No but really...
I am lovin' a lot lately (did I mention we leave for Kauai in less than 2 weeks and I am LUH-HUVING that) but here are a few of my top loves
I have been DY-ING for a monogram cut out necklace for quite some time now and soon enough, this gorgeous piece of metal will be hanging around my neck. I just can't stand it. I just know the oh-so-talented designers at Personalized from Me to You are working their little magic as we speak and it kinda makes my heart skip! ;)
After a bazillion people telling me to try it...I finally caved and bought the Elf cream eyeliner. Pretty sure the first time I coated my eyelids in this stuff I looked at the little $3 tub of black goo and said "Where the hay have you been all my life?" This stuff does. not. come. off. (during the day, at least.) Iz magical, ladies.

My company so graciously gave me tickets to Cirque du Soleil this Sunday and I am beside myself excited. Anyone else seen Kooza?!

The only thing I'm gonna say about this one is 2nd guy from the left.
He's excited to see someone...

You, sir, are smokin'. I kinda like youuuuu. ;)

Yay for the freakin' weekend!!
Hope you all have a fabulous one! ;)

August 23, 2012

Consider This a Product Review

What I'm about to write here are a bunch of words that came out of pure frustration from none other than a damn trash bag:


That's right.

I'm talking about YOU Mr. Cheap Trash Bag that doesn't seem to want to stay around the rim of the trashcan and every single damn time I throw something in you, you fold down into the bottom of the can and leave me cleaning up yet another stupid mess.

Which brings me to my next point...there are many (many) things in this world in which I absolutely, without a doubt refuse to pay a premium price for (except on rare occasions or unless they're gifted to me): hair products, gym clothes, clothes in general, shoes, jewelry, and bags, to name a few...

However, there ARE several things in this world in which I just absolutely without a doubt will always pay a premium price for. I'm talking everyday household necessities that you hate buying but realize when you buy the off-brand how much you wish you wish you would have spent that extra dollar or two......

You know...the essentials.

Toilet paper: unless you want a raw bunghole or feces on your fingers, I strongly suggest you stick with Charmin. And if you're anything like me and want to give your husband the easiest way to always make sure there's TP on the roll, get the Mega rolls.
More footage = less empty rolls = happy wife.

Tampons: if you're a female over the age of about 12, you are all wellllll aware of the consequences when using cheap plugs. Save us all the visual and just don't do it. Spend the extra dough, get well-functioning tamps and save yourself the misery...

Undergarments: and yes, I'm referring to bras (of all kind) and undies (of all shapes). There is nothing worse than a bra that doesn't fit right or a pair of panties that rip the first time you wear them. I've tried to venture out from Vicky's but ladies, if you haven't already figured this out for yourself...take it from me: stick with in "Victoria's Secret". You may pay 5 times as much for nothing less than dental floss by dag nabbit that tiny piece of material is going to last you 5 times longer than any other one on the market. And that's a FACT. If you, too, have cups that do not runneth over, the Bombshell bra is where it's AT.

Vodka: ok so maybe I don't hate spending money on this because it usually results in a pretty good time and YES, it is a necessity in my eyes but read my lips...errr-words....I will not (WILL NOT) drink cheap vodka. I've hung my head in one too many toilets in my lifetime to know the consequences of settling for Ol' Mr. McCormick and ladies, lez just say it's not somewhere you wanna go.

And last...but DEFINITELY not least...


This was the first (AND LAST) time I ventured out from the "Hefty, Hefty, Hefty" and I'll go ahead and say it...Lesson. Learned. Stupid POS trash bag can't seem to stay up in the trash can which, in my humble opinion, TOTALLY DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF A DAMN TRASH BAG!

2 bags down...98 to go. GRRR.
No. You do NOT "Compare to Glad" nor are you made of "Fantastic Plastic".

Consider this a product review.

Rant. Over.
Happy Thursday. Who needs a drink?

*This blog post is brought to you by a trash bag and a glass (or 2) of wine.*
On a lighter May Book giveaway is still going on!
One lucky winner will be picked Sunday night so don't forget to ENTER!

August 22, 2012

Life as of Late

Iono about y'all but if it's not on Instagram, it never happened...
(& if you don't follow me, you're really missing out on important stuffs. @mrsstephhoward)
birthday dinner for a girlfriend - elf's "fair pink" - work meeting/party
bubble baths with girlfriends - new flat iron - colorful balls around muh neck
dinner outfit - UH season tix - dinner with the fam

And I know this is ridiculously random but I found this on Pinterest yesterday and literally died laughing. DIED. If I had a misbehaven dog, this would be it.

Don't May Books giveaway is still going on so go on an enter...
you know you wanna...

August 21, 2012

Newest loves [+ a giveaway!]

So I've decided that life's just too darn short to not accessorize and ladies, if we're gonna spend 40+ hours behind a desk, we might as well look cute doing so, right?!

I've said it once and I'll say it again...I'm all about the cutest office on the block and when someone walks into my office and they don't immediately feel like someone threw up pink, my job is incomplete. ;)

Insert a few of my newest Lifeguard Press additions from the Lilly Pulitzer sorority collection :) 
None other than the Delta Zeta print...DUH.
1 // 2 // 3

The tumbler is probably my absolute fave, mainly because it holds my morning ice coffee which, in my eyes, in equivalent to gold but I'll be honest...the cell phone cover is a close second. This is my second Lilly cover and once again, she didn't let me down. It's so "non-bulky" like some of my other cases and within 2 meetings, I had SO many compliments on it. (Yes-I'm that obnoxious co-worker with matching accessories.) The dry erase board is perfect for all my current projects and if you're gonna write on a dry erase board, it best hang from pink ribbon with a coordinating pink marker. ;)

Aaaaand onto my newest obsession...the May Book. AKA the most adorable personalized books ever. Anything from recipe books and plain notebooks to wedding planners and work calendars...these little gems are just too darn precious and I'm already regretting only ordering one!

(I ordered the planner because lezbehonest...if I don't write it down, it's not happening.)

I'll be the first to admit...I'm a sucker for packaging (no could put rhinestones or glitter on a turd and I would seriously consider purchasing it...) so it's easy to say I may or may not have died a little inside when I found the cutest little blue package in the mail.
[People Against Ugly Notebooks. Is that not perfect or what?!]

Monogrammed. Colorful. Not too big. Not too small. 

Just. Right.
[iPhone used to show sizing]

Inside view: monthly/weekly

Ok so now that you know my entire schedule for the week, 
I'm open Wednesday...who wants to grab drinks?! ;)

Ok but really...I'll go ahead and get to the point here...

One of YOU lucky readers can win one of your very own May Books!! 
Any color...any monogram...any style! 

2 simple (but mandatory) ways to enter...

1. Follow this here blog via Google Friend Connect (ahem...that little blue button on the right>>) 
& leave a comment telling me so.

2. Tweet//Instagram//Facebook//Blog OR Pin your favorite May Book pattern. (You only have to pick one!) & leave a comment with the link to whichever option you choose.

Giveaway closes on Sunday night, August 26.
Winner will be announced Monday, August 27. 

Good luck muffin loves!

August 20, 2012

Girl Time

A little girl time is always necessary.

A LOT of girl time in a ridiculously fancy hotel suite (err-suiteS) full of bubbly and stilettos...
even more necessary.

This weekend was my friend, Kelly's, bachelorette party and per did not disappoint. We stayed at the incredible Hotel Zaza located smack dab in the middle of the city and y'all...I have never seen anything like this place before. I couldn't believe this place was in Houston. I wasn't the only one who said (several times) "I don't even feel like I'm in the same city" and even felt like Houston is actually  a "cool" place to be.

Alas-I'll shut up and let all the pictures do the talking:

One of three suites

The second of three suites

Our bride to be (left) & her sister, Lori, the hostess with the mostess. ;) 
(P to the S: Lori was on America's Best Dance Crew...
I googled her last night and sister's got some mooooves!)

Bubble baths on the balcony, anyone?! ;)

Ouchie Sushi followed by bottle service at Roak. (AKA: the first time I've been to a club since I was 19. I am the last person you'll ever find at a club but surprisingly enough, I shook my little tush all night long and ended up having a blast!)

Who knew Houston could be so cool? ;)

The next time I see all these girls again we'll be in Hawaii for Jack & Kelly's BIG day!!
(17 days, people. 17 days.)

August 17, 2012

Five on Fri {a Few Faves}

Good morning friends!! Anyone else pop out of bed with an extra pep in their step this morning?! There's something about the "F" word that gets me all excited..."F" as in "Friday", y'all.

Anywho-today I'm linking up for the first time with The Bargain Blonde for Friday Faves!

Hands down...the most stunning body of water I've ever seen...Lanikai Beach in Oahu with the Mokulua Islands. Yes-this is foreal. And yes, it's just as fabulous even when you're hungover...not that I would know this or anything. ;) 

No doubt about it...Essie's Good to Go is THE most incredible top coat to ever grace my finger nails. Best shine you ever did see and dries in less than 5 minutes. It's one of those "paint your nails right before you go to bed and not wake up to sheet marks the next morning" top coats. 

If there could ever be the most heavenly scent you ever did smell, this would be it. I haven't worn Light Blue in a while because shizz is a little pricey (& because my last bottle of perfume was a gift) but oh-my-lanta. Every time I go into Ulta or Sephora, this is the bottle I make a beeline for.

Yes. Dumb & Dumber circa 1994. Perfect one liner for when everything is going awry! 
We have no food, we have no jobs....oh Petey....

Morning coffee with the husby is one thing I will continue to look forward to for many many years. It's always one of the best parts of my weekend. :)

Link up, ladies! What are some of your favorites?!


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