May 31, 2012

Blogger Vacay: The Outtakes

So yesterday's recap on my blogger vacay in Ohio was sweet, sentimental and full of all the best pics I could have possibly gotten.

Today-I bring you the real stuff.
The outtakes.
The things you didn't see in yesterday's post.

You didn't actually think that out of 700+ photos I took,
I didn't get some really God-awful ones, did you?

First of all-let me just say I had my airplane outfit picked out for days. Beau and I both wanted those Ohioans to know that the Texands had arrived so we both strapped on our cowboy boots and headed north. Lez just say we were definitely the only ones in the entire state with a pair of legit cowboy boots. It's just how we roll...  ;)

Nothin' like a airport bar nail salon...I mean, you're sitting there just waiting around, you might as well paint your fingee nails and give them sufficient time to dry. I'm all about efficiency people...I'll take the hot pink polish with a tall vodka/sodie on the side. Thanks.

And then came the epic Facetime sesh w/ Kristen. I don't even know if Kristen even realized we were on the phone. As you can see, she was more interested in watching herself make ridiculous faces in the screen rather than chatting with us. Last FT we'll ever do with her...  ;)

I'm pretty sure breakfast in bed was supposed to be a Krysh family moment but I totally intruded. Poor Billy got stuck eating on the floor while Katie, Rocky and I lounged in their big fluffy bed whilst sipping warm Mickey D's coffee and stuffing our faces with eggs and bacon. Whooooops!
Sidenote: Rocky is like a raccoon. He always wants whatever you have. Yes...even coffee.

Then there was the time Erica wore my ring and sent the pic to her boyfriend.
Pretty sure there was no response to that text.
Oh Kurt, get with the program. Errcuhh needs a rock already!! ;)

What? You don't take us seriously in our bath towels and redneck wine glasses? We were having a serious convo, ok? We needed to know if the girls thought camping the next day was a good idea. (Pretty sure I vetoed that idea real quick when I mentioned the idea of sleeping in 90 degree weather. VOM.COM. I do not do well with heat.)

Never fails...neither one of us are EVER ready for a pic. Ever.


This one doesn't even need an explanation...

...aaaand then there were shots.
Birthday cake shots to be exact. (What? It was her birthday!) 
And Katie is really bad at taking them...

Exhibit A: I have never officially seen anyone hold their nose and take a shot. Ever.


...aaaaand C:

Ya. He's gonna keeeeel me for this one but this is the absolute epitome of my husband.
I don't know how many times we had to tell him to get his fingers out of his nose.
Do y'all SEEEEEE what I deal with on a daily basis?? ;)

Billy goin' in for the kiss. Please look at the face...hahaha. So seductive.

Rocky licking the air vent.
Apparently when you're hotter than AIDS, this is the solution.
Not gonna lie, I like Rocky's thinking...

This could not describe Katie and I more perfectly. She's most likely bossing people around (because she's sassy like that) and I'm clearly giving Beau the biggest stank eye ever for taking a pic when not a single person is ready.

Aaaaand again. Erica...always ready for the so much.

There's no telling how many other ridiculous pics we captured on everyone else's cameras.
On second thought, I don't think I even want to see those...

If you want to see an even more obnoxious amount of pics, feel free to visit the other girls!
Katie's recaps can be found here & here.
Erica's recaps can be found here and here.

May 30, 2012

A Very Blogger Vacay

Most of the time when I take off work for 5 days, it's to plant my happy but on a Mexican beach.
This time, it was spent in the town of Columbus, Ohio.

Yes. I said O-H-I-O.
(You must be wondering, "What the hay is in Ohio?"

As you all know (if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter or read my blog at all), our weekend was spent with 3 others bloggers, Katie, Jess & Erica.

The first time I met Katie was when we vacayed in Naples together (read here) but I had never met Jess or Erica so to say I was pee-my-pants-excited would be the biggest understatement of my life. Not to mention, I was so so anxious to meet Katie's furchild, Rocky, and lemme tell ya...that little man stole my heart.

Tell me that's not the sweetest face you've ever seen?! (His...not mine...)

Since I know 700+ photos of the weekend would downright annoy the crap out of ya, I went ahead and made a photo montage for your viewing pleasure.But before we get started, I must tell you...the pictures don't explain the full story. You see...there are a few things not pictured...

Like the time Billy decided to "water" Rocky with Katie's watering can.

Or the time we bar-hopped in downtown Columbus with a steamer in Jess' Louie.
(Stanley Steamer had some hot dance moves, if I must say so mahself...)

Or the time Erica rapped Lil Wayne in a drunken $40 cab ride to our cabbee "Reggie" who we soon found out was not "single & ready to mingle".

Or the time I fell halfway down Katie's stairs in the middle of the night and had a rugburn to prove it.

Let's not talk about the 50 bazillion times I complained about being "hotter than a whore in church".

How about the time Billy made breakfast in bed for him and
Katie and I ended up eating the breakfast in bed and he ended up eating on the floor?

Damn it where was the camera when I needed it??!!

Katie & Billy were the best little tour guides EVER. We covered just about everything: from hitting up the Goat (aka: the pool) 3 times, to downtown Dublin, to many-a-bars in downtown Columbus, to THE Ohio State campus and even taking us ON the field. We went to the Columbus zoo, Katie's parent's house, Taco Bell, McDonald's and even Kohl's. (You know...typical places you go on vacay...) Anywho-without further adieu...let's get the show on the road!

Leaving Columbus was one of the hardest things I've had to do lately. Not to get all sentimental but there's just something so special about the relationship I have with all 3 of these girls and to not know when I'm going to see them again downright breaks my heart. It was a sad, sad moment when we were dropped off at the Columbus airport. Tears were a-flowin' and I'm pretty sure Beau and Billy thought Katie and I had absolutely lost it at this point. (Nothing new here...)

Jess was exactly what I pictured: beautiful blonde Kentucky girl with a Southern drawl as big as Texas. She rolled up in her adorable convertible and prissed her happy butt right on into Katie's house and made herself right at home. She talked a lot about bourbon and cows and was the Southern Belle I always knew she was.

Erica is an absolute doll. She drove all the way from Boston to Ohio (12+ hours) BY HERSELF just to see us. She's the sweetest little rapper you ever did see and she totally stole my heart and now has me wanting to make a trip to Massachusetts (who woulda thought I'd ever want to go there?!) She's the epitome of a sweetheart.

Katie, well, y'all already know about her and I's friendship. It really is so weird that I feel like I've known her forever when I've only been around her twice in my entire life. Not to mention, she lives 1,200 mile away (I mapped it.) But foreal, Katie, you need to go ahead and just move to Houston already. I mean, besides your family, friends and job, what do you have in Ohio? ;)

Katie, Jess & Erica: Thank you for such a wonderful trip and for putting up with Beau and I all weekend long. I just love y'all to itty bitty pieces and so look forward to the next time we get to see each other!! Thank you for all the wonderful memories! A trip to Houston best be in your near future, k? K!

May 23, 2012

a BEAUtiful hijacking.

Katie from KC&CO here.

This blog has officially been hijacked for the day.
As most of you know, tonight the husband and I will be picking up Steph and BBFT Beau from the Columbus airport. Yes, the Columbus (as in Ohio) airport.

2 Texans here in the OH...
I'm not so sure the Midwest knows what's coming.
Steph actually asked us while we were in Naples, "do you have cacti in Ohio?"


Cactus in the midwest?
That'd be a giant NO, dahling.
{the closest thing to a cactus that I have is my aloe vera plant in my kitchen.}

Atleast this time at the airport, we won't be complete strangers.
We've got that going for us.
...if you aren't sure what I mean, read back about "Blacation" in Naples.

Anyhow, I'm SO beyond excited to have both of them here in my city for my birthday and get to hang out with them for the next 5 days. I'm also counting down the hours until Erica and Jess arrive, and join in on the fun!! We've got a full house, friends.

You know you're preparing for a good time

a) You've been excessively counting down the days with pictures/texts/mass group emails.

b) The refrigerator/wine cooler/and basement is stocked with booze
...of all types.

c) the pantry is full of foods you never typically buy on a week to week basis.
(ie: really fatty but "good" party foods)

d) you stalk the weather...
and are completely ecstatic when this is what it's telling me....

e) most of us have been detoxing our bodies for the past week to prepare.
(ie: Erica, Jess, Steph, and myself)

Well, don't worry, Steph will be back next week with (hopefully) some amazing posts to recap our time together! But, if you just need your Stephanie *fix* and you need it now, then pop on over to my blog, where she's dishing about overpacking one too many zebra print items, and her thoughts on coming to Ohio.

ps: Steph and Beau-I can't say thank you enough for flying to see my Ohio ass over my birthday weekend! I love you both so much!
pps: Momma J (if you're reading)-we will take good care of her! xoxo!


May 22, 2012

One small favor...

Let's get serious today, friends. It's for a good cause and I think you should hear me out.

All jokes and sarcasm aside...I need your help.

My company partners with a Guatemalan school called New Life School. One of our patients, originally from Texas, is the founder of this wonderful organization and after hearing her speak this morning, I must say I was truly touched by the compassion she has and huge heart she has opened up in a way most peole could never fathom.

New Life School is for children who can't gain an education in the overcrowded Guatemalan school system. This inability is either due to the teacher's inability to teach them or the ridicule of the other students. Most of the children have severe hearing or vision deficits, learning disabilities, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, or attention disorders. Their families have shunned them for their disabilites and even consider killing the children once they find out the baby has physicial and/or mental defects. Most of the children in Guatemala are malnurished, uneducated and have absolutely no hope.

New Life School was founded in 2000 with only 8 students. They now have over 100 enrolled.

The yearly budget for this entire school is...are you ready for this...$150,000. They have over 100 mouths to feed daily (breakfast AND lunch) and 15 staff members & their families to support, not including all the equipment, medical care, buidling/facility fees and other needs the children have.

The budget is so restricting, their staff occupational therapist pays for her students
seizure medication with her very own money.

Could you imagine?

Ok-so what's my point?

From now until June 30, my company is donating $1 for every "Like" we get on our Facebook page. Our goal is to be able to sign a check for $25,000 at the end of day, June 30.

Though it's only $1 per "like", imagine the possibilities with the amount of people on Facebook these days. Imagine the number of children who may see life in an entirely new perspective. Imagine the smile you'll bring to their face the day they walk across that tiny stage in a cap and gown.

... all because you clicked your little mouse.

That's all!

Just "Like" this page on Facebook and we'll even foot the bill! ;)

Thanks, friends. I'll love ya forever!

May 21, 2012

You know you're old when...

...rather than hitting up 6th Street (THE biggest party street in Texas),
you opt to spend your afternoon on a dive bar patio with your mom. ;)

...and the rest of your family.

...the highlight of your evening is giving yourself handmade lemon peel teeth.

But you wanna know what really makes you feel old??

Watching your baby brother graduate from COLLEGE.


It was a wonderful weekend in honor of such a wonderful person!

Chris: we are SO very proud of you! I just can't believe you're all grown up! I promise to not post any embarrassing pics of me dressing you in bras and high heels so long as you promise to go out and become a doctor (a plastic surgeon, to be exact) so that when I'm old and wrinkley and everything but my fingernails sag to the ground, you'll be there to fix me! ;) Love ya!! xoxo

May 17, 2012

A couple things {+ a warm welcome}

Well, friends. Here we are...yet another Thirsty Thursday is upon us and I can already tell Skinny Girl cucumber infused vodka is calling my little name. Come onnnnn five o'clock! (Sidenote: if you like cucumbers and you like vodka, go to the nearest liquor store STAT. If you don't like either, we can't be friends.)

This time next week, I'll be waking up in a state that starts and ends with the letter "O" (ahem...Ohio) followed by snuggles with Mr. Rocky, many-a-trips to McDonald's for mine and Katie's traditional iced coffee runs and most likely, breakfast in bed. (Katie...did you get that?)

Enough about I need you to meet a new friend.
(Yay for new friends!! Right?!)

My sweet, sweet sorority sister, Samantha, has started her blogging journey!!

She's a native Houstonian, which (obviously) solidifies her legit-ness, aaaand is a hoot and a half. In college, we all referred to her as "DJ Sammy" but her paparazzi-like skills make me think we should have called her "Sir-Snaps-A-Lot". This girl made me laugh so incredibly much back in the day. If it weren't for all the booze cancelling it out, I would have been one skinny mofo from all the calories burned just laughing at/with her. You need to meet Sam. And then follow her. And then congratulate her on her very first blog post! (Secret: she despises the word "moist" so go ahead and throw that word around in the comment box, would ya?!)

Expanding this blog world one person at a time!
What?! What?! In the butt! I just said that...

...I'm gonna go ahead and leave on that note.

May 16, 2012

Sorry, I'm not sorry.

I know this is my second time writing about this within a single week and you're probably uber annoyed with me but I just can't help myself. I get all excited and anxious just thinking about it...

2 days 'til this...
 (Austin w/ Shalyn & DDHP)

And then...

1 week 'til this...  ;)
(Ohio with these guys...)

ok fine...and Katie, too...
(take THAT KEWKH!)

9 days 'til this...
(Erica @ Young & Fab)

...and of course...this too!

If you follow ANY of us on Twitter or Instagram, go ahead and prepare yourselves now.

That's all. Bye.


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