November 30, 2011

A Real Man's Opinion...

If you follow me on Twitter, it's pretty obvious there are only 3 shows to which I am dedicated to. 

1. Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad
2. BCS Countdown
3. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

I should apologize for the MASSIVE amounts of unnecessary tweets that go down during these shows but I won't. I don't get too excited too often so when I do, I feel as if the entire Twitterverse needs to know about it.

(Sorry I'm not sorry.)

If you're a girl on planet Earth, you know the VS Fashion Show was on last night. 

I am SO not into fashion (ok that's a lie...I'm "starting" to get more into fashion) but there is just something about watching 6 foot tall, 90 pound, non-American women walk down a blinged-out runway in nothing more than a bra and a tutu. I just can't believe how incredibly beautiful, talented, skinny, toned, confident and did I say BEAUTIFUL those angels are!

[Holy Miranda.]

I am THEE ultimate people watcher so a show like this gives the term a whole new definition. (Don't tell me I'm the only girl who goes ga-ga over beautiful chicks in slim to nothing...)

Anywho-to Beau's utter demise, he had no choice but to tune into it with me.
Poor, poor husband ;)
Let's just say it was his first time tuning in and boy was he in. for. it.
(Little did he know, wifey was jotting down all of his commentary.)

The Howards were nestled and snug in their bed,
While visions of Miranda danced in Beau's head.

November 29, 2011

Food For Thought

This morning, the president of my company challenged us in our weekly staff meeting with a very intense, open-ended question that took a whole heck of a lot of thought.

More than I imagined, anyway.
[Not to mention I was only half a cup of coffee in...]

She had us go around the room and ask 3 colleagues the following:

If money were no object, 
what would you be doing today?

With less than 2 minutes to think about this, you can only imagine the ideas that were running through my mind...

Full-Time Blogger
but the idea of running out of topics to write 
about scares the living daylight out of me
Stay At Home Mom
then I considered the fact that I would not only be bored 
to death but I would spend every last penny in our bank account shopping online.
But hold on-if I say this, will my boss think I'm quitting soon?
Oh wait-no. We don't even have kids. Moving on...
Wedding Planner
scratch that-I'm never working weekends again
Professional Honeymooner
still not a bad idea but it wouldn't be very self-fulfilling
Dental Hygienist
Sports Announcer
Erin Andrews as my competition?
Aaaand having to learn a TON more about sports?
No thanks.
And then it hit me like a ton of bricks...

Duh! I mean the only thing I'm lacking is time and skills.
...and photoshop. And more skills.
...and knowledge of the industry. And more skills.
Oh-and a big fancy camera with a tripod and extra awkward zoom lenses.
(Hello, Stephanie. Minor detail.)
So today, friends, I challenge you with this same question:

If money were no object, 
what would you be doing today?

November 28, 2011

Late To The Party

This shouldn't be news to your ears but if you can't already tell, I am no fashionista. I've never known what the "in" color is, or what the latest trends on the runway are or actually, what a "trend" even is. There are things I see on the hanger and think "Who the eff would wear THAT?" and then see it looking as precious as ever on a girlfriend the next night. Sure-I love buying new clothes but I've never had any desire to "branch out" when it comes to what I wear. Comfort first. Fashion last. Right?!

This, however, has drastically changed and I solely blame you fine, fashion-loving bloggettes for my newest addiction(s).


Holy boots.
Where the HECK have these been all my life?!
I've bought 3 new pair in the past 2 weeks.
I'm pretty sure Beau is about ready to strangle me.
Rest assured, hun, your wife is THE biggest budget shopper eva!

The proof is in the pudding.

Black, suadish-material, boot things.

Yes. The leg warmers are from the grocery store.
No shame.

Knock off "wellies"
You can't tell from the pic but they actually have a gator skin texture.

Gray heeled boots
3 pairs of boots under $70? How can he be mad at that?!

And since I know you're just loving these thunder thighs of mine, we're gonna need a drum roll for this next outfit...

WHY, you might ask, am I so excited about this???

Oh. Because that would be my FIRST pair of skinny jeans you're lookin' at!!
Dark wash skinny jeans- $11.88 @ Wal-Mart.

Yes. I said "WAL-MART", people.
Let me do some 'splainin.

I've never done so much as to even try on a pair of skinny jeans (nor did I think I would even try on ANY pair of jeans in Wal-Mart) but here I am with all these boots and nothing to wear with them but tights. Crapola.

[Insert last minute Wal-Mart run on Thanksgiving morning.]

Grabbed the first pair of skinny jeans I saw, tried those babies on, convinced Beau they would be my "trial pair" (you see if I would actually wear/like them) and made a mad dash for the register.

I am not above a pair of $12 skinny jeans from Wal-Mart.
Not one bit. (Unless they totally fall apart the first time they're washed.)

So there! I may be a teeny bit late to the party (by like 2 years) but I'm here now!
Boots and skinny jeans it is and I am L-O-V-Eing it!!

From here on out I'm gonna need you girls to keep me in the loop to see that I'm not 2 years late on the next big trend. (Or maybe not. My wallet and/or husband may not approve of this.)

November 27, 2011

26 On The 27th

Recognize this lil' lady right here?
I thought so.

26 years ago, this world was blessed with a little baby bird we all call by the name of

(Or as you bloggers all know her-"All In My Twenties")

The girl I met over a romantic kegstand back in college...

The girl who will love you with all her heart...

...but who I'd be petrified of if I were on her bad side...

The girl I've shared countless laughs with...

Who shamelessly busts out doing the robot on command...

The girl who stood by my side the day I married my best friend...

The girl who created this entire blog for me...

Happy Birthday, Kristen!! 
I LOVES you so so so SO much!

So what are you waiting for?! 
Get on over there and wish my little lovebird a happy HAPPY birthday!!!

November 23, 2011

I Have Just One Question For You...

Heaven received a new angel last night.
An angel known by the name of "Gram".
Though she's no longer with us, we are forever thankful for the memories we share of her.

We love you, Gram.
May you forever rest in peace.

November 22, 2011

4 Trips to Wal-mart, 24 Strands of Lights & 48 Hours Later...She Is UP!

Wanna see what
 looks like??
(Horrible idea on my the way)

Our very first Kissmas Tree!


Honeymoon Ornament :)

Surely you didn't think I would omit putting any pink on my tree, did you??!!
Wedding Invitation Ornament

And because Beau is just thrilled to have pink, fluffy flamingos hanging from our tree...

This tree was a BIG me, anyways! 

It's mine and Beau's first Christmas together so I wanted to make it a BIG deal and make sure we had all the time in the world to enjoy our first tree together. This would explain why it's up before Thanksgiving and shamelessly...has been up for over 2 weeks now. 

I'll just consider myself ahead of the game. ;)


Not to mention, these little gems arrived yesterday & I am IN LOVE!

Once again, Shutterfly did not disappoint!

'Tis the season party people!

If I can get in the Christmas spirit with 80 degree weather and 100% humidity...

November 21, 2011

What Do A Watch, A Camera & The Sexiest Man Alive Have In Common?

Have I told you lately how lucky you are to know me? 

Because sometimes, just sometimes, I can be a complete and utter genius. (Although, after reading the eyebrow incident from a few past posts, I totally understand if you doubt me on that last statement.)

Moving right along...

As bloggers, there are quite a few things you and I have in common here: 

A) We are obsessed with anything Christmas related.
B) We have an undying love for Pinterest
C) Our shopping addiction is out. of. control.
D) We're HORRIBLE influences on each other's wallets.
E) let's be honest, we're women. There are many, many things we "want".

Amongst all this gibbrish, I'm here to tell you you that I have officially come up with THE most brilliant Christmas Wish List to date...

...via a little thing I like to call "Pinterest".

What I'm trying to say is that for ALL of you Pinteresters out there, like myself, there's a new board awaiting your creation...

The "Wishlist" board.

Why is this so genius, you ask?


Aunt Mary calls...brrrring....brrrring...
(yes-that's a pretend cell phone ringing. Go with it.)

"Steph-I need a Christmas list for you and Beau this year!"

"Oh! You do?! Well that's just so happens you're in luck...hop on over to


Stick 'em with a virtual Christmas list that can be updated YEAR ROUND!

Year-freaking-round, people!!

Are you pickin' up what I'm layin' down???

That's right. Any and everything I've wished for since the latter part of this year has been pinned to a specific board on Pinterest. A board solely devoted for family and friends to refer to for Christmas shopping purposes. A little board I like to refer to as "Dear Santa-I've Been Good!"
Looks a little somethin' like so....

And just in case...if you were wondering what I hope to find in my stocking this year...


Michael Kors Blackout Watch

Canon Rebel T3i
(bundle kit, preferably)

Monogram Pendant
(sHn-to be exact)

Burlap Throw Pillow
(Howard-Est. 2011)

Michael Kors Patent Bag

Under Armour Running Shoes
(Sweet Baby Jesus I LOVE these!!) 
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume

"H" Initial Ring via Etsy

iPhone 4S
(I currently have the 3G people, gimme a break.)

Tory Burch sunglasses
(Or Michael Kors-I'll settle for either...)

Oh! And if anyone can figure out a way to fit 
into my ever-loving stocking, I totally wouldn't hate it.
(ow owwwww!!)
(Sorry, Beau.)  ;)

That's all.

If any of you are out and about Christmas shopping for moi, feel FREE to throw any of the above into your cart. I might just LOVE you for-eva! ;)

November 20, 2011

I Hope They Allow Blogging in Heaven

Happy 52nd Birthday to my angel...

Dad. Daddy. Daddio.

There's not a minute in the day that goes by that I don't think about you.

Thank you for being the kindhearted gentlemen you were, the ever-loving husband you were to mom, the father you were to me and Chris and most importantly, for shaping me into the woman I am today.

I love and miss you more than I ever thought possible.

Your Little Girl

November 15, 2011

What the Pluck?

I've never paid much attention to my eyebrows. Sure-I get them waxed at the nearest nail salon every so often and pluck them on my own in between wack, I mean, wax jobs but never really cared much about them. 

Just more hair on my body...whatever.

When I do get around to actually tweezing them on my own, it's usually pulling out a few strays here, plucking a few out of placers there and so on but nothing more than that.

Until the day I had really, really good lighting. 

Or so I thought...

 Notice anything weird here?
(besides my freakishly enlarged eyeball...)

What about NOW?
Oh-that's funny. 
I'm missing HALF of my FREAKING eyebrow!!

It only took me TWO weeks to realize this. Two whole weeks I went with only half an eyebrow and not one person told me. Not my mom. Not my aunt. Not my co-workers. Not even my own husband. (Ok-like he would notice...but still!!)

This is when shit hit the fan.

Not one but TWO trips to Ulta followed this incident where a young lady at the "Brow Bar" (genius name, by the way) so kindly matched me up to this little beauty:

Insert "Brow-zing" by Benefit.
( newest BFF/partner in crime/sidekick. Literally.) 

Half wax/half powder: The wax keeps your eyebrows (that you DO have) in place and also keeps the powder sticking in the places where you DON'T have any eyebrow.

I love it. I love it. I love it,


Look who's rockin' a full set of eyebrows these day?! 
(well, that is, until I wash my face at night...)
Guess who has to grow her brows out for a 
gruesome 2-3 weeks to get them re-shaped? 

 Guess who's also terrified of rain and sweat and a swimming pool these days? 

I've decided, this gives a whole new meaning to the term
"melting in the rain"...


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